The 5 Best Massage Table Brand You Need to Know

Are you confused by the many different massage tables available in the market? How do you differentiate the good from the downright inferior ones? 

Overwhelmed is an understatement, especially when all massage tables look pretty much the same and claim to be "the best". 

The following article will help you with the ultimate - what is the best massage table? - question. At the very least, you will know how to distinguish the good from the bad ones.

Best Massage Table Brand (in no chronological order)

Amongst everything, there is one aspect that you can base your decision on - the BRAND of the table. It will, for firsts, save you more than half the hassle (and effort) in filtering the bad from the good ones. 

At the very least, it closes that risky door of getting a downright inferior table.

Then on, it is just a matter of choosing a model that suits your needs. 

Out of all, there are 5 best massage table brand in the market. We have shortlisted them (in no chronological order) as follows:

Earthlite brand
MM brand
sierra comfort

Master Massage

First up, we have the Master Massage.

Master Massage

Established in 1998, this is a brand with more than 30 years experience in the massage industry. They specialize in professional quality massage tables, massage chairs and massage accessories. 

Master Massage has two signature products that stood out from the rest - heated massage table, and pregnancy massage table

Heated Massage Table

Well known for its exclusive range of thermal massage tables, this is where there is a built-in adjustable heating system in the massage table.

Master Massage Santana LX
MM Montclair white
MM Montclair blue

In the past, massage therapists will have to buy a separate massage table heating pad if they want to offer heat in their massages.

With the Therma-Top, you no longer need to carry a separate piece of accessory with you. Nor do you need to set up and detach the heating pad each time you have a massage session - because everything is inbuilt.

There are up to 10 heating levels to choose from with all electronics components being EMR (electromagetic radiation) Safe.

In fact, this is the ONLY EMR Safe heated massage table in the market. It is worthy to know that this technology is now patented by the brand. 

If you're wondering if heat is essential, let us just say one thing - it truly elevates the sensation and effectiveness of a massage to another level. 

Pregnancy Massage Table

Master Massage's pregnancy massage tables are pioneers in the industry. Throughout the years, they continue to be a bestseller for masseuses specialising in prenatal massage services.

Master Massage pregnancy
Master Massage pregnancy tummy area

We won't go into the details as we have already done an in-depth review here. If you're looking for a top quality pregnancy massage table, this is the brand to go for. 

The Brand's Signature Features

For all its tables, the brand has a few signature features that set it apart from its competitors. 

One of them being the trademarked "Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle".

MM face cradle

This is a 3" memory foam layered pillow that is fully adjustable to adapt to every unique face shape. All thanks to the ergonomic design of a curved cross bar that has side platforms to stabilize the pillow for comfort and security. 

With any table purchase, an armrest shelf and massage table bag will be included.

The former is oversized for maximum coverage and comfort while the bag is one of the finest designed and made in the market. There are multiple ways to carry it, with outside storage compartments for the accessories.

Master Massage carry case

All tables have Reiki leg panels and a shiatsu cable release. The former gives unblocked access while the latter allows you to lay the table flat on the floor.

We like how numbered holes were installed at the legs, with the “QUIK-SET™ Leg Knobs” reducing 70% of the effort and time required to adjust the height. “Clevis Block™ Leg Attachments” are used to guarantee unbreakable leg support, besides keeping the wooden legs squeak and wobble free.

MM hinge
MM shiatsu cable release
MM reiki panels

On top of all that, non-skid, non-mark foot pads are installed to make their tables safe for any floor surface.

Our Verdict

With a well curated selection of portable massage tables, stationary tables, and spa tables, Master Massage is a brand that you can trust.

Although its products are generally pricier, we think this is a classic case of you get what you pay for. Every extra penny is worth the price.

In particular, its Master Massage Therma-Top is really one top quality product. We'd have had no hesitation in recommending it at all when it comes to the best heated massage table.

Using only wood that is formaldehyde and carcinogen free, all products are rigorously tested to meet the strictest California Air Resources Board (CARB) law. You are definitely in safe hands here. 


Earthlite brand

Earthlite's selling point has to be its variety of selection available.  

From portable massage table to stationary massage table, wooden massage table to aluminium massage table, it truly has an extensive range. Likewise, the choices available in different budgets are aplenty.

Signature Products

Earthlite Harmony DX

The most popular has to be its All-in-One Harmony DX. This is a portable massage table that has everything you need to get going at an affordable price.

(Read in-depth review here)

For those with a bigger budget, there is the Premium Spa Level. This is the brand’s top of the line model, fully made in the USA to the highest standards. It has some of the most high-end features a travel massage table has to offer to date  

Sealing its position as one of the best massage table brand is its extensive range of stationary massage table though. 

They are the No.1 choice of hotels, resorts and spa centres across the world for their in-house spa facilities. So much so that Earthlite has even received the "American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards" consecutively from 2010 - 2018. That is, in the Favourite Treatment Table Manufacturer and Manufacturer Support category.

It is also worthy to note that their tables are the only ones in the market that can be Tilted up. This is not just the usual Flat version. You can read more about them here.

Besides hardware, the brand has also released their very own massage table accessories line. This includes massage table heating padsheets/covers, blankets, lotion and cream. 

Earthlite sheet sets

In particular, their medical-grade disposable face cradle covers are always widely raved about by professional therapists of the likes.  

Sustainable Practice

One thing that we truly resonates with Earthlite is its commitment in sustainable practices. In producing quality products, it aims to achieve zero-carbon footprint.

This is why the brand does not use rainforest hardwoods. Instead, farmed and renewable wood sources such as Canadian hard maple and Baltic birch plywood are used for their tables.


In addition, you will see a respect for nature in the water-based lacquer, environmentally friendly foam and vinyl used.

We’ve visited their factory and witnessed ourselves how recycling is integrated into their manufacturing operations. There is a recycling program for aluminium, glass and paper products implemented while wood is carefully cut out to minimize waste.

Quality is not compromised in the process of environmental integrity. The brand is comfortable enough to offer lifetime warranty for their products, which not many do. Hence the reason it can so confidently claim their products do not end up in landfills - it is because they are built to last a lifetime.  



Speaking of eco-consciousness, Oakworks is another massage table brand you can consider.

Besides taking environmental wellness into account, this is also the only brand that manufactures in the US

Founded by a couple who built their very first Oakworks massage table over 40 years ago, Oakworks has its very own factory - a 91,000 sqf state-of-the-art facility located here in the US Southern Pennsylvania. 


Its bestselling item is its portable massage table which really, we have nothing to fault about. 

In particular, its patented 'Integra Hinge' offers incredible strength and lighter weight that no piano hinge can match. You may wish to read more about it here.

Different from the above two brands though, is that Oakworks also produces medical/healthcare products besides manufacturing massage tables. 

By that, we mean medical devices like ultrasound tables, urology tables, imaging tables and the likes that are used in clinics and hospitals. 

ultrasound table
imaging table
urology table

While not necessarily related to our topic here today, it goes to show the level of professionalism the brand has in its products. 

Indeed, Oakworks is known for its commitment in providing safe, durable and ergonomic equipment to the medical industry. They are reputable for their design innovation, sophisticated engineering and quick turnaround time. 

When even the most stringent healthcare professional demands are met, you know you can't go wrong with its massage tables. 



Stronglite is another massage table brand that has been around for more than 30 years. Also US-based, it has received the love and recognition from massage therapists, trainers and medical physicians from all over the world.

Stronglite Olympia

Its signature portable massage chair has earned the top spot in our best portable massage chair review, naturally, its portable massage table does not disappoint (in-depth review here).  

What we love about this brand though, is the 5-year warranty period it offers for all its products. 

Now, that is very rare as the common practice in the industry is around 1-2 years.

What this signifies is the brand’s confidence in their products. As we've always said in many of our tips and guides, a product's quality can often be gauged by the warranty period it comes with. The longer it is, the more durable one can assume.

It's not just about the high quality materials that are utilized. Stronglite uses an advanced computer modeling technology to screen through and quality check all its products before they are released to the public. Because of this, Stronglite's massage tables are some of the most durable models in the industry.

Out of all the brands mentioned herein, Stronglite's tables are probably the most affordable. 

Sierra Comfort 

sierra comfort

Speaking of affordability, Sierra Comfort is another brand that do not break the bank account. 

Its aim is to provide an industry of massage experts with the equipment and accessories they need. As such, they are known for their affordable, lightweight and convenient products.

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive

For example, its bestseller - the All-in-One Inclusive Portable Massage Table  is a full package that comes with sheet sets for the face cradle. This is more than the usual massage table bag + face cradle combination.

This certainly brings convenience to another level as you won't have to find individual items here and there. Not to mention value for money.

They also have an extensive range of portable massage tables in a variety of colours for you to choose. All are within the $100-$200 price range. 

Keeping all industry users in mind, Sierra Comfort is the one-stop solution for all massage specialists. This is the brand to go to if you want the best value for your money.  

Massage Table Brands - Final Thoughts 

The value found on each of the above mentioned companies’ products will ultimately depend on what you’re looking for. Also, on how much you’re willing or able to spend. 

The best massage table brands tend to be those that do the bulk of the work either locally in the US, or in developed nations like Japan or Korea.

featured image electric massage table

Of course, that is just a generalization - there are certainly exceptions. Our tip is to always look at the reviews as they are able to tell you a lot.

In the end, we'd say careful research remains the best way to find the best massage table for you. The 5 brands recommended above is a good place to start from - happy shopping!