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Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager Review

Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager

If you are looking for the best acupressure massager, the Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager is the right one for you. 

Utilizing the practice of meridian acupoint, this hand massager brings benefit not just to the hand but to the entire body and mind. 

What We Like 

  • Compatible with hand lotion application
  • Intuitive display
  • US-based customer service
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Non-rechargeable standard AA batteries 

Features & Functions

Before we go into the features and functions, It is worthy to mention that the in-house R&D and Design Team of Breo has generated numerous international patents and design awards.

Hence its leading position in the industry since 2000, with a dedicated attitude toward developing wellness products. 

AI Microchip Programming

The iPalm520 combines both air pressure and heat compression technology to help increase circulation and relieve hand and fingers in the most soothing and beneficial massage way.

Nothing too groundbreaking, given that is the standard massage mechanism employed across most hand massagers. 

Breo technology

However, what we like about it is the precision it hits at the right pressure point (hence its name - the Acupressure Hand Massager). 

This is thanks to the precision engineering of a sophisticated microchip programming that applies pressure on the hand's specific areas.

If you recall, this is the same intelligent technology employed in the HandSonic Massager. As mentioned therein, this is the most advanced technology the market has to offer to date.

It is believed that each point on the palm corresponds to a different organ, gland or zone. Through the proper stimulus of a reflexology session, your internal organs will benefit in the long run. 

Breo custom settings

The iPalm520 is able to achieve just that because it has hundreds of specially designed dimples located within the device.

What they do is that they provide just the right amount of coverage and pressure to the acupoints on the hands and fingers.

In particular, we really like how it imitates the reflexology-like kneading of the acupressure points in the fingers, palm, top and bottom of the hand. The rhythm is entirely customizable, with 3 pressure options.

There is even an emergency release button for when the pressure gets too much, and you need to free your hands out immediately. 

Deep-Infrared Heat Compress

In terms of heat element, iPalm520 uses infrared heat technology to provide soothing heat to the palms. 

Breo heat compress

The temperature ranges from 98F or 107F (35/42C) so you can choose according to what feels most comfortable to you.

For those that do not know, heat promotes healthy blood circulation to soothe sore muscles.

It also helps reduce hand fatigue and discomfort, and is particularly effective in easing numbness and cold fingers/hands.

This is why the iPalm520 is regarded the best hand massager for carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers. It just does such a wonderful job in relieving the associated pain and discomfort. 

There is one more thoughtful design though - you can use this hand massager with your hands applied with lotion/cream. Gloves are included to keep the inside of the machine clean so you do not have to worry about hygiene problems. 

Breo hand lotion

 Gloves are included to keep the inside of the machine clean so you do not have to worry about hygiene problems. 

One small tip for you: use the heat compress function independently when you use hand creams. 

This helps the skin better absorb the lotion quickly and more evenly - the moisturising results are comparable to that of professional spa treatments.


The Breo adopts a pretty standard design with a size dimension as such:

Breo exterior dimension

Like most hand massagers, it leans towards the shorter side so it may not envelop the wrist area if you have big hands. If you prefer to have also your wrist covered and massaged, perhaps this or this may be better options for you.

Breo display

Nevertheless, it has the intuitive display that we like.

The buttons are straightforward and there is a LED display screen to show you the settings you have chosen.

Compared to some where a display screen is absent, this is comparatively much more easier and convenient to adjust.

For the aforementioned emergency deflation mode, the button is even designed in red and is placed distinctively away from the others for your quick access. 

In terms of ways to operate, there are two methods - via battery, or power cable. 

Customer Service

One thing that we really like about the Breo is that it has its customer service team United States-based

You will get really quick and responsive help should you encounter any problem or have any questions, which is so important in terms of building consumer confidence.  

Breo iPalm520

To date, there is only one other brand that we know of that offers US-based customer service, that is, the Lunix. And you should all know by now how highly raved its LX3 Hand Massager is.

Breo offers FULL REFUND guarantee if you are not satisfied with the iPalm520 in any way. However, there is a 30-day limitation period so keep that in mind. 


Product Name

iPalm 520 Electric Acupressure Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

10.4 x 7.9 x 3.5 inches

Product Weight

2.6 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Power charger (1x)

AA batteries (4x)

Vinyl gloves (1x)

User manual (1x)


30-day full refund policy

Things to Note

There is one thing that you'd want to take note of, that is, the iPalm520 does not use rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

If you have done your research, you would know that they are more of the norm nowadays in the hand massager market.

For no other reason - lithium ion batteries are just so much more durable. Literally lasting you years (we're talking about 10 years at least), you will not need to constantly replace them every so often. 

Breo charging

However, the iPalm520 still utilises the standard AA batteries. This is no doubt one rather significant down side. The justification is, it has been around for quite awhile so that was back when lithium ion batteries aren't as widely used.

The good thing is, batteries are provided in the package so you don't have to buy them separately at the first go (but you would have to afterwards). 

If it is within the price range of the Evita (another model that uses standard batteries), it wouldn't be that big an issue to us. But at a much premium price as that of the iPalm520, naturally, we would be expecting a little more. 

Of course, some would be totally unfazed by this. So yes, it all pretty much comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. 


  • Hand spa treatment compatible with hand lotion
  • Precise acupressure point massage
  • Independent heat setting
  • US-based customer service team


  • Non-rechargeable AA batteries

Wrapping Up

If you don't already know, Breo is a brand that has been focusing on the facilitation of balance (Yin & Yang), energy (Qi) and Wind (the body's response to external stressors) since its establishment in 2000.

You can say that its philosophy is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture which, when come to massages, are concepts pretty much deeply rooted around.

Breo Hand Massager

On the same basis, the iPalm520 Acupressure Hand Massager is created with the primary purpose of helping the body restored to its balance - via the hands.

Being one model that is able to stay around throughout these years despite the many competitors that emerge each year, you know this is one hand massager you can trust.


HandSonic 3D Bionic Hand Massager Review

HandSonic Hand Massager

If we are to say which is the most advanced hand massager in the market, it has to be the HandSonic Hand Massager

Adopting an AI microchip programming system, it gives the perfect imitation of a private hand masseur in the effect of artificial massage.

What We Like 

  • Advanced AI technology incorporated
  • Recirculating heat function
  • 3D air pressure bionic technology
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Shorter and smaller interior

Features & Functions

3D Air Pressure Technology

Quite different from other hand massagers, HandSonic uses the latest 3D surround air pressure bionic technology

HandSonic 3D technology

As mentioned earlier, precision engineering using sophisticated AI microchip programming goes into its building and mechanism. 

This renders it the ability to greatly imitate the effect of artificial massage. We are not exaggerating when we say it feels like having your very own private hand masseur all the time. 

It understands that there are 36 reflective areas on the palm of the hand. This is where they correspond to the organs and physiological areas of the body.

As such, its pressure massage is applied evenly throughout the palm in a rhythmic inflatable and deflated drive cushion. This helps stimulate every acupuncture point.

What follows is that it effectively relieves any pain and fatigue in the hands that may be present. Not to mention, promoting blood circulation simultaneously. 

We find the soothing rhythm particularly useful in relieving tension, stress and fatigue in the hands. Especially after a long day's work in front of the computer. 

HandSonic hand massage

Such repetitive stimulation as the pressure points also alleviate dozens of uncomfortable symptoms that may be present in the body.

This could include conditions such as tonsil inflammation, dizziness, tinnitus, high blood pressure and so on. In other words, it helps eliminate potential sub-health threats.

Handsonic functions
HandSonic modes and settings

There are multiple modes for your adjustment. Altogether, you get to freely regulate 5 functions - time setting, pressure setting, mode setting, pressure release and heat function to get the most suited massage setting. 

Because there are no preset modes or programming, the HandSonic is able to cater to the different needs of different users. A LCD display will show you what settings you are on. 

Recirculating Heat Function

It's not just about the 3D surround air bionic technology only though. HandSonic puts a lot of emphasis in perfecting its heating element as well, which is very apparently felt when you switch on the heat function. 

You see, its heat is able to recirculate inside the device instead of being just one static flow like what's present in most hand massagers in the market.

You can feel it warming you up like a mother's hands during the cold winter, helping to quickly thaw your frozen hands. 

HandSonic pressure and heat

If you suffer from having severely cold hands all the time, give the HandSonic a try. You may not need anything else after it.  


In terms of design, HandSonic adopts a sleek, black streamlined silhouette that gives it a modern approach. 

HandSonic size

It does have a slightly smaller interior though which is probably its only down side. This is because those with bigger/fatter hands may not be able to fit well, or fit at all. Also, it may not be able to cover the wrist area as it leans on the short side.

If you prefer to have the entire hand enveloped snugly up to the wrist, the HandSonic may not be the one for you.  Instead, the Lunix LX3 or Prourbier will be a better choice. You can check out here and here respectively for a more detailed review. 

Nevertheless, HandSonic employs a cordless design with built-in rechargeable batteries that is able to work continuously for 240 minutes in one single full charge. That is very impressive to say the least, which is why it is regarded as one of the best portable massager.

It is probably the only hand massager in the market to date that has such a long battery working capacity, anyway.  


Product Name

3D Bionic Hand Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

10.63 x 6.87 x 5.12 inches

Product Weight

3.34 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Lithium ion battery (1x)

Power adapter (1x)

User manual (1x)




  • Very reasonably priced 
  • Advanced 3D technology 
  • AI microchip programming
  • Recirculating heat function 
  • Long battery life


  • Shorter design

Wrapping Up

One would have thought the HandSonic Hand Massager will be on the higher end of the price spectrum given all the advanced technology that is going on. 

Nope, that's totally not the case. In fact, it is one of the cheapest hand massager (besides this one here) out of all the models featured in our hand massager review

HandSonic for everyone

Which makes it even more the attractive, because who doesn't like a great product that doesn't cost much? It gives the best hand massage experience, comparable to that of spa parlours.

Truly, this is a real bargain find. 


HoMove Hand Roller Massager Review

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

For a roller type of hand massager, the HoMove Hand Roller Massager will be right up your alley.

That is, there are actually 2 finger massager rollers incorporated in its massaging mechanism besides the usual air pressure + hot compression technology.

What We Like 

  • Finger roller massage available
  • Varying intensity levels
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Not cordless
  • 1 heat setting

Features & Functions

Finger Roller Mechanism

The stand-out feature has to be its finger roller massager. 

What this means is that besides air compression and heat therapy, you also get finger rolling massages all in one device.

What they do is that they generate a soothing rhythm to accurately imitate a reflexology-like kneading to the acupressure points to the fingers. To date, this may very well be the only hand massager in the market that comes with such 2 finger massager rollers.


Incidentally, there are three massage modes for you to choose - Integrated Mode, Palm Mode and Finger Mode.

HoMove modes

Integrated Mode: Perform a full hand massage. At this mode, it is recommended to put your hand in the deep part of the massager.

Finger Mode: Focus on the finger massage. At this mode, it is recommended to put your finger to the part of the deep roller.

Palm Mode: Focus on the palm massage. At this mode, it is recommended that your palm should be placed in the air pressure massage area. 

Any of these will give a professional massage experience. If, on the very rare occasion where the finger rollers are too tight for you, it is recommended that you use the Palm Mode only.

HoMove functions

In particular, we have to mention the specially designed dimples that provide just the right amount and coverage of massaging pressure into the hands and fingers. 

The inflation air pressure doesn't last for a long time, just 2 seconds or so, in case your hands do not circulate the blood which will then cause hand injury.

There are altogether 5 groups of airbags and 3 sets of air valves inbuilt to give the inflation/deflation motion.

You can be sure there will be a full 360 degree comprehensive massage covering even the wrist area, which simulate the method of blood transfusion in Chinese medicine.


Both air pressure and roller mechanism have 3 different intensity levels for you to choose from.

They are adjustable independently of one another, so that you can truly customise a setting that best suits your needs in a comfort level. 

HoMove intensity

Pictured left is a good guidance if you are unsure of which level to choose. They are pretty accurate in terms of delivering the desired effect as indicated. One general trick though, is to choose a setting that feels most comfortable on the hand. 

You shouldn't be feeling any pain or strain - if you are, it means that the setting chosen is wrong for you. Try going for a lower intensity if this is the case. 

Heat Function

As with any good hand massager, heat is an indispensable element. It is the key in determining the effectiveness of hand massages in our opinion.  

The overall benefits of heat therapy are very prevalent. Amongst which decreasing joint stiffness, reducing pain and inflammation, and relieving muscle spasms are among the most apparent.

In this regard, you get optional heat setting. This means you can independently switch on (or off) the heat function depending on your mood or requirement of the day. 

HoMove heating function

There is only one temperature though, unlike this or this model here that offers more variations.

Nevertheless, it gets to a comforting degree of 107℉, the optimum temperature found to best promote blood circulation, soothe muscles and reduce hand fatigue/ soreness, numbness or cold fingers/palm. 

If you don't already know, the warm comforting sensation provided by heat therapy can efficiently help soothe hand stiffness.

It also helps blood flow better throughout the whole body, bringing oxygen with them to different organs and parts during the process. This is what helps with the faster healing process, relieving you from the pain felt from an acute injury. 


When it comes to design, the HoMove has a pretty straightforward interface display. 

HoMove interface

As pictured, there are 5 buttons for you to customize your massage settings. We wouldn't say it is too hard to navigate, nevertheless, it will be better if there is a LCD display to show you the settings you are on. 

Just a small nitpick, nothing of a deal breaker. 

We like how it comes with a canvas bag for you to pack the massager in should you need to bring it elsewhere with you. As far as we know, this is the only brand that does so. 


Product Name

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

10.63 x 6.87 x 5.12 inches

Product Weight

2.7 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Charger (1x)

User manual (1x)

Canvas bag (1x)


1 year

30-day return policy

Things to Note

There is no denying that being non-cordless is HoMove's biggest down side. Compared to most hand massagers that adopt the cordless design, this one here no doubt is less portable. 

For firsts, you will have to make sure that there is a power source nearby. Thankfully, the power cable that comes with it is long enough so there is less restriction in that regard. 

Apart from that, there really isn't any other aspect that we can fault the HoMove. Nevertheless, this is something to keep in mind if you are considering this massager for hands. 


  • Roller, air pressure, heat compression all in one
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1 year warranty


  • Not cordless

Wrapping Up

If you have been doing your research around hand massager reviews, you would have came across the HoMove Hand Roller Massager at some point of time. 

This is because it is one of the most popular and bestselling hand massager of all times, all thanks to the wholesome massage it gives to the fingers, palms and wrist. 

HoMove hand palm finger massager

In particular, it is a top favourite among carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers. This is because the reflexology therapy it gives is exceptionally efficient, especially in relieving pain and finger numbness. 

It may be slightly more expensive than models like this or this but if your hand ailments are on the chronic side, we highly recommend giving this hand massager a go. 


Prourbier Shiatsu Hand Massager Review

Prourbier Shiatsu Hand Massager

If you are looking for a hand massager that is long enough to cover (and massage) the wrist area, look no further - the Prourbier Shiatsu Hand Massager is the best option for you. 

This is the massager for hands with the longest/deepest interior to cater to that. 

What We Like 

  • 6 modes, 6 intensity, 2 vibration levels
  • Hand grip strengtheners included
  • Cordless with heat settings
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • 1 heat setting

Features & Functions

In many ways, the Prourbier is very similar to the Lunix LX3.

In fact, they are so similar, the differences between the two lie in very small details only. We'll explore them further below. 

Prourbier air pressure hot compress
Prourbier modes and intensity

Adopting the same Air Pressure + Heat Compression + Vibration technology, it effectively relieves muscle pain and fatigue of the hand and wrist.

Switch between 6 different modes and intensity to find the massage mode and strength suitable for you, and then you can enjoy the massage of relaxing hands.

Likewise, there are also 2 vibration modes to give a true resemblance of the human massage sensation. This is something you can't find in any other model besides the LX3. . 

Similarly, it only offers 1 heat setting only with a temperature that reaches 40℃(104 ° F) to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness, numbness of hands and chills. The good thing is, it only requires 3 minutes to reach said temperature after the heating function is turned on.

Prourbier dimples

You will notice these dimples forming on your hands after a massage session. Don't worry, they are completely normal.

It shows the efficiency of the hand massager with its kneading - they will all disappear within 30 minutes. 


As mentioned at the start, one of Prourbier's greatest aspect is its adoption of the long/deep interior design. 

Such ergonomic design allows accurate distribution of acupuncture points so that each pressure point can be addressed adequately. If there is anything you can be sure of, it is that this hand massager will meet the demands of your hand according to its structure. 

Prourbier therapeutic effect

Not just that, but it goes beyond to also envelop the wrist so that this area can receive adequate massage relief as well.

Because of this, it is regarded as the best hand massager by different groups of people - mouse hand, mother hand, cold hand, you name it. 


It goes without saying that the Prourbier also adopts the cordless design to maximize its portability. 

Speaking of which, the longer design does not affect its weight at all. At 2.42 pounds, it is among the lightest model available out of all the hand massager reviews we have done. Taking all in account, this is one top contender in the best portable massager category. 

In terms of charging, it comes with a USB cable for you to recharge the device. This means you can charge it using your laptop or even portable charger so in the convenience department - tick. 

Prourbier security upgrade

Do note that there is a security upgrade with its charging system though. 

The machine will now stop operating during charging for safety reasons. This means you cannot use it while the device is plugged in.

Depending on your lifestyle, this may or may not be an inconvenience. Nevertheless, one full charge should last you around 2 hours. 

You have to charge it for 6 hours before using it for the first time. After that, it ranges between 4-6 hours to get one full charge.

We wouldn't say this is the most optimum considering there are models like this that needs 30 minutes only, but we appreciate there being a light indicator to show you when it's done recharging. 

At all instance, remember to pull off the cable before you start using once it is done charging. 


Above all that, the Prourbier also comes with a set of 3 hand grip strengtheners. They are of different level of strength - 30 lbs, 40 lbs and 50 lbs to be exact.

What this aims to do is to help with the exercising of your fingers further to boost blood circulation. As people with rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome would know, increased blood flow is the key to easing and alleviating the symptoms of their pain and discomfort. 

Prourbier finger exerciser

There are a bunch of ways to utilise these hand grips to exercise your fingers. As pictured left, you can use it multiple ways on different finger/fingers - even the thumb will not miss out. 

Simply hold onto it and squeeze. It is comfortable to handle and can be used anywhere. In particular, it is found to be effective in easing repetitive strain from texting or typing. 

The inclusion of these hand grips is no doubt a thoughtful consideration. It shows the brand's understanding in hand pain alleviation and this, adds a lot of brownies points to us. 


Product Name

Prourbier Shiatsu Hand Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

13.62 x 7.87 x 6.25inches

Product Weight

2.42 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Lithium ion battery (1x)

User manual (1x)

USB charging cable (1x)

Hand grip strengthener (3x)


Full refund available

Things to Note

The reason we rate the Prourbier lower than the Lunix LX3 lies in the warranty period offered. 

Unlike the latter, Prourbier does not offer LIFETIME WARRANTY to its users. This is no doubt a huge discount compared to the LX3, which also has a full refund policy on top of that. In terms of that, you do get a full refund for this one here as well if, for any reason, you decide that the Prourbier is not for you.

Nevertheless, a longer warranty period is definitely much more attractive in our eyes and because of that, we rate the LX3 higher on the list


  • 6 modes, 6 intensity, 2 vibration
  • Long/deep interior
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Hand grip strengtheners provided


  • 1 heat setting level only
  • Long charging time

Wrapping Up

There is a reason as to why the Prourbier Shiatsu Hand Massager is such a highly rated top hand massager despite having been just released on the market not too long ago. 

Prourbier uses

Aside from the deep design that we cannot seem to stop raving about, the number of modes and intensity levels provided is also among the most that is offered in the industry. The many options available to switch between different settings make it an attractive one, we tell you. 

On top of that, the thoughtful inclusion of hand grip strengtheners in the package is not one that goes unnoticed or unappreciated - it further goes to show the brand's determination in easing the symptoms your hands may suffer from. 

All that, at this price - well, if it is not the best buy massager, we don't know what is. Hurry if you're tempted - they sell out fast! 


Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager Review

Evita Electric Hand Massager

The Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager is a new release but we cannot help including it in our best hand massager review - this Japanese model has amassed a perfect score rating to date. 

What We Like 

  • Very quiet
  • Deep and wide design enveloping the wrist
  • Most affordable option
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Non-rechargeable AAA batteries

Features & Functions

The Evita operates quite differently from the other hand massagers.

One-button Activation 

First and foremost, on top of having a few preset modes with certain settings inputted, you can adjust the level of pressure precisely to the degree that you want. A one-button activation is possible with this one here, with 3 stages of pressure for you to adjust. 

The strength of the airbag can be easily switched with a single button according to the mood and fatigue level of the day.

Evita decompression button

In particular, we like how it has a 'Decompression' button. This is for you to press if you want to release your hands when the pressure of the airbag feels a tad too strong. 

We find this extremely useful for those with rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel because such syndromes can have different levels of pain to different people.

With a function like this, you can truly control the pressure applied by pressing the button repeatedly to reach the exact level you want.

Compared to modes which already have particular settings pre-programmed, this no doubt gives better control to set what you truly want. 


Evita shiatsu massager

Heat is not foregone, don't worry.  When turned on, there will be a gentle warmth of 38-42°C (which is slightly warmer than the human hands) so that your hands will feel like as if they being relaxed by a pair of human hands. 

The relaxing effect is outstanding - we especially recommend for those who are concerned with dryness or coldness of their skin. 

The strength of the heater can be adjusted according to the season and mood. Altogether, there are 2 levels for you to adjust.

It is worthy to note that the Evita, like PGG, also allows hand cream application while you use the hand massager.

In fact, this is one of its biggest appeal to women users because it can serve as a hand spa treatment machine as well, not just purely for pain relieving purposes per se. 

Evita gloves application

If on any day you feel that your hands are too dry, try applying a hand cream and put on the vinyl glove provided to get a luxurious hand spa. There are 6 of them so you do not have to worry about lotions staining the interior of the device. 

The heat and massage will promote better absorption of the cream and you will see a more apparent effect in the moisturising and refreshing of your hands. 

All the above have a timer function in intervals of 5 (starting from 5 minutes) to ensure safety.

Altogether, there are 3 settings so you can rest assured that the massager will automatically stop even if you sneak in with an airbag in the middle. It is also recommended when you want to take a nap in a short interval. 


One thing that we really like about the Evita in terms of design is its sizing. 

Evita size

Not only does it feature a longer/deeper interior like the Lunix LX3 or Prourbier, it is also wider than the two which means it gives the most comfortable fit.

Big hands will no longer need to worry about poor/non-fitting issues, likewise, you can bet that it envelops the wrist perfectly to give even this area a good ol' massage.

Evita ergonomic design

Here's a look at the interior. 

Airbags are ergonomically designed within to give the compression desired and the whole hand will be wrapped from the wrist to the fingertips.

You can see from the picture left that dimples (a common occurrence) are also formed on the wrist. This proves that the wrist does indeed receive the stimulation and massage we're talking about. 


Out of everything, this is perhaps the aspect that we most want to bring your attention to. 

You see, like many other good models, the Evita is a wireless hand massager. HOWEVER, instead of using lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable and will not need replacement for at least 10 years, this one here uses standard AAA batteries. 

Evita charging method

The good thing is, you can use the Evita while plugged in to a power outlet unlike this one here which requires you to detach it from the power source before using. 

Speaking of which, it comes with both AC adapter and USB cable so that is a good thing as it gives you more recharging options.


Product Name

Evita Electric Heated Hand Palm Finger Massager

Product Brand

マールワン Mar one

Product Size

8.26 x 10.43 x 3.74 inches

Product Weight

2.37 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Vinyl gloves (6x)

AC adapter (1x)

USB cable (1x)

Instruction manual (1x)



Things to Note

Evita interface

You may notice this already, but the wordings on the display interface is in Japanese. We can't say this is totally out of our expectation - the Evita is, after all, a Japanese brand. 

It won't pose too big a problem though given there are symbols provided and they are pretty intuitive at a glance. 

In any case, the illustration pictured left should suffice in helping you understand what each button does.

More than that, it is the battery option that may be more of a concern to some.

As mentioned above, the Evita uses standard AAA batteries instead of the lithium ion ones. This means you will need to replace them regularly and we can see why that may be quite the nuisance to some. 

Evita charging

Is it that big an inconvenience though?

Not really. It may not even be an issue at all if you are going to place it at just one position i.e. on your work desk for when your hands get tired from all the typing.

It will stay stationary plugged in at that one spot - you will not need to constantly remind yourself to recharge the device every now and then.


  • Most affordable hand massager
  • Timer settings available
  • Precise control of massage
  • Decompression mode available
  • Generous sizing (width and length)


  • Uses non-rechargeable AAA batteries 

Wrapping Up

If you need any further convincing that this is the best hand massager for you, look at the rating score - numbers do not lie.

It is very rare to have something receive perfect rating, but that is precisely what the Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager is. 

The ability to give a luxurious hand spa treatment is what truly appeals to us because more often than not, people seem to associate a hand massager to be only for those with hand problems.

Evita for everyone

That is not the case with this one here - the obvious moisturizing effect it gives to the hands is spectacular. It definitely is comparable to that you receive in a spa parlour, but without the expensive price.

Speaking of price, you will want to know that this is the cheapest (price-wise) electric hand massager on the market as well. At such a price, you probably wouldn't find another that is of the same or even comparable quality.