The Smart Cordless Neck Massager Everyone Should Have

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There is the neck and shoulder massager, then there is the neck massager.

As one would have guessed, the latter predominantly massages the neck only to relieve the area from any pain or strain whereas the former covers a bigger region, extending to the shoulder and even the back for some.

The neck massager, is our focus today. (To read our best neck and shoulder massager review, click here.)

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As you can see, it looks quite different from your standard neck and shoulder massager. Much more smaller in size, it features a modern design in this unique “headset” style that fits around the neck ergonomically.

Ultralight and super portable, this smart and intelligent massage device has one more enviable feature – cordless.

Neck Massager Reviews - The Top 8

First, let’s look at what are some of the best neck massagers the market has to offer.

OSITO Intelligent Neck Massager

We think no one will disagree with us if we are to say the OSITO Intelligent Neck Massager takes the crown in terms of being the best neck massager for neck pain. 

Just recently released, it has already taken the massage parameter world by storm with its total 10 modes of massage and 50 intensities setting. 

Yep, if you'd scroll down and look at our comparison chart, you can see just how far ahead it is compared to the others in this regard.

It is also the best neck massager with heat in our opinion as it offers 3 heat settings which again, is very rare in the industry.

It doesn't stop there though - this is probably the only neck massager to date that has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with such a large capacity. We're talking about a life expectancy of 500 times or more, which last you about 2 to 3 years of use without having to replace the batteries.

And, it comes with additional electrode pads for other body parts continue reading here…

Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager

The most lightweight and portable (although they all are) neck massager has to be the Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager though.

At 0.26lbs, it is basically weightless (lighter than your phone certainly) so it doesn’t pose any burden to the neck at all. You can work, walk, shop with it around your neck and you won’t feel a thing.

Fully charged, it can last up to 10 times of use (15 mins/time) and there are 5 massage modes with 15 intensities to choose from.

This newest version has a built-in new thermostat that lets you precisely control the temperature to avoid excessive heat, speaking of which, you can switch the heating function on/off according to your wish. Continue reading here...

AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager

Next up, we have the AONCO Intelligent Portable Neck Massager.

This one here is one of the best rated neck massager as well because it is regarded as one of the best value-for-the-money buy - it comes with 4 additional hydrogel massage patches, all for FREE.

Yes, the AONCO is quite similar to the OSITO in this aspect in that both can be used on other body parts like the shoulders, waist, feet, calves, arms and back etc. should they require some relieving but do note that these patches CANNOT be placed on the chest. 

What we like in particular about the AONCO though, is that it produces literally no noise so you can be discreet while using it at public places like the office. Like the Wandwoo, it too has 5 massage modes and 15 intensities to choose from and is equipped with heat function. Read more here…

Befano Portable Cordless Neck Massager

The Befano Portable Cordless Neck Massager definitely stood out with its three massage heads, which is something you don’t see quite often.

Because of this, you get a bigger massage coverage. If you’re one of those that think an electric neck massager is too small, know that this one here is able to massage the entire back neck. No doubt, this is the bestselling feature of the Befano here.

It is also the neck massager with the most number of massage modes besides the OSITO - a total of 6 pulse modes with 15 massage intensities.

Although nowhere close to the OSITO’s, it is double the number of massage modes offered in most smart neck massagers (see comparison chart below).

It offers 3 heating options so in the best neck massager with heat department, it is comparable to the OSITO.

To be honest, we’re actually quite torn between the AONCO and the Befano.  The two share quite the few similarities - this too, comes with electrode pads (albeit two only) for other body parts and both are priced around the same range.

Both are of the same weight and can last up to 150 minutes of use in one single charge and they all have the 15-minute auto-off function.

At the end of the day, we’d say it is pretty much a tie. The Befano wins in terms of its features (i.e. additional massage head, more massage modes, optional heat settings etc.) whereas the AONCO wins in the design usability - it comes with a remote which the Befano doesn’t.

Instead, it has all its massage buttons integrated on one side of the neck massager arm. We prefer a remote control but each to its own - we can definitely see how many may prefer the Befano instead because it means you can achieve total portability with it.

Realink Intelligent Neck Massager

In terms of the neck massager with the best fit though, we feel the Realink Intelligent Neck Massager is the winner here.

If you look closely, you will see that this one here has slightly thicker arms. This is because it has an additional silicone pad on each side of the arm unlike the others.

Together with the 2 intelligent 3D floating suspension electrode plates, it creates this 4-point fixed design that can fit stably on the neck for dynamic and static scenarios.

Through this, the device can accommodate to different neck size and fit better according to the physiological curve of the neck for ultimate comfort, and will be able to stay put stably for dynamic and static scenarios.

In addition, the entire U-shaped neck massager is made from silical gel pad and skin friendly, breathable material so that it can prevent discomfort and allergies caused by long-time exposure. Read more here…

FURTIME Cordless Smart Neck Massager

For the most affordable neck massager, it has to be the FURTIME Cordless Smart Neck Massager.

Not to say that neck massagers are very expensive to start with, but honestly, there probably isn’t any other model in the market that can compare to the FURTIME, not with its quality at this price point.

Equipped with 3 massage modes that simulate human tapping, massage and acupuncture, it does not discount on the number of intensity levels for you to choose from, which is a total of 15 like any standard neck massagers.

Likewise, it offers heat sensation and is made of the same skin-friendly breathable material like any other reputable neck massagers.

It too has an intelligent 4D suspension design to fit the neck better and has a 15-minute auto shut off function to ensure a safe massage experience.

If you're hesitant to spend too much money yet are intrigued to give smart neck massagers a try, we recommend going for the FURTIME Cordless Smart Neck Massager to give it a go first. Who knows, it might just be the best neck massager machine you have ever owned!

Tirumio Intelligent Neck Massager

Another affordable option you can consider is the Tirumio Intelligent Neck Massager.

Not as cheap as the FURTIME, but definitely very price-friendly.

And to those that’d prefer a different colour other than the usual white, good news, this one here comes in black as well.

The Tirumio is very easy to use with many testifying that it works miraculously on neck pain and migraines.

Like many others, it offers acupuncture, massage and beating modes in 15 different intensity level to ease your symptoms. 107.6ºF thermostatic heat feels like warm towel hot compress on the skin and the 3D floating electrodes design makes it an ergonomic fit on different neck and shapes.

The bestselling feature to us though, is its longlasting battery capacity. This one here can last up to 300 minutes in one single charge, which take 1 hour.

That’s double the capacity of most of its competitors so in this regard, it is the best portable neck massager to us.

SKG K4 Smart Neck Massager

Last but not least, we have the SKG K4 Smart Neck Massager.

If you have been doing your research, you would probably have came across this brand at some point during the process.

This is because it is probably the only brand that has released so many versions of its smart neck massager. 

Out of all, this is the most popular and bestselling model which comes with a remote control. This seems to be the preferred option for most instead of the voice broadcast that comes with the former.

Speaking of remote control, this is the only neck massager that has magnetic suction on its arm so that it can keep the remote in place.

Weighing 5.6 ounces only, it is equipped with 1500 mAH built-in charging power that can support up to 14 times of use (15 minutes each time) per charge. This is by far, the neck massager with the longest battery capacity.

In terms of massage modes, it provides the standard pulse massage, acupuncture beating and massage and scraping modes like many of its competitors. Likewise, it offers 15 intensities to choose from.

It is worthy to note that this model is equipped with their new updated interior sensor and programs, which can precisely control the temperature to avoid exceesive heat.

The downside of the SKG K4 Smart Neck Massager is that it is probably the most expensive model out of all in this best neck massager reviews.

Nevertheless, it is deemed to be one of  the best neck massager machine in the industry and continues to be the favourite of many, so much so that there are many scamming attempts or counterfeit products so make sure you buy from only a sole authorized seller to enjoy the benefits.

Neck Massager Comparison Chart

Here’s a side-by-side chart of the 8 models to give you an easy comparison:




Battery Life


OSITO Intelligent Neck Massager

10 modes

50 intensities

1.85 pounds

500 times


Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager

5 modes

15 intensities

0.26 pounds

150 minutes


AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager

5 modes

15 intensities

11.22 ounces



Befano Portable Cordless Neck Massager

6 modes

15 intensities

0.35 pounds

150 minutes


Realink Intelligent Neck Massager

3 modes

15 intensities

0.35 pounds

150 minutes


FURTIME Cordless Smart Neck Massager

3 modes

15 intensities

10.41 ounces

150 minutes


Tirumio Intelligent Neck Massager

3 modes

15 intensities

0.35 pounds

300 minutes


SKG K4 Smart Neck Massager

3 modes

15 intensities

5.6 ounces

210 minutes


How Does Smart Neck Massagers Work

Perhaps you're still not quite sure how a smart neck massager works. That’s okay, it employs quite the new technology after all.

You see, instead of massage nodes (which is the standard in most traditional neck and shoulder massagers), an intelligent neck massager uses TENS low-frequency pulse massage technology to achieve its purposes.

To those that do not know, TENS is actually called “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator” in full. It is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes, and to kickstart your body’s very own pain killers.  

how tens work
tens neck massager gif

In this case, such a device is the neck massager. By delivering small electrical impulses through the metal contacts (as pictured) to the skin, these electrical impulses flood the nervous system.

What this does is that it stimulates the release of endorphins as well as other substances that reduce the ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain, thereby achieving pain relief for the user overall.

Sounds a bit intimidating? Perhaps this might be a better way to understand it.

how tens work in neck

Electric pulse massage in smart neck massagers integrates the relaxation principle of Western muscle fibers and the stimulation reaction principle of Oriental meridians.

In other words, these electrical pulses stimulate and relax muscles simultaneously, thereafter promoting blood circulation as well as releasing muscle pressure at the same time.

So yes, that’s how a smart neck massager works, putting it simply. If you’d like to find out more about the differences between it and the neck and shoulder massager, click here.

Why A Neck Massager

Many might be wondering if they really do need a neck massager.

If you are still sitting on the bench, let us tell you why getting one could very well be the best decision you have ever made for yourself.


1. Drug-Free Pain Relief

benefit of neck massager

First and foremost, it has to be pain-relieving effect it has on the neck. Honestly, electric pulse massage WORKS.

According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, synchronizing pulse and massage simultaneously will promote effective blood circulation and this, relieves the body from any pain from deep within.

Not only does it actively and effectively relieves the beck area from aches, knots and muscle tension, it also ease other discomforts located in the cervical area.  

And you get all that - drug free.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We know how this goes - when your body is in pain, it increases the level of stress and anxiety from the within.

Add to that stress, poor sleeping posture or just excess computer/mobile phone use, you have a recipe for disaster coming up. 

When your body is flooded with these negativity, you won't be able to sleep well. If this carries on for awhile, it is going to affect your daily lifestyle and productivity which in turn, makes you more stressed out. It's a vicious cycle.

neck massager deep tissue relax massage

By getting a neck massager especially one as portable as these smart devices here, you get to ease these symptoms easily anytime, anywhere.

When your body is relaxed and free of pain, your stress and anxiety level will reduce drastically, too. It's that simple, really. 

3. Help and Improves Health

Neck massagers are not just about pain relieving - they help and improve conditions such as arthritis, headache, insomnia and various cervical pains such as perennial work, longtime driving and household works etc. 

neck massager benefit
neck massager benefits

This is because pulse neck stimulator easily relaxes, reduces muscle ache, decreases muscle tension and improves blood circulation, all of which help in the easing and improvement of the abovementioned symptoms. 

4. Portable and Discreet

And this is probably one of the greatest draw a smart neck massager has to many people. 

The fact that it is so small and lightweight, and being totally wireless means that you can enjoy a neck massage easily any time, anywhere.

benefits of neck massager

The modern, fashionable design doesn't even show that it is, in fact, a neck massager so you can be discreet while using it without looking like someone being treated. 

Does that mean that it triumphs over a neck and shoulder massager like these ones here then? Indeed, the two are often compared against one another.

Neck vs Neck and Shoulder Massager

While it is true that there are certain elements that the smart neck massager is better at i.e. portability, the standard neck and shoulder massager has its indispensable appeal too, such as area coverage.

The massage modes employed by the two are significantly different as well - not everyone is a fan of the TENS technology, not everyone is suitable for it also (more below). 

So yes, at the end of the day, it is a matter of one better than the other but rather, what you prefer and require. To find out more about the comparison between the two, click here.  

Things to Note

Having said the above, please do not use this type of neck massager if you have an implantation of pacemakers or if there is any metal carried inside the body.

neck massager caution

Also, consult your physician before use if:

  • you have any serious illness or injury;
  • you take insulin for diabetes;
  • you use the unit as part of a rehabilitation program;
  • you have a tendency to bleed internally following an injury.

Basically, if there is anything you are unsure of, please consult a medical professional beforehand just to be absolutely safe.

Nevertheless, you should always, ALWAYS read the user manual and fully charge the neck massager before you first use it, no matter which model you eventually go for. 

You may feel an electric shock the first time you use it - don't panic, it is completely normal. Once you have used it for a few times, it will get better as you get used to the sensation. 

Last but not least, do remember to always wipe the back of your neck / keep it moistened before each use to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

Wrapping Up

A smart neck massager is one of the best thing ever invented in our opinion. 

Its cordless and portability is second to none, and it is very easy to use, just like the illustration below:

neck massager demonstration gif

Even though we've said in the beginning of this neck massager reviews that it massages predominantly the neck only, our personal experience is that the shoulder area benefits from the pulse massage as well.

This is thanks to the transmission of the electric pulsing that spreads across the neck region so really, an intelligent neck massager like any of the above recommended best neck massager can also make for the best neck and shoulder massager as well. 

At the end of the day, it is important that you keep a good posture at all times to avoid neck pain altogether. Try to stretch once in a while when you are in front of the computer, most importantly, try to reduce the time spent of swiping on your mobile phone. Tech neck is real guys.