Best Foot Spa Massager For Home Use

Best Foot Spa Massager

Imagine coming home after a long day's work to have your feet soaked in warm, bubbling water filled with aromatic and soothing essential oils (and/or bath salt). All you have to do, is just sit back and relax.

Finding the best foot spa massager to do all that though, can be a difficult process. Which is why we have came up with the following foot spa reviews to help you make an informed decision. 

We filter out the inferior ones so that you don't have to, thereby making this process of finding the best foot spa for your particular needs an easier and smoother one.

Top 10 Best Foot Spa Massager - Foot Spa Reviews

First of all, we have divided our foot bath massager reviews into two parts - those with motorized rollers, and those without.

We then select 5 of the best foot bath massager in each category for your reference. Let's look at those with motorized rollers first. 

A. Foot Bath Massager - Motorized Rollers

Foot bath massagers in this category have a few things in common:

  • They have a deep tub basin so even the calf can get a soak;
  • Most have a drain hole for easy emptying of water; 
  • Most have castor wheels for portability.
Acevivi Foot Spa Bath Massager
comfortology foot spa massager
Ovitus foot spa massager
MaxKare Foot Spa Massager
Kendal foot spa massager

Size (inches)

17 x15 x13

18 x15 x17

17 x15 x13

17 x15 x13

19 x15 x13



Men US 11

Men US 14

Men US 15

Men US 14


8 pounds

11 pounds

8 pounds

12 pounds

7 pounds


95°F -118°F

95°F -115°F

95°F -118°F

95°F -118°F








Acevivi Foot Spa Bath Massager

The top foot massager in this category has to be the ACEVIVI Foot Spa Massager

Seriously, this is the best foot spa massager with possibly everything you need for an indulgent foot spa experience. 

An all-in-one device, it combines acupressure, shiatsu, automatic roller massage, bubble massage, foot stone massage, heating therapy and red light feature all in one unit to enhance blood circulation and soothe weary feet.  

All these are controllable independently so you can actually customize your foot spa according to your personal needs. What we like in particular, is that continue reading here... 

comfortology foot spa massager

Coming very close in second in the best foot bath massager department is the Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

This advanced foot spa uses water, massage and heat to penetrate the sore muscles and joints to relieve pain and tension. 

If you're looking for a deep tub that reaches your calf, this is the one. 

Like ACEVIVI, it too has 4 motorized massage rollers that target the pressure points of your feet. These rollers spin inward so that they can target the acupuncture points under your feet along with 26 molded massage dots and what we like about them is that they provide pain relief without irritating sensitive skin.

But what makes this foot spa massager stood out amongst the rest of its peers is its patented Undercurrent Circular Heating System, which safely heats and circulates water under the massage floor. This is different from the fixed heating method which most other models employ - for one, there is no burning sensation.

Not just that, but because the circular heating pump is safely hidden under the massage floor, there is absolutely no risk of burns with this one here. You get high efficiency heating and a soothing waterfall of water consistently heated to the perfect temperature.

So far, we don't see any other spa unit that has this form of luxury heating system.

Portability wise, you will love the 4 lockable wheels that let you wheel up to 10L of water freely around the house (although there is a portable handle) and the drainage tube makes it easy to empty the tank. There is also a remote control provided for easy operation. 

Other Pros:

  • Deep tub (11 inches)
  • Ultra-silent water-pumping technology
  • Heats up 30% faster than standard systems (780-watt motor)
  • Adjustable temperature for customized massage relief
  • Multi-layer insulation safer for the feet
  • Simple set up and easy to clean


  • No extras like pumice stone or bubble jet 
  • Pricier than other foot spa massagers

Overall, this is the safest foot spa massager you can find in the market that also does a wonderful job in comforting achy heels, toes, arches and ankles.

We highly recommend it to all athletes or those who have had hard gym workouts, people who work on their feet and those that spent hours active outdoors.

Ovitus foot spa massager

The Ovitus Foot Spa Massager resembles the ACEVIVI in quite a lot of ways - it also combines acupressure, shiatsu, heating therapy, oxygen bubbles and red light feature all in one unit and they can be controlled independently for a customized foot spa experience. 

What's different though, is that it uses different massage rollers. 

This one here uses massage balls as its central massaging agent and instead of a pumice stone, it has tiny massage nodes in the middle for you to do side scrapping.

Personally, we prefer ACEVIVI's maize-like rollers a tad more but if you have sensitive feet, this is actually a better alternative. Also, it has a medicine box for you to put your bath salt or medicinal herbs in.

What we like about this foot spa machine though is that it is 30% more energy efficient compared to its competitors. At the highest power setting, it is one of the fastest heating foot bath massager we have ever came across.

Once it reaches your preferred heat, you can then switch to a lower setting to maintain it at that temperature, thereby saving energy.  

Other Pros:

  • PTC Heater with more secure multi-insulation protection
  • Temperature control to meet the different needs of different people
  • Reliable double overheating protection
  • Red light to relieve muscle tension and sooth feet
  • Timing function 


  • no pumice stone

Like most deep tub foot bath massagers, the Ovitus comes with 4 rolling wheels for portability, a drainage tube for ease of use and a removable dust cover. 

This is one best water foot massager we will recommend to people that do prolonged standing, in heels all the time or suffer from cold hands and feet. It also works as an excellent foot massager for plantar fasciitis for those that suffer from it.

MaxKare Foot Spa Massager

MaxKare has released quite a few models that have copped the 'best foot massager' title from users worldwide, but we like this one here best when it comes to home foot spa massager with motorized rollers. 

A 6-in-1 unit, its oxygen bubbles, automatic massage, heat therapy, timing, temperature  adjustment and frequency conversion are all one-button activation operated. 

Likewise, they can be controlled independently for a customized massage. It too has frequency technology incorporated so you can cut down energy consumption by 30% and heat can be maintained at your desired temperature. 

Different from the foot bath massagers reviewed above, this one here has 4 pebble-inspired rollers that rotate in bi-direction motions inspired by the Tai Chi method on each side.

What they do is apply scraping massage on the soles thoroughly like that of a masseuse to stimulate acupressure points related to the body parts. 

Other Pros:

  • Timing feature (10-60 minutes)
  • Temperature adjustment 
  • Intelligent thermostatic control 
  • Medicinal compartment
  • Wheels, drain tube and removable dust-proof lid included
  • 30-day unconditional return service and 12-month quality-related after-sales service


  • No pumice stone

Compared to other foot bath massager reviews, the MaxCare Foot Spa Massager does not come with a pumice stone so it may not be as ideal to those who'd like a pedicure session as well. However, if all you're looking for is just a soothing and relaxing session, this one here does an excellent job. 

Kendal foot spa massager

Last but not least, we have the Kendal Foot Spa Massager.

An Amazon's choice, this is the best water foot massager for those who like a deep water soaking experience.

Different from all the above, it uses a traditional turn-knob design that lets you choose among 3 pre-set programs. 

For those that think rollers are a bit too much on their sensitive skin, this one here only has one on each side so it is less stimulating. Instead, it relies on providing massage through a combination of high-frequency vibration with oxygen bubbles and heating therapy.

Both massage nodes and rollers are removable if all you want is just a soak. 

One thing worth noting is that this foot spa heats up very quickly. In fact, it could very well be the fastest heating spa machine we have ever came across. However, you cannot adjust the temperature as you like and that's one of the downside for us.

It does maintain constant temperature but it can get really hot for some people. Don't worry, theres secure double overheating protection but if it really becomes unbearable, you can switch off the heat. Nevertheless, we do recommend using just room temperature water when you start as it heats up very quickly. 

Other Pros:

  • ETL certification for the whole machine and not just certain parts
  • Electric leakage protection 
  • Quality PTC heating semiconductor
  • Double overheating protection 
  • Splash guard, drain hose, lockable wheels


  • Heat temperature cannot be adjusted

While the Kendal does have its shortcomings, it is nevertheless one of the best budget option in this category. Out of all our foot bath massager reviews, this is the one we'd recommend to those who doesn't have a big budget.

B. Foot Spa Massager - Manual Rollers

As indicated by its name, these foot spa massagers require you to manually move your feet on the rollers to enjoy a massage.

They are generally cheaper than those above, but nevertheless do an equally amazing job in terms of rejuvenating tired feet.

MaxKare foot spa
Turejo Foot Bath Massager
Misiki foot bath massager
Giantex foot spa massager
homedics bubble mate foot spa

Size (inches)

15 x13 x7



14 x7x15

15 x14 x7

No. of Rollers







4.4 pounds

4.3 pounds

6 pounds

4.3 pounds

3.6 pounds




MaxKare foot spa

Taking first spot at the best water foot massager (manual department) is this MaxKare Foot Spa Massager.

Easily one of the best rated foot massager in its category, it is perhaps also the most popular home foot spa many go for across the country. 

Understandably so, given all that it has, and at such an affordable price. 

First of all, not only does it have a heating element, it heats up fast and is able to maintain the temperature efficiently so you don't need to constantly top up hot water. Secondly, it basically has all the features that its motorized counterpart mentioned above has, but at a lower price point. Continue reading here ... 

Turejo Foot Bath Massager

The Turejo Foot Spa Massager is rather new in the scene but it has already received rave reviews from users worldwide and we can see why. 

Aside from heat, bubbles, temperature control and a pumice stone, it also has a whopping 14 shiatsu massage rollers incorporated in an ergonomic foot shape outline. AND, it comes with a medicine box for your own spa treatment at home. 

Placed in a T-shape, these massage rollers have mini acupressure massage points on them to accurately stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles. You do have to move your feet to enjoy them though as they are not motorized but this also means that you can adjust the pressure and position where you want them most. 

If you'd like to just have a soak, these rollers are completely removable so that's another plus point. What we like about this home foot spa is that it is 6.3 inches deep, and so it can cover the ankle unlike most others that are shallower. 

Like MaxKare, it heats up pretty fast and is able to maintain constant water temperature until you turn it off completely.

We recommend activating the bubble jet function if you have plantar fasciitis because it does an amazing job in soothing it (many think this is one of the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis), as well as promotes water heating.

Other Pros:

  • Hydroelectric separation
  • Infrared light
  • FDA certification 
  • Fit up to men's size 15
  • Leakage protection


  • Slightly more expensive than other units of the same category
Misiki foot bath massager

Next up, we have the Misiki Foot Spa Massager. This is for those that have sensitive feet because it has lesser foot rollers (4 to be exact) so there is lesser stimulation and pressure.

What we especially like about this foot bath massager though, is that it has two bubble holes placed right underneath the arch area. 

You see, most foot bath massagers have just one bubble jet in the middle of the tub. By having two underneath the foot arch, you get oxygen bubbles shot straight at this area to calm down any muscle stress and stimulate foot acupuncture.

Because of this, it makes for one good foot massager for plantar fasciitis sufferers to get relief. 

It doesn't stop there - infrared right circles around these bubble holes and what they do is help sterilize the feet. Again, this is double the amount of what foot spa massagers usually have.

There is one thing to keep in mind though - you cannot use bath salt or other pedicure products in this foot bath massager. It doesn't have a medicine box for you to do so and if you add them in directly into the tub, you may risk having the bubble holes blocked in the future. 

This is certainly one major con to take note of, but if you're just after a foot soak and do not intend to add anything else besides water, then the Misiki may actually be just the right one for you. 

Other Pros:

  • Fast heating
  • Foot stone 
  • 2 infrared light
  • 2 bubble massage jets


  • No medicine box (cannot put bath salt or other pedicure products in)
Giantex foot spa massager

The Giantex Foot Spa Massager is for those that are more into a little pedicure session.

You see, this unit here comes with a handheld foot cleaner with 3 attachments as well so aside from getting a foot massage, you get to also have an in-home pedicure to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. 

Both high-frequency vibration and oxygen bubbles massage are provided and there are also two massaging rollers installed at the arch-sole area to give further stimulation. A red light irradiation helps keep water warm at a constant temperature and altogether there are 3 preset modes with different combination. 

For your pedicure needs, aside from the electric foot callus remover that comes with it, a pumice stone is also provided to remove any dead skin, corns and calluses. In addition, there is even an aroma diffuser for the drying of your nails.  

Aside from these features, what actually really stood out to us is the quality of this water foot massager. The whole barrel is made of double-layered PP material so compared to the usual single-layered competitors, it is so much more stronger and durable.

And then of course there is the waterproof compartment at the top for you to store the foot callus cleaner. Not only does it keep all your tools in one place, the cover also acts as a splash guard when you have your foot bath.

It is completely removable so you can take it off for easy cleaning, or when you need a larger foot bath space. 

Other Pros:

  • IPX4 waterproof certification 


  • Rotary switch instead of digital LED display (easy to control though)
  • Pricier than other foot spa massagers in this category

To be honest, there isn't anything that's quite like the Giantex Foot Spa Massager - the electric foot callus cleaner is definitely a bonus that you don't see anywhere else in the foot spa massager department. If you're looking for a foot bath massager with a little extra indulgent, this is the one to go for. 

homedics bubble mate foot spa

A constant number 1 best seller, the Homedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa is the most affordable option out of all our foot massager reviews here. 

It strikes the perfect middle ground between being an electric foot massager, and an ordinary foot soaking tub.

So, slightly different from all that are reviewed above, this Homedics foot massager does not come with rollers, nor does it have any heat function. However, it is also not just a plain foot tub basin with nothing at all.

Instead, it uses massage water jets to revive your feet by gently massaging them. There are raised nodes at the bottom of the tub to assist with the massage and invigorating bubbles will be formed to give a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

You can think of it as an elevation of the normal foot soaking experience, yet not as complicated and full-featured as other foot bath massagers. 

Other features that set it apart from plain foot basin tubs include a removable pumice stone and splash guard design to prevent splashes and spills. It is also designed with a convenient toe-touch control so you can turn it on and off without getting your hands wet. 

Other Pros:

  • Very cheap


  • No heat
  • Cannot use bath salt or any other products (may corrode the material)

If you have any foot ailment requiring any form of relief, we don't think this is a good choice for you. However, if all you'd want is just a good feet soak before bedtime to improve your blood circulation and sleep quality, then this foot bath massager might just be the perfect solution for you.   

Buyer's Guide 101 - FAQ Answered

Types of Foot Spa Massagers

So, having read our foot bath massager reviews above, a foot spa massager is not as simple and straightforward as you might think, isn't it?

Here's a side-by-side comparison of what's been discussed so far:

Motorized Rollers

Manual Rollers

Size: Deep tub 

foot massager deep tub

Size: Shallow tub 

foot massager

Application: Foot, Calf

Application: Foot only

Features: Usually comes with heat, drainage hole, castor wheels, medicine box, pumice stone

Features: Usually comes with heat, pumice stone

Price: Generally more expensive

Price: Cheaper comparatively 

Of course, these are not the only foot bath massagers available in the market.

There are the usual plain basin tub that has no mechanism whatsoever (some has built-in arch supports and raised dots) which is one of the most economical option, then there are the collapsible ones that are hugely popular as well because of their easy-to-store nature. 

foot soaking bath tub
collapsible foot spa massager
foldable foot spa massager

Each type has their pros and cons. How you choose one amongst the vast brings us to our next point.

What to look for and how to choose a foot bath machine?

While a foot spa massager is not as expensive as other massage devices, it doesn't mean you should just go out and buy the very first foot spa machine you lay eyes on.

But, just how do you decide which foot massager to go for?

Perhaps asking yourself these few questions first is a good starting point:

1. What Am I Expecting?

Are you looking for a home foot spa that can heat up water or you don't mind refilling hot water yourself every other interval? Do you want bubbles? What about rollers? Will they be too harsh on your feet or you don't mind them? If that is the case, do you want them to roll automatically or you'd prefer rolling them with your foot manually?

What about water level? Do you hate it when you have to soak your foot all the way in? Or you are those that'd like the water to reach all the way up to your calf?

Think of what are the most important features to you. It will lead you to choosing the right model that suits just your needs.

2. Is There A Particular Problem I Need To Tackle? 

Are you looking for some kind of pain relief/improved circulation or it is just purely for relaxation purposes? This could very well dictate which direction you go for. 

For instance, choose models that come with multiple rollers if you want to improve blood circulation. One with infrared massage option is even better. To relieve arthritic pain though, you will want models that allow bath salt and essential oil uses. 

3. How Often Will I Be Using It?

Be realistic here - although you'd think you'll be using it daily, how often can you really squeeze the time out for a spa session?

This is because if you are able to use it quite often, we'd advise going for one that has better portability i.e. castor wheels. This will cost you slightly more, which is why you should set a realistic goal to see if this is really required. Otherwise, you'd do away with a cheaper model if you are not going to use it so often.

4. How Much Am I Willing To Spend?

Lastly, even though a foot bath massager is not a big ticket item, you should still set a budget on how much you are willing to spend on it first. You can then choose the best foot spa within that budget range instead of browsing mindlessly on options that you wouldn't even consider (because of their prices).

In terms of what to then look for in a foot spa massager, there are actually quite a few amongst which features and heat functionality are the two most important, in our opinion.

Click here to find out why, as well as what other important criteria to look at when choosing the best foot bath massager for yourself. 

How to use a foot spa massager to get maximum benefits?

Compared to other massage device, foot spas are one of the easier ones to use. At least, it doesn't have a million of buttons (ok, that's slightly exaggerating but you get what we mean) and the control panels are generally easy to understand. 

However, given that water and electricity are involved, there are a few things you should pay attention to. For instance, safety. 

1. Safety

This is perhaps the most important element to give your utmost priority to. Always make sure you do the following with your foot spa machine:

best foot bath massager
  • Put it on a level surface
  • Plug in the power only AFTER you have filled it with water
  • Adhere to the maximum water capacity level - do not go over
  • Do not touch the plug with wet hands
  • Do not plug or unplug the spa when you are soaking your feet

Also, if your foot spa massager comes with heating function, you should pay extra attention and care when using it.

It's best that you choose one that comes with overheating safety because you certainly do not want it to overheat when water and electricity are both present. 

Regardless, you should always adhere to the usage time recommended by the manufacturer. Do not go beyond (although we know it's tempting to) to avoid overheating.

It goes without saying you should never submerge the whole unit in water.

2. General Use Guideline

While you should always follow the user manual of your foot massager, in general, here's how you use a foot spa massager:

Step-by-Step Guide

Prepare all things required beforehand and place them within reach

Unless you want to be wiping your feet every other minute just to get that thing across the room, you will want to have all that you can think of near and within reach.

The list can be quite long and different for everyone but generally, you should at least have these close at hand:

foot spa essentials
  • Towel
  • Foot lotion
  • File/scrub/pumice stone
  • Brush
  • Bath salt
  • Essential oil 

Wash your feet

Always wash your feet thoroughly prior to a foot spa session.


Fill your foot spa tub with water (and other preferred add-ons)

Fill your foot spa tub with water - remember to adhere to the water level. If yours doesn't have a heating option, pour hot water in and have some nearby within reach so that you can raise the temperature from time to time.

Some preferred to add in bath salt, others like essential oils. Add them in. Otherwise, just water alone is also sufficient.


Soak and massage

Put your feet in and soak for 10-15 minutes. Use the rollers to massage the soles of your feet and stimulate your circulation. Top up hot water if needed. 


Scrub time

Use your pumice stone, scrub or file to scrub your feet properly before brushing them. Take your time, enjoy the process, then wash your feet again.

foot spa pumice stone scrub
foot spa brush

Wipe and lotion up

Finally, use a towel to wipe your feet dry and apply body lotion on them.

What can I put in a foot spa?

So we mentioned above that you can add bath salt or essential oil into your foot bath. But you are not limited with just that, and that is one good thing with having your own foot spa massager at home - you can simply treat your feet with anything you want.

Nevertheless, let's explore the two most popular options and see how they will benefit you:

  • Bath Salt - When it comes to foot spa add-ons, bath salt is definitely one classic staple.
foot spa salt

And when one mentions bath salt, the first thing that comes to many's mind is probably the Epsom salt.

Understandably so, given the many benefits of it.

For one, Epsom salt help ease all kinds of pains and aches. It is actually a magnesium sulfate compound for those who don't know, so it is not your usual sodium table salt. 

Once put inside water, it dissolves and breaks down into its component - sulfate and magnesium to enter into your body through the skin. What this does it that it helps relax muscles and loosen stiff joints, as well as flush out toxins and heavy metals. 

Having been used for hundreds of years as a healing agent and pain reliever, Epsom salt has found to be effective in assisting the treatment of arthritis pain, swelling, bruises, sore muscles, psoriasis, insomnia and more. Now you know why it is so popular? It helps that it is also one of the cheapest option!

  • Essential Oil - Another popular option often associated with foot spas is essential oil.  This is because of its natural soothing and healing properties.
foot spa essential oil

They come in many varieties but do you know that smell is not the only distinguishing factor?

Different essential oil has different effect and benefits. For example:

  • Lavender - soothe painful feet, get rid of stress and relax (aid in healing cuts and wounds);
  • Peppermint - stimulating, anti-inflammatory and cooling effect (acts as a natural pain reliever);
  • Tea tree - fights fungus, athlete's foot and insect bites (works well with any skin inflammation);
  • Eucalyptus - anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties (most used during cold weather);
  • Chamomile - anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (aids in sunburns and rashes).

And these are just a few examples. You can use them individually or combined it with bath salt, it's up to you.

How to clean a foot spa machine?

Now, don't think this is laughable, but many people actually struggle with how to properly clean their foot spa massager to avoid residues laying around or moulds growing. 

Here's what you should do after a foot spa session:

how to clean foot spa massager
  1. Drain the water (make sure you don't pour water over the power button or any mechanicals).
  2. Let the machine cool down.
  3. Wash with warm water and mild detergent (scrub the corners).
  4. Rise (hot water is better).
  5. Optional: disinfect the basin especially if you have some kind of foot ailment. Rinse again if you do this step.
  6. Wipe the unit down with a soft dry cloth or towel.

Do these steps and you can ensure your foot bath massager is well maintained to last throughout the years, keeping grime and residues away.

Remember though, never submerge the whole foot spa massager in water as this will damage the motor and mechanics inside.

A Wrap Up

foot spa massage

Out of all body parts, one's feet are probably what went through the most. From the moment you were born, they have been carrying you around - they bear the full weight of your body, be it going from one place to another or simply just standing at one spot.

And depending on your job, some may even have to tolerate your whole body weight for a consecutive 8 to 10 or even 12 hours.

So maybe, it's just time to return the favour. Give them a little extra care and love, treat them to a foot spa/massage, at least once a week. Not only will it make your feet feel better, it will also improve your health overall.

And it doesn't even have to cost you much. Which is why a foot spa massager is regarded as one of the best home foot massager out of all the options available as it is relatively cheaper than the rest. Get yours today and enjoy a foot spa session at home anytime, any day.

Your feet deserve that.