Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair of 2022

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If you have been researching for the best massage chair on the market, you’d surely came across the phrase ‘zero gravity’  before.

In fact, you may even have seen it mentioned multiple times across our reviews (e.g. this and this here). Do you know what it means or why it is such a prominent feature in some of the world’s best massage chairs?

“Zero Gravity: when reclined fully, to where your legs are higher than your heart level, you feel virtually weightlessness as your weight is spread across the chair, resulting to therapeutic effects being incredibly effective.”

In short, zero gravity is an optimum position for blood to flow throughout your entire body and it minimizes the strain of gravity on your vertebrae. Not only does it takes the pressure off your body, it also relieves the discomfort of any back pain. You can think of it this way - your heart work less in this position, in change, you relax more.

There are many good massage chairs in the market, but not every model has the zero gravity feature. Here, we have picked the top 5 best zero gravity massage chair that is perfect for either your home or your office.

Our #1 Recommendation

#1st Rated
Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair
  • Triple Hip airbags
  • Revised remote controller to more user friendly
  • Air intensity massage up to 5 levels
  • 2 Years Part & Labor Warranty included

  • Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Comparison Chart

    Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair
    Human Touch ZeroG 5.0
    Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner
    Osaki OS-4000T
    best massage ec161


    Special Features

    Acupressure points (arm) / triple hip airbags / heating therapy

    Smart 3D massage system / zero gravity auto-rocking  

    Multi-national massage technique / doctor-based / 3D L-track

    Auto-timer options / hip air massage / vibration seat massage

    Air bag with heat therapy / foot roller / noise cancellation


    45.8 pounds

    45 pounds

    55 pounds

    75 pounds

    54 pounds

    Editor's Rating

    Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

    1. Kahuna SM7300 Superior Massage Chair 

    Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair

    The Kahuna SM7300 Superior Massage Chair is considered one of industry’s best zero gravity massage chair.

    Collaborating top performing technology that embeds a variety of different techniques from kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping+knocking and shiatsu massage, it performs close to human-touch massage that makes you feel like having a personal masseuse in your home.

    The Kahuna SM7300 comes equipped with 9 different automatic programs - yes, 9.

    Apart from the usual 5 that all Kahuna massage chairs have - Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation and Athlete, it also incorporates 4 other special programs that targets different specific areas. The best thing is, you can access all these programs in the zero gravity position.  

    It also has a longer extended SL-track now with an additional 2 rollers, making it a 6-wheel roller system now that is able to follow the curvature of the spine from neck to lower back extending all the way down to the buttock area to perform precise and unique massage techniques.

    That is like being massaged by 6 different hands all at the same time with the whole body feeling like it’s being embraced.

    Other features:
    • Hip Air-Cell massage technology
    • Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage
    • Acupressure Points (Arm)
    • Heating therapy
    • Upgrade LCD remote
    • Zipper Leg Extension Covering
    • Massage Time control up to 30 Minutes
    • LED Light design

    What We Like 

    Zero gravity chair for tall person - The SM7300 is able to accommodate bigger builds as it provides larger seating with wider shoulder width than most standard chair.

    • With a 12-inches leg extension that can fit up to 6.5ft or 320lbs, it is one zero gravity chair for tall people.
    • Nonetheless, it is still able to accommodate average body sizes perfectly without the feeling of the chair being too big.   

    Space saving technology - As the zero gravity position requires the chair to almost lie flat, many zero gravity massage chairs require rather significant floor space to accommodate this.

    • Not with the SM-7300 - all it requires is only 3 inches off from the wall because it uses an ameliorated forward sliding mechanism.
    • Not only is this a quieter transition, it doesn’t require as much floor space as other chairs do.
    • This is something only a Kahuna chair can do, which makes it one of the best home massage chair.

    Acupoint bumps - One stand-out feature of this zero gravity massage chair is the acupoint bumps that are specially built into all 6 rollers. This increases the massage effect to the user as it increases more blood flow so as to make you feel more rejuvenated.

    At a glance


    • Full coverage squeeze function on foot area with 3 different techniques
    • 9 auto programs
    • Zero gravity chair for tall man
    • Space saving zero gravity position
    • Air intensity massage up to 5 levels


    • Some find that the pressure is too strong. If this is the case, put a towel to cushion the pressure


    Their LM6800 model is widely loved (read full review here), so it's no wonder the upgraded SM7300 by Kahuna is a top favourite of many with its added features and functionality.

    Further, it is at a reasonable price point so it won't break your bank, but at the same time has everything a zero gravity massage chair should have.

    Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

    Next on our zero gravity massage chair reviews is the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero Gravity Premium Massage Chair.

    Developed by Human Touch, this is a company with over 35 years experience in the massage chairs and other wellness products category. Designed to replicate the techniques used by massage professionals, the ZeroG 5.0 promises to deliver life-changing massage benefits to its users.  

    One of the best massage zero gravity chair the industry has to offer, the ZeroG 5.0 uses a Smart 3D massage engine system to deliver massages that rejuvenates, relax, relieve and heal any body pain.

    The 3D massage intensity that it employs adjusts the shoulders, neck, upper and lower back massage and this has proven to help relieve stress and lessen body aches.

    Most importantly, it soothes ailments such as sciatica, fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis, in fact, sufferers have deemed this to be one of the best massage chair for sciatica.

    One feature worthy to note is its zero gravity auto-rocking mode. Putting you into a neutral posture position, the chair gently rocks you in sync with its 4 automatic massage programs.

    And not forgetting its proprietary Figure-Eight Technology employed in the foot-and-calf massager - a technology that helps push the blood flow in an upward motion to improve circulation.

    Other features:
    • Body height customization 
    • Seat massage
    • Foot vibration
    • 4 automatic massage programs  
    human touch extendable leg

    What We Like 

    Extendable foot massager - The foot and calf massager can extend to accommodate users of various height. Together with its body height customization, basically anyone can fit into the ZeroG 5.0.

    Dual lumbar heating system - 2 heat modules use a patented warm air technology to gently envelope your back, targeting relief from shoulders to the lower back to soothe tight muscles and relieve pain.

    At a glance:


    • Chair comes fully assembled - no assembly required 
    • Body height customization
    • Patented warm air technology
    • 3d zero gravity massage chair
    • No height restriction


    • There has been some overheating issues reported from some users after 1 year’s of use


    In terms of zero gravity function, the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Zero Gravity Premium Massage Chair provides one of the best rated one with its 3D FlexGlide massage engine.

    This is no surprise, given the brand's decades' long of experience in researching and developing some of the best massage products and wellness techniques. The ZeroG 5.0 is their best-selling model to date, so you know you're in good hands with this one.

    Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner

    As its name suggest, the Medical Breakthrough 6 Recliner 3D Massage Chair is really a breakthrough in the zero gravity massage chair industry.

    Registered as a FDA medical device, it is the only massage chair in the world that is designed by over 25 medical professionals - doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and pain specialists.  

    And when it promises World Massage Therapy, it really is not exaggerating because it does incorporate multi-national renowned massage techniques into this one chair -

    • Japanese shiatsu 3D neck & shoulder massage
    • Ancient Roman Therapy
    • Turkish Treatment
    • Ancient Egyptian Massage
    • Greek Stress Relief
    • Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy
    • New Delhi Yoga Stretching
    • Swedish Air-cell Therapy, and 
    • Hawaiian Sleeping Massage.

    That is a lot , and it is by far the ONLY massage chair in the world that has all these features. 5 years were spent on just studying these different massage techniques from around the world before this breakthrough was made. 

    When you first sit in the chair, the Medical Body Scan feature will scan your body to perfectly customize the position of the massage rollers.

    Using its zero-gravity sliding platform, the chair fully reclines when you place it just 3 inches away from a wall, and you'll feel virtually weightless with your weight distributed evenly across the chair in this position. So comfortable, you might fall asleep in it.

    It is worthy to note the unlimited customization function the Medical Breakthrough 6 offers. This is doable thanks to its adjustable footrest and shoulder airbags that can adjust to any user's height and width. Its new innovation, the 3D L-Track improves range and flexibility.

    With the next generation of 3D massage rollers, you get to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest give you a deep massage experience. Because of this, it is highly rated as the best deep tissue massage chair in the industry.

    medical breakthrough
    Other features:
    • Chiropractic back stretch
    • Human hand massage system (6 types)
    • Healing air cells (100+ in many shapes and sizes)
    • Heated massage
    • Full body massage (from top of the head to the toes)
    • Foot roller and calf massage (rollers also feature heat function
    • state of the art knuckles and rollers

    What We Like 

    True 4D arm massage - Every inch of your arms, hands, fingers and finger tips are fully covered and are massaged from top to bottom, underneath and sideways, all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once! 

    Cushions - We like how every massage chair from Medical Breakthrough comes with extra cushion FOR FREE so that you can customize your massage chair to your own comfort. If the massage pressure on a particular area is too strong, just use the cushion as padding to soften it.

    World Massage - This is a no brainer, of course! When or where else can you ever enjoy massages from all over the world all at the same time, at the comfort of your own home? With all of the customization settings and pre-program massage functions, this is exactly what you can do with this one chair.

    Wheels - We like the thoughtfulness of including wheels on the bottom so that it is easy to move the Medical Breakthrough 6 around your home or office.

    Bluetooth: This allows you to connect your phone to your massage chair so that you can listen to any song in your library and not get stuck with just the pre-set choices like other massage chairs offer.

    At a glance


    • Complete full body yoga stretch 
    • Japanese shiatsu massage
    • Smart full body medical scan 
    • True 4D arm massage 
    • Reflexology foot massage system
    • Space saving technology
    •  Zero gravity chair for tall people


    • May not be a good fit over 250lbs


    This truly is the Ultimate Medical Breakthrough, a massage chair programmed with multiple systems to help heal your body.

    Programmed, customized and fully assembled by hand in the U.S with all leather components also from the U.S, it has the largest coverage maps and massage more areas of your body than any other competitor.

    With up to 167 air cells included, which is the most of any other massage chair on the market, the Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair is truly one of the best massage zero gravity chair we'd highly recommend.

    Osaki OS-4000T

    The OSAKI OS4000LS Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the best osaki massage chair to date out of all the reputable brand's many models.

    Now upgraded: added foot massage rollers, PCB motors and streamlined airbag system

    This zero gravity massage chair has 6 unique auto programs that encompass 6 massage styles - Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Rolling, Shiatsu and Clapping - with 5 levels of speed and intensity.

    Although it is a full body massage chair, it focuses more on the neck, shoulder and lumbar area which is why we think it is one of the best massage chair for neck and shoulders.

    A stand-out feature of the Osaki OS-4000T is its foot massage. The calf rest can be lifted and stretched to suit your own comfort, and an upgraded roller system targets all the acupressure points on your feet to relieve tension by using a spinning motion together with airbags to improve blood circulation and relieve soreness.

    Other features:
    • Auto timer 5-30 options
    • Hip air massage and vibration seat massage 
    • Heat therapy at lower back region 
    • Wireless remote control

    What We Like 

    Flexibility - Height and width of the chair changes to suit your body

    At a glance


    • Shoulder, lumbar and hip squeeze
    • Lower back heat therapy
    • Wireless controller 
    • Auto recline and leg extension


    • Works best between 5'3" - 6'3" - anyone not within this height may not fit very well in the chair 


    The Osaki OS-4000LS Massage Chair has a lot of wonderful features that do not disappoint from this Japanese brand, but we have to say that it is rather pricy.

    However, it definitely is worth the investment if one can afford as it is a massage chair that you will enjoy for many years to come.

    best massage ec161

    For those looking for the best massage chair under 1000 with zero gravity function, the Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair is one that we would recommend. 

    This zero gravity massage chair has functions comparable to the high end ones, without the hefty price tag.

    Given this, there is a considerable number of imitations out there which is why it is important that you buy from trusted sellers to ensure you get the authentic product.

    This one here employs 6 massage modes - kneading, knocking, tapping, ,shiatsu, air pressure and heating - the basics that a good massage chair should have.

    There are 5 preset auto programs with different massage methods for you to choose from, including a special stretching program, or you can choose manual massage functions to control your own massage.

    What's a delight is that it also has a computerized body scanning function, just like the high end massage chairs do, that scans and detect your body size to give an individual custom fit massage.

    The built-in sensor will automatically measure the length of spine which will then know where to massage, and this makes it able to fit perfectly different figure size.

    Other features:
    • Airbag with heat therapy (32 airbags)
    • Foot roller
    • New rolling system gliding from the upper back all the way down under the seat

    What We Like 

    Space saving - It needs only 6 inches from the wall in zero gravity position and although this is 3 inches more than the Kahuna SM-7300, it is still a significant function to give you more floor space. 

    Quiet massage - Thanks to its LSS Track with a total length of 47 inches, it perfectly solves the noise problem to give you a quiet massage experience.

    At a glance



    • Complicated shipping and delivery  process
    • Shipping fee not included 
    • Poor customer support 


    Although the technical and customer support department needs further improvement, the Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair is still one of the best zero gravity massage chair that is under the $1,000 price point. You do need to put a few parts together yourself but at this price point, we think that is reasonable.

    Zero Gravity in Depth 

    You can think of zero gravity as 'weightlessness'. It is the state or condition in which there is no apparent force of gravity acting on a body. Sounds something like what an astronaut will feel outer space? You're exactly right.

    In fact, the zero gravity position takes inspiration exactly off that - to lie a person down in a weightless, reclined position just like how an astronaut was in specifically designed chairs before lifting off to space.

    The reason for it? To protect astronauts' bodies from the sudden stress that comes from the apparent change of gravitational force when they lift off to outerspace.  

    In a dynamic test, stick-on electrodes were placed on the lower lumbar muscle groups of a subject sitting in the Perfect Chair. As the chair reclined to zero-gravity, electromyography (EMG) results showed reduced electrical activity in the muscles which were no longer contracting and free from stress..”

    David Marcarian. President, Precision Biometrics.

    NASA-Trained Ergonomics Expert

    Taking the same reasoning, massage chairs employ the zero gravity feature to reduce stress, which is what people want when they look for the best massage chair. They want to relax, de- stress and overall, feel good.

    zero gravity

    The zero gravity position is where your legs are raised higher than your heart level. See picture on the left. 

    When reclined fully at this position, you feel virtually weightless as your weight is spread across the chair.

    It is the most effective position to effectively enjoy a massage, with incredible therapeutic effects as explained further below.

    Benefits of Zero Gravity

    Besides the obvious reduction of stress which you can feel rather immediately, zero gravity position provides other health benefits as well. This includes: 

    • Post-surgery recovery aid: Speeds up recovery and makes recovery more convenient
    • Relaxes and rejuvenates the spine by naturally decompressing the vertebrae
    • Relieves muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue
    • Elevates legs above the heart, helping to improve blood flow
    • Helps expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing
    • Improves circulation and blood-oxygen levels
    • Relieve pain especially on lower back, neck and shoulders
    • Boosts relaxation on neck and back
    • Reduce swelling in legs
    •  Eliminate spinal, heart, back and joints stress