Best Massage BM-EC06C Massage Chair Review

best massage bm-ec06c review

For a shiatsu massage chair that is under the $1,000 price mark, the Best Massage Full Body BM-EC06C Massage Chair is an exceptional find that surpasses many of our expectations. 

Here's why.

Product Specifications


Best Massage 

Product Name

BM - EC06C Full Body Shiatsu Recliner

Product Dimensions

55 x 42 x 35 inches

Key Functions

  • Full body air massage therapy 
  • Computerized body scanning
  • 7 massage modes
  • 9 preset auto massage programs
  • Back and foot heating

Maximum Capacity

Weight: 265 lbs

Height: up to 6'3"

Editor's Rating

(4.3 / 5.0)

Price & Availability

Full Body Massage

Like the Real Relax Favor-03 Plus, this chair offers full body massage as well.

What's different, is that it does not have as many airbags as the former.

best massage airbag coverage

As you can see, the airbag coverage of this chair focuses on the lower part of the body (don't worry, the upper region will be discussed below). 

The compression and percussion provided by these airbags help align the lower back and pelvis area, as well as improve flexibility, mobility and posture of the legs.

This is why it is regarded by many to be one of the best home chair for lower back pain. If you think the pressure is too much, there are 4 intensity levels for you to adjust.  

To be qualified as a good massage chair, airbags are not enough. You need to combine rollers to achieve shiatsu results and this, is what the BM-EC06C is.

Power rollers are located at 4 points at the back to relax muscle stress, reduce fatigue and rejuvenate the mind and body. Similarly, you can control the intensity, speed and width but this time, in 3 different levels.

While the chair is not promoted as a zero gravity chair, it does allow you to recline into the angle you need up to 170 degrees.

In case you're wondering, yes, the footrest/ottoman can be adjusted up and down in the angle you want as well and it operates individually from the backrest, meaning, you can adjust them separately. All these movements are fully automatic.

Functional Diversity

Different from many massage chairs in its price range (where some may even only offer vibration), this one here is equipped with multiple massage techniques.

best massage multiple massage method

From kneading, knocking and tapping to shiatsu and even stretching, the BM-EC06C offers a variety of massage modes to target different needs and areas.

These are all common massage techniques you will get from spas or massage parlours, and they aim to relieve common body aches like neck and back pain, or waist and shoulder aches. 

Compared to the Favor-03 Plus' 6 auto modes, this one here offers even more with its 9 preset auto massage programs. While suitable for most, you can choose your massage functions manually, should you desire. 

So we mentioned above that the airbags focus on the lower region. Don't worry, the upper region is catered by the chair's stretching function. It stretches the spine and by doing so, increases blood flow to the vertebrae.

What we are truly surprised to find though, is that the Best Massage EC06C employs a SL track frame structure -  the most advanced technology to date - to achieve that.

best massage sl track frame

Now, if you know about massage chairs, you will know that there are 3 different tracks - S, L and SL.

The latter is the combination of both S and L and if we are to put it simply, it basically means the entire spine, including the curvature areas (neck and lower back) are being massaged thoroughly from the head all the way down to the buttocks area, with no areas missing out.

This is a feature mostly found on higher end massage chairs only, which is why it is such a pleasant discovery to find that the Best Massage EC06C has it as well, hence another reason for it making one of the best massage chair under 1000. 

Not forgetting also is that heat therapy is available at both waist/lower back and foot region.

When heat is applied, muscles and joints recover faster with increased blood circulation - which means less pain and aches. 

According to Chinese traditional heat therapy, this promotes blood circulation, improves immunity and slows down ageing. 

Computerized Body Scanning

Now, this is worth mentioning. The BM-EC06C massage chair has what's usually only offered in higher end massage chairs - automatic computerized body scanning.

Why this is such a bonus feature to have is because the chair actually tailors its massage according to an individual's unique body shape.

best massage computerized body scanning

By using a smart body scan technology, a person's body will first be scanned for the chair to detect its size before a built-in sensor automatically measure the length of the spine so that the chair knows where to massage for an individual custom fit.

Not just that, but it will automatically adjust its massage intensity according to the user's body weight as well. 

As a result, you get a more efficient massage session because the rollers know just exactly where, and are able to hit at the right spots.

This is especially useful if there are multiple users in the household because everyone can then have their own tailored massage with just one chair.


Best Massage BMEC06C

Overall, the Best Massage Full Body BM-EC06C Massage Chair no doubt qualifies as one of the best massage chair under 1000. 

Of course, you can't say that it is the world's best massage chair but for what it offers, it certainly is very good value for money. 

The only thing is that it has a smaller weight limit (if we are to compare with Real Relax's Favor-03 Plus) but the fact that it can accommodate a height of up to 6'3" makes it one of the best recliner for tall man. 

To top it off, it even offers in-home delivery to your room of choice including unpacking, assembly, setup and debris removal (as required) so that's another hassle being taken care of.