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TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager Review

TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager

There are not many handheld massagers that come with the heat element (which is a shame), but the TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager is precisely that - a handheld percussion massager that offers heat therapy.

One of the best electric massager out of all the handheld massager reviews we have done, the TYMO does not disappoint in every aspect.

What We Like 

  • Heat element
  • Cordless
  • Silicone massage heads
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly pricier than other models 

Design & Material

Compared to many other handheld massagers, the TYMO White Whale has a noticeably slimmer design.

This makes it relatively lightweight for you to manoeuvre it around the body, which is a very important element for an elongated handheld percussion massager like this. 

TYMO cordless

Adding to the portability aspect is its cordless design, a feature that is definitely appreciated because just a few years ago, this is almost something unheard of. 

The rechargeable batteries last you up to 140 minutes if fully charged so you can chuck it into the carrying bag that's included, and bring it about with you literally ANYWHERE. 

This means you can have a massage anytime you want, anywhere you are without relying on anyone. 

With its noise reduction technology, you can be very discreet as the device produces a minimal 45dB sound only which one can say, is practically noiseless.  

TYMO sound

What we like about the White Whale though, is that it has a longer-than-average handle. This makes it very easy to reach the hard-to-target areas i.e. back/lower back. 

If you'd look at this comparison chart we've made with other models, you can see that its handle bar is the longest out of all.

Because of this, the TYMO can cover 90% of body massage hence regarded by many to be one of the best handheld back massager.

Features & Functions 

Modes & Speed

Equipped with a powerful and durable motor, the White Whale is able to deliver up to 3600 percussion per minute on the targeted area. 

There are 3 modes for you to choose from - General, Hit and Fascia. Whether you would like to promote blood circulation, relieve stress or relax the muscles, you will find the best solution among these 3 modes.  

TYMO White Whale modes
TYMO White Whale speeds

Speed-wise, there are 5 levels for you to adjust. Depending if you'd like a relaxing or rough massage on a particular day, this handheld massager will let you personalize your experience as desired. 


As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the TYMO White Whale is a handheld massager with heat. 

TYMO handheld massager heat therapy

Supplying 110°F that is the perfect heat therapy for a human body massager, it spreads warmth across the targeted area to reduce the lactic acid level within.

What this does is that it enhances the muscle massage provided by the massage nodes, thereby relaxing the tension and knots in the muscles and stimulating better blood circulation.

If you're one that appreciates heat therapy, this back massager will be ideal to melt your stress away.

Massage Heads

TYMO certainly stood out from the rest with its massage heads.

Not because there are 5 of them, but because they are made of this high quality skin-friendly silicone material that can directly contact the skin of the whole body. 

TYMO silicone material

Unlike other cheap hard plastic massager head, this soft material adopted by the TYMO feels super comfortable on the skin.

This enhances the overall massage experience to the user, further relaxing and relieving the stress of all parts. 

It's easier to maintain and is safer as well, and you can ensure that it wouldn't cause any pain or discomfort.

Material aside, the massage head configuration it comes with is worth a mention as well. 

In particular, it comes with a "Body Oil" massage head that is specifically meant for oil massage. It taps whatever oils or creams you applied on your targeted areas into the body with ease and effectiveness - you certainly do not see this option anywhere else. 

TYMO White Whale massage heads

Other massage nodes include a "Shiatsu" head for acupressure and muscle relaxation, "Hexagonal" for when you want a deep tissue massage, a "Foot" tip for kneading the foot and leg, and a "Round Air Cushion" for the overall full body massage.

TYMO Black Whale handheld massager

If you go with the Black Whale, you'll get an additional micro massager head that lets you double up as an electric face massager as well.

Aside from being in the colour black, this micro massage option is the biggest difference between the Black Whale and White Whale here. Both are from the same Dark Ocean Collection by the way. 

What this entails is that the Black Whale is able to better target at smaller areas like the neck, elbow or other fragile parts for a deep tissue massage.  Because it can be used on the face as well, it is regarded as the best back massager for women.


Product Name

Dark Ocean Collection

Product Brand


Product Size

18.11 x 4.53 x 6.3 inches

Product Weight

2.8 pounds

What's Included

1x handheld massager

1x adapter

5x massage heads

1x carry bag




  • Heat option
  • Cordless and portable
  • Silicone massage heads
  • Overheat protection 
  • 15-min auto shut off function
  • Universal voltage
  • Lifetime warranty and customer service 


  • Slightly pricier than other models

Wrapping Up

So yes, as mentioned in our Top 10 Best Handheld Massager Reviews here - if heat is an indispensable element in your massage requirements, then the TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager will be a really ideal option for you to consider. 

TYMO White Whale Handheld Percussion Massager

It may be slightly pricier than other models you'd find, however, we think it is worth every penny paid for it.

Heat is not as common a feature for handheld massagers like these after all so if there is one, it is worth the extra money charged.

On top of that, you get lifetime warranty and customer service which really, is something you don't quite see often with handheld percussion massagers so yes, definitely highly recommend!


Mighty BlissTM Handheld Percussion Massager Review

Mighty Bliss Handheld Massager

The competition amongst handheld massager is stiff out there in the market, but the Mighty Bliss™ Handheld Massager definitely wins in terms of being the best handheld massager in our opinion. 

A leader in the industry, this electric massager is trademarked and is one of the most popular, if not the most well-known handheld percussion massager in the market. 

What We Like 

  • Cordless and portable
  • Long battery life and super speedy recharge
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Heavier than the rest
  • Slightly more expensive

Design & Material


First and foremost, the Mighty Bliss™ is a cordless handheld massager. 

If you have done your research, you will know that this is not a trait as commonly found in this type of handheld massagers as that in massage percussion guns. 

Mighty Bliss back massager

What this entails is that you can schlep it along anywhere on the body, wherever that needs a massage and quick relief.

You won't be held back by the length of the cord, nor would you need to make sure you are always near a power outlet all the time. 

This is what maximum portability and convenience feels like. 

You will also see that it adopts a slim design, which is very important for ease of use and manoeuvrability as opposed to a bulky one.

The handle has an anti-slip friction design so that it stays secure in your grip it. Basically, we have no complaints in terms of its ergonomic design. 

Battery Life 

The cordless design will be pretty much redundant if it requires a charge every other often.

In that regard, the Mighty Bliss™ definitely stood out to us with its never ending battery life . 


Built with a mighty Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is used in even the electric cars, it can last over 120 minutes on a single charge.

This may not be comparable to those of the massage guns but for a handheld massager like this, that's considered pretty impressive. Especially when cordless is not as common a characteristic found to start with.

What we also really like though, is the super speedy recharge it requires. All it needs is just 60 minutes and it will be fully charged for your next use.  

Even when you are charging it, you can still use it unlike some others that prohibit usage while recharging. You will never get stuck if you forgot to recharge it. 

Features & Functions

In terms of its performance, the Mighty Bliss™ is equipped with a super powerful 3,700 RPM percussion motor that delivers incredible percussion massage on the targeted area. 

By 3,700 RPM, it means this percussion massager is able to knock 3,700 pulses of bliss into your muscles every minute.

This is definitely on the higher end, as the standard RPM most handheld massagers come with is within the 3,200 to 3,500 range. 

It comes with 6 massage heads so that you can use it to target different areas of the body and to achieve different massage sensation. 

Mighty Bliss body massager

We won't go into detail each and every massage head, but what we especially like is the Shiatsu head as it really digs deep into the muscle to give you that relief sensation. 

In fact, if we are talking about handheld shiatsu massager, this is definitely one of the best. 


Product Name

Deep Tissue Cordless Electric Handheld Percussion Massager

Product Brand

Mighty Bliss™

Product Size

17.6 x 7.5 x 3.2 inches

Product Weight

3.5 pounds

What's Included

1x handheld massager

1x adapter

6x massage head


Lifetime warranty and replacement

Warranty & Replacement

Last but not least, you will be pleased to find that this back massager comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Not many massage equipment will offer that, and this goes to show how confident the brand is on the quality of its product. 

On top of that, you also get hassle-free lifetime replacement service with this handheld massager. If you aren't happy with your purchase, you will be refunded your money - no need to return, no questions asked

Now you see what we mean by this being the best handheld back massager and why it has received such high ratings from its users?

Mighty Bliss neck massager

Things to Note

Having said that, the Mighty Bliss™ is not without any downside. One rather significant one will be its weight. 

While 3.5 pounds may not seem much, it is in fact the heaviest handheld percussion massager out of all the handheld massager reviews we have done so far.

If you'd look at this comparison chart here, you can see that the difference with other models' weight is pretty significant. For instance, this one here is even less than half of its weight.

So yes, this is something to take note of. Thankfully, its cordless design gives it an extra edge in the portability department so it is still considerably convenient to use. 


  • Cordless and portable
  • Long battery life & speedy recharge
  • Powerful 3700 RPM
  • Lifetime replacement and warranty


  • Heavier than the rest
  • Slightly on the pricey side

Wrapping Up

With millions of users worldwide, there is no denying the Mighty Bliss™ Handheld Massager is one of the best electric massager in the industry.

Despite having been released in the market quite a while already, it continues to be a bestseller with a close-to-perfect rating score to match.

Mighty Bliss

When even professional massage therapists swear by it, you know you can't go wrong with this handheld massager.

They always sold out fast, so make sure you act quickly else you'll need to wait for another restock again.  


TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun Review

TaoTronics Massage Gun

The TaoTronics Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun is a fairly new release in the market but that doesn't stop it from amassing huge popularity swiftly. 

Highly rated as one of the best handheld massager, it stands out with its long-lasting battery life and huge intensity range. 

What We Like 

  • Wide speed levels
  • Big intensity range
  • 12mm amplitude
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Long charging time

Design & Material

Designed to last a whopping 10 hours in one full charge, it is one massage gun with the longest battery life amongst all the handheld percussion massager we have reviewed.

Just look at this comparison chart and you will see what we mean. 

Taotronics battery life

It is many trainers' basic requirement - that their massage gun has a long battery life and does not die in the middle of treatment. 

They expect that their gun lasts several full days without requiring a charge, and that's exactly what the TaoTronics is all about. 

"You'll want to be able to throw the gun in your bag or take it on a weekend trip without worrying about finding an outlet" -is what many professional trainers or athletes have to say.

The gun itself comes with a LCD display that shows the speed and battery level so that at a glance, you can know when to charge the massage gun before the battery runs out.

TaoTronics LCD display
TaoTronics IC Chip
TaoTronics grip

We also want to mention how it has advanced power management with its 3-layer protection to ensure a safe, stable and high current conversion.

Besides driving more power, it is able to preserve a longer life this way, which is why the TaoTronics is regarded to be more durable overall. 

Weighing 2.2 lbs, it has a rubber surface handle for easy single-handed grip and it comes with a protective travel case for you to store everything inside for maximum portability. 

Features & Functions

As mentioned above, its huge intensity range is one of TaoTronics' bestselling points.

When the usual standard rpm starts from 1,800 or 2,000 strokes per minute in most massage guns, this percussion massage gun here is able to offer a range that starts as low as 1,400 rpm, going up to 3,200 rpm maximum. 

TaoTronics speed level

To have such a wide range then to be divided into 10 speed levels means that it can better cater to the different needs and requirements of different people.

For example, you can choose the lower 1,400rpm setting in level 1-2 speed to activate your muscles pre-workout to boost your athletic performance. 

This is not something available in every massage gun as most starts from 1,800 rpm, which is an intensity that reaches the fascia level immediately for relaxation. 

The faster speed levels are available thereafter for you to choose post-workout sessions to rejuvenate the sore tissues and aching muscles.

TaoTronics quiet operation

Another aspect that we like about the TaoTronics is its quiet operation. 

Adopting a 24W high-torque brushless motor with a high quality bearing, the sound it produces is as low as 42 - 52dB only. That's drop-dead silent, slightly noisier than in a library only. 

This enables you to use it discreetly and without causing a disturbance to others, be it in the gym or the office. 

It is worthy to note that it has a 12mm amplitude incorporated, meaning it can reach tissues as deep as 12mm to increase blood flow for effective post-workout muscle relief.

That is 2mm more than the usual standard amplitude, which is another plus point from the TaoTronics. 


1,400 - 3,200

No. of Massage Head


Battery Life

4 - 10 hours

Adjustable Intensity


Noise Level

42 - 52dB

Like Bobbito, this is another percussion massage gun that comes with 6 interchangeable heads to target specific muscle groups for faster recovery.

To be specific,

TaoTronics massage heads
  • Spherical Head - for large muscle groups i.e. arms, back, hips, thighs, calves
  • Bullet Head - for impacting deep tissues i.e. meridians, joints, palmas, soles
  • Air Cushioning Soft Head - for sensitive muscle relaxation 
  • Flat Head - for back bulk muscle groups
  • U-shaped Head - for neck, spine and Achilles tendon 
  • D-shaped Head - for abdominal muscles

We particularly like how quick and easy these attachments can be affixed and removed from the head - you can literally do it in just seconds. 

Use correctly and accordingly, you can see double the effect be it joint pain relief, myofascial release or sore muscle relief. 


Product Name

Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun

Product Brand


Product Size

6.8 x 9.6 x 2.95 inches

Product Weight

2.2 pounds

What's Included

1x massage gun

1x power adapter

6x massage head

6x lithium ion batteries

1x travel case

1x user guide

Things to Note

The TaoTronics excel in its long battery life but there's one small detail to note - it takes quite a long while to fully recharge. 

4 hours to be exact.

...Not exactly short, but somewhat understandable given it does give you 10 hours of usage in one go.

Nevertheless, we see how this may be slightly cumbersome for some. If it helps, you can charge it at night. This way, it won't disrupt your routine much and it will be ready for you in the morning.  


  • 10 adjustable speed levels
  • Wide intensity range
  • Ultra long 10 hours working time
  • Low operating noise
  • 15-min auto shut off
  • Reasonably priced


  • Long charging time 

Wrapping Up

If you are not one that can keep up with recharging your massage gun all the time, we highly recommend the TaoTronics Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun.

TaoTronics Massage Gun

With its 10 hours usage life, you can probably get away with recharging once every week (depending on your usage frequency).

It is lightweight, it is portable and it comes with the maximum number of massage heads any percussion massage gun ever has. The wide range of intensity and speed levels give it a flexibility that not many has to suit different people of different needs. 

Hence its popularity amongst professional trainers because they can adjust their massage accordingly on different clients.

Best of all, it is reasonably priced so many can afford it - easily the best buy massager anyone could have. 


OPOVE M3 Pro Percussion Massage Gun Review

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

There probably isn't a more popular or well-known percussion massage gun in the market than the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun.

Available in multiple colour and design, it has won the 'best handheld massager' title in our handheld massager reviews here.

What We Like 

  • Anti-drop shell
  • Accurate percussion
  • Multiple colours and designs
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Short battery life

Design & Material

Anti-Drop Shell

We cannot mention the OPOVE M3 Pro without mentioning this aspect of its design. In fact, its anti-drop proprietary is one of its greatest selling point.

OPOVE M3 Pro anti drop shell

Rightfully so, because this is such a valuable element to have. 

Made of Nylon 66 and glass fiber, this handheld massager is able to keep well even if it is dropped from as high as 6.6ft thanks to this Breakthrough Technology it adopts.

That's 2m, meaning it will hold well in most instances.

No longer will you have to worry about your massage gun malfunctioning if you accidentally drop it on the ground which, to be honest, is not as uncommon an occurrence as you may think. 

Adding to its durability is a non-slip handle grip and waterproof properties, which make it one of the best electric massager to maintain.

Motor and Noise Level

The M3 Pro adopts a 24V brushless high-torque motor that is equipped with the Unique Quiet Glide technology.

Without going too technical, it basically gives it a minimal working noise of 35dB - 55dB only so that you can enjoy your massage time smoothly and quietly. 

OPOVE M3 Pro motor

Do not underestimate the noise level a massage gun produces. 

In most cases, it is a deciding factor for many when it comes to choosing the best handheld massager.

Especially for professional gym trainers or coaches - they do not want to be shouting over the loud motor noise of a massage gun to their students/customers.

With the M3 Pro's close to silent motor (we're talking about the library-equivalent noise production), you can remain discreet even when you use it in the office. 

Features & Functions

Speed and Intensity

OPOVE M3 Pro modes

The OPOVE M3 Pro is equipped with the highest rpm currently available in the massage gun industry.

That is, it can produce up to 3,200 percussions in one minute on the targeted area.

There are 3 speed levels to choose from in fact, starting from as low as 1,800 rpm. 

This is for when you need milder percussion to warm up the tissues and muscles, mostly used by athletes for their pre-work sessions.

You can change up the pressure and speed as you need.


1,800 - 3,200

No. of Massage Head


Adjustable Intensity


Battery Life

3 hours


35dB - 55dB

Accurate Percussion

Like the Bobbito, the M3 Pro is famous for its accurate percussion.

OPOVE M3 Pro accurate percussion

With a 12mm amplitude, it means its percussive massage is able to penetrate tissues as deep as 12mm to give the relief desired.

While we're at it, you may want to also know that the standard amplitude offered by most massage guns is 10mm.

This is why it has amassed the great popularity and high ratings it did - because it really is effective.

The deep tissue percussive massage beats the muscles into submission (in a pleasant way), aiding in recovery, decreasing soreness and increasing range of motion.

Equipped with a 10-minute auto-off  function, the OPOVE M3 Pro is adequate in the safety department to protect you from injury. 


Product Name

M3 Pro Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

Product Brand


Product Size

10 x 5 x 1.5 inches

Product Weight

2.2 pounds

What's Included

1x massage gun

1x power adapter

4x massage head

1x user manual

1x travel case

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the OPOVE M3 Pro comes in a variety of colour combination and pattern design. 

Aside from Silver, which is its bestselling model, there are also these other designs available:

Things to Note 

There is just one thing that we'd wish the M3 Pro would improve on, and that is its battery life. 

OPOVE M3 Pro battery life

While it can last 3 hours in one full charge, it is comparatively shorter than what most other models offer nowadays in the market. 

For example, models like this and this are able to give an average of 5 hours of usage, while this one here even offers up to 10 hours in one full charge. (You can see the comparison evidently here).

So yes, this is where the OPOVE M3 Pro falls slightly short for us. Nevertheless, you'll still get on average a week's worth of workouts per charge, so that shouldn't pose too much a problem. 

Having said that, we can see how this can be a deal-breaker for some as long-lasting battery life is an element many place a lot of emphasis on


  • Anti-drop proprietary
  • Waterproof 
  • Available in multiple colours and patterns
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Accurate percussion


  • Short battery life comparatively

Wrapping Up

Overall, the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun is excellent in many ways. It is lightweight, portable, affordable and most importantly - durable. Basically, it ticks all our essential boxes. 

OPOVE M3 Pro massage heads

Its anti-drop proprietary is especially useful as you don't need to baby this device. Of course, this doesn't mean you should be throwing it around but to a certain extent, such durability gives a certain level of peace of mind.

We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a handheld percussion massager. It has all the basics and everything you'd require - buy one, and you'll have it last a very long time with you. 


The Top 10 Best Handheld Massager for Every Body Part

Handheld massager is getting more and more popular these days.

Understandably so, given they are so much more portable and versatile compared to other massage equipment. You can basically apply it on any part of the body for a quick and effective relief.

Having said that, what comes into mind when you first heard of handheld massager? Is it the massage gun? Or is it this device that resembles a handheld clothes steamer?

Yes, that’s basically what we can divide them into - (i) machine gun, and (ii) handheld percussion massager.

Handheld Massager Reviews

Starting off, we will look at what are some of the best massage guns the market has to offer. 

This will be followed by a review of the industry's best handheld percussion massagers, you know, the elongated 'clothes steamer-like' design.

A. Percussion Massage Gun

The massage gun is initially designed for, and mainly used by athletes and active gym goers to alleviate their muscle pain and soreness.

However, it is widely used by the mass public nowadays due to their quick and effective soothing properties.

Like any handheld massager, it uses the percussion technique to achieve its healing purposes (more below). 

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

If we are to say the most popular massage gun in the market, it has to be the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun.

This, is the best handheld massager in the massage gun category in our opinion.

It is a lot of things, but the most standout feature has to be its anti-drop proprietary.

You don't see this anywhere else, but it has a shell made up of Nylon 66 and glass fiber that enables it to keep well even if dropped from 6.6ft (2m) high. To date, this may be the very one massage gun with such durability. 

It also gives one of the best deep tissue massage with up to 3,200 percussion per minute. There are 3 speed levels to choose from, and it truly feels like your muscles are being medically treated by a professional masseuse.

Also one of the quietest and lightest, it has a long battery life that last up to 3 hours of use per full charge. Continue reading here…

Bobbito Massage Gun

Coming close in second is the Bobbito Massage Gun which definitely is a kind of its own. 

Bearing a whopping 20 adjustable speed level, this upgraded version now drills into the muscles with 30% more intensity than the original. 

You won't see this anywhere else, really.

It still clocks in a maximum 3200 percussions per minute like the old version, but each individual percussion is now 30% more powerful to really get into the sore muscles. Adding to this is a stroke length of 13mm, 3mm more than the standard.

There are 6 interchangeable massage heads and a built-in pressure sensor technology is incorporated to give visual feedback throughout your massage process. 

Comes with a LED touch screen and LCD battery indicator, continue reading here...

Naipo Massage Gun

The Naipo Massage Gun is another highly rated best electric massager, with a close to perfect rating score. 

The very first thing we notice is that it has a noticeably slimmer handle when compared with the others.

At 33mm, the ergonomic button and handle design is so easy to manoeuvre, you can  use it with just one hand. 

What we like in particular though, is that it gives 5-7 hours of usage per full charge. That is almost double that of the OPOVE M3 Pro, and that is pretty impressive.

It does have a slightly smaller intensity range compared to the former, but you'll still get 2,000 - 3,200 RMP. This range is spread across 5 intensity levels to better cater to various needs, continue reading here...

TaoTronics Massage Gun

Speaking of long battery life, the TaoTronics Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun is another top candidate. 

With an ultra-long work time of up to 10 hours, this is the best electric massager to those who don't quite like to keep recharging their massage gun.

Professional trainers, that's you. 

It also has one of the biggest intensity range. The usual massage gun starts from 1800 or 2000 rpm, but this one here produces 1400 - 3200 strokes per minute to reach tissues as deep as 12mm. 

There are 10 adjustable speeds with 6 specialty massage heads to interchange for different areas. Like the Bobbito, it also has a LCD display to show you your settings. Find out more here...

Theragun Elite Massage Gun

The Theragun Elite Percussion Massage Gun is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

Nevertheless, this does not affect its popularity and bestselling status in any way.

In fact, it is the No.1 choice of many professional athletes, body builders and dense body mass enthusiasts to date.  

No other reason - it is the most intense percussion gun in the market. When most percussive massage guns come with the standard 10mm amplitude, this one here is built with a 16mm intense penetrating amplitude. That is 60% deeper. 

On top of that, it has a curved, easy-grip handle that allows further increase of your leverage. This way, you can really reach those areas deep and hard. 

Its ability to rotate is what sets it apart from the rest though. Read more here...

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

There probably isn't any other handheld massager that is as widely publicised as the Hypervolt Handheld Percussion Massage Gun here. 

A constant bestseller of Hyperice, this handheld percussion massager has repeatedly been featured in publications like the GQ, CNET, Runner's World, Self, Men's Health and the likes.

Deemed the 'top tech in health and wellness', its most-raved feature is of course the brand's patented Quiet Glide Technology. 

Developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers, it delivers the perfect combination of power, performance and variability - all the while being super quiet. 

Ideal especially for the legs, arms, torso, back and neck, there are 3 speed settings to deliver up to 3,200 percussions per minute. 

If it is trusted by so many elite athletes in every professional sports league, it should be good enough to achieve your desirable results.  

AccuMed Massage Gun

If you're looking for the quietest handheld massager, the AccuMed Massage Gun will be right up your alley. 

Equipped with an industry-leading 26V high-torque brushless motor, it is so quiet - it is almost silent. 

Even the OPOVE M3 Pro, our top favourite, is at 24V only.

Yet, it has this quintessential premium build that is so heavy and powerful, it can compete with the higher end models. BUT without the associating price.  

Amongst other things, the first thing you'd most probably notice is that the AccuMed has an angled handle. This 15-degree slant is the most ergonomic in terms of grip, and we don't really see this often in other percussion massage guns.

There are 4 interchangeable massage heads and it goes up to 3200 percussions per minute. In one full charge, it can last 4 hours. 

At a price point like this, you will not find a higher build quality, more heavy duty or quieter percussion massage gun. Highly recommend!

Legiral Massage Gun

One can say that the Legiral Handheld Percussion Massager is a combination of some of the best features mentioned in our handheld massager reviews.

Bobbito's 20-speed level and LED control, LifePro's 16mm penetrating amplitude and TaoTronics' wide rpm range - these are just among the few bestselling features of the Legiral. 

If we are to recommend the best buy massager, this will certainly make it in the list. Why then, it didn't rank higher in this list, you may wonder?

It is worthy to note that this is a very competitive ranking system. The difference between one and the other is at the very slightest, and we may have placed our emphasis on aspects that may be different to some.

In this case, it is the battery life that bumps the Legiral downwards. It can work up to 6 hours, but that is on low speed. And it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to be fully charged. Nothing overly major, some may not even regard it as a weakness. As we said, it's just an emphasis we place.

You will want to know that this is one of the cheaper (price-wise) percussion gun massager available, hence why we say it is the best buy handheld massager ever.

Blackleaf Portable Handheld Massager

To those who do not want to spend too much on a handheld massager, the Blackleaf Portable Handheld Massager will be perfect for you.

This little device here is under $100, making it the most affordable option out of all the massage guns included in our review here. 

Without compromising on quality at all. 

Equipped with 5 adjustable speeds delivering 1600 to 3200 percussions per minute, you get 4 interchangeable heads targeting different areas at a quiet 35dB - 50dB working noise. 

You do have to expect longer charging time with this one though. It takes about 3 hours to get one full charge but it will last you 3 - 5 hours which is about the standard working time as other models. 

We really like the Blackleaf for offering a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee option, as well as the 24/7 customer service that is available. On top of that, it comes with 12 months of warranty. 

Mebak Massage Gun

Newly improved, the Mebak Massage Gun is at a league of its own with 5 adjustable speed levels and 7 interchangeable massage heads.

Equipped with 5 led massage force feedback indicators on the right side of the control panel which gives visual feedback in the course of your massage, you can know the massage force you applied to your body.

All these, together with speed and time settings, are controllable via a LCD intelligent touch screen that also displays its battery level. 

Speaking of which, the newly improved version has seen an upgrade in its battery life. The new 2600mAH high-energy lithium battery now has a life span of 3 hours per full charge. 

We really like this updated version, especially the ultra strong heat dissipation design that prevents overheating. Best of all, the Mebak leans towards the lower end of the price spectrum so it is an option affordable to the majority public.

Percussion Massage Gun Comparison Chart





Massage Head

Battery Life

2.5 lbs




3 hours

2.5 lbs




3 - 5 hours

2.0 lbs


2000 - 3200


5 - 7 hours

2.2 lbs


1400 - 3200


10 hours

2.9 lbs


1750 - 2400


5 hours

2.5 lbs




3 hours

2.2 lbs


1400 - 3200


4 - 6 hours

3.85 lbs


1200 - 3200


6 hours

2.16 lbs


1600 - 3200


3 - 5 hours

2.1 lbs


640 - 3200


3 hours

Overwhelmed by the choices available? Read this guide here - it will give you clarity in selecting the best muscle massager.

B. Handheld Percussion Massager

This is the type that you’d often find in many back massager reviews.

The elongated handle simply means you can achieve self myofascial release without relying on others, making it the best home massager to own.

Mighty Bliss Cordless Handheld Massager

Our No. 1 Choice has to be this Cordless Electric Handheld Percussion Massager from Mighty BlissTM.

From its trademarked brand name, you could probably already tell that this is no ordinary electric massager.

Equipped with what's the most powerful percussion motor the market has to offer, it provides 3700 percussion per minute. 

Cordless and lightweight, it comes with 6 different massage heads. It also has a speedy record time of recharging in 60 minutes, which will last the device up to 120 minutes of usage. 

In fact, the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery it uses is the same as that used in electric cars. The Mighty BlissTM also comes with the very rare LIFETIME WARRANTY, with hassle-free lifetime replacement offered. Read more here... 

TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager

The TYMO White Whale Handheld Massager is another close second.

In fact, many think it is the best handheld massager because - (1) price, and (2) heat element.

Yes, heat option is offered at 110°F, the optimum temperature for human body heat therapy. 

If like some, heat is an indispensable element to you, then the TYMO White Whale is perfect for you. 

It may not be the cheapest in terms of price but if we are to compare it with the Mighty BlissTM,, we are looking at almost half the price. This no doubt increases its affordability.

It is also one of the very few cordless option of this type, and we like how it uses silicone instead of cheap plastic for its 5 massage heads. Find out its other specs and features here…

RENPHO Handheld Massager

The RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Deep Massager is a top favourite among our editors here. 

First of all, because of its lightweight. 1.8lbs only, it makes for the best portable massager with its cordless design. 

Secondly, it has a huge battery life. You get a total 140 minutes in one full charge. That is probably the longest working power any unit has amongst all the handheld massager reviews here. 

We especially like how it comes with a charging stand that can store the 5 massage heads that come with it. 

Like the above models, it provides a maximum of 3600 pulses per minute and there are 4 percussion modes to choose from. 

At a price under $50, this is definitely one top contender in the best buy massager category.


  • Anti-slip silicone handle
  • Super lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Long battery life
  • Very affordable


  • Comparatively shorter handle 
  • No heat
Snailax Cordless Handheld Massager

The Snailax Cordless Handheld Massager is another handheld massager that comes with heat.

It is a cheaper option compared to the TYMO, however, there are a few things you'll have to forego if you choose to go with this one. 

The first being a smaller working capacity.

At full charge, the Snailax lasts 80 minutes. That is an hour shorter than the TYMO. You get two lesser speed levels as well, but there are the same 3 modes to choose from nevertheless.

It comes with 4 massage heads, 1 lesser than TYMO and there are differences in their configuration. If you have a particular preference for shiatsu, you will like this better as  it has the deep shiatsu massage head many prefer. 

That's basically the difference between the two. We prefer TYMO because it offers more versatility with its variations, but the Snailax definitely has its own appeal. 

It being a cordless handheld massager being one and secondly, it has an attractive price point that many cannot resist. This is why it continues to be a bestseller in the handheld shiatsu massager category.


  • Very affordable
  • Heat element
  • Cordless


  • Short working hours (small battery life)
VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

The VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager is an Amazon's Choice, meaning it is a highly rated and well-priced product that Amazon will recommend. 

The very first thing you'll notice with the VJ is that it is a dual head handheld percussion massager. What this entails, is a bigger massage coverage area.

This is no doubt the biggest selling point of the VJ . The effect is more apparent on the back as it is the biggest area, which is why it is also regarded as one of the best back massager in the market.

There are 3 massage nodes, all come in pairs. Although not as many as the rest,  it covers pretty extensively the major massage techniques.  There are Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Swedish – all up to 3350 percussions per minute.

The VICTOR JURGEN is not without any shortfall though - it has a handle that is comparatively shorter than many other competitors’. Also, it is not cordless. The cord length is 71 inch, which is pretty standard but not exactly extra long.

Having said that, it has an unbeatable price. Believe it or not, it costs under $30. With features that it offers, this is pretty rare, if not unheard of. 


  • Double head electric full body massager
  • Very affordable (under $30)
  • 3 years warranty


  • Short handle
  • Not cordless
Homedics Percussion Action Massager

Another Amazon's Choice, the Homedics Percussion Action Massager is too, a dual-headed handheld percussion massager. However, that's where the similarity stops. 

In fact, the Homedics is not quite like your usual handheld massagers. Instead of the usual multiple massage head configurations, its only comes in one smooth, rounded design that are differentiated via their firmness - gentle or firm. 

Nevertheless, it does provide a third heat option which the VJ is lack of. This is when you use the device without any massage head to allow the exposed red heat nodes penetrate better across the massage area. 

The two pivoting massage heads deliver percussion pulses of up to 3100 times per minute, and there are 4 speed options to choose from. 

The Homedics has a much longer handle compared to the VJ. At 17 inches, it also has this ergonomic grip design that makes it easy to reach the tricky areas, such as the lower and upper back. 

Some like the usual massage heads that the VP is equipped with, while other may prioritise heat more in which the Homedics may then be the preferred selection. 


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Dual headed
  • Heat setting
  • Ergonomic grip design, long handle


  • Not cordless
  • Bulkier
VIVREAL Handheld Back Massager

VIVREAL has more than 20 years of experience specializing in the body massager industry. 

Its Handheld Back Massager, particularly, has made its name in the industry being the choice of many chiropractors, physical therapists and sports trainers to spur recovery. 

This one here comes with 6 nodes, 6 massage modes and 6 speed options. 

Next to Mighty BlissTM, this is probably the other handheld shiatsu massager that offers that many massage modes.

However, it doesn’t share the same battery usage life. Recording 100 mins on full charge, it is still better than many though and there is a smart battery status display that shows you when it needs to be recharged.  

Likewise, it is a cordless handheld massager so it gives maximum convenience and portability. Out of all the cordless options we have so far, this is probably the best buy massager because at about the same price, it offers the most massage heads, speed and modes.

One thing worthy to note is that it generally has a longer service life compared to the rest, thanks to the use of pure copper motor. See what we mean by the VIVREAL being the best buy handheld massager?

Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager

We thought you may like to have another option when it comes to dual-headed percussion massagers. 

The Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager is the third and last handheld massager massager featured in this review that comes with the double head option. 

This is actually like a combination of the VP and Homedics. It adopts the former's traditional massage head configurations while taking after the latter's long cord length (98 inches). 

After all, cord length has always been VP's weakness. Likewise, Homedics' attachments are admittedly, not one for everyone. So the Hangsun is like the best of both worlds.

It is the most expensive option out of the three though, although still relatively cheap at under $50. And it is slightly heavier. Given handheld massager is all about ease and convenience, weight certainly does have its weigh here (pun intended) which is why we rate it lower than the other two.

Of course, it depends on what you like at the end of the day. We think this is a very good option if you like both the VP and Homedics as aforementioned, it marries some of the best features of the two in one. 

MOICO Handheld Back Massager

Nevertheless, when it comes to the cheapest (price-wise) handheld percussion massager, it has to be the MOICO Handheld Back Massager

Even cheaper than the VP which is widely known for its affordability, this is, dare we say, the lowest-priced single headed handheld massager that comes in such quality. 

Not just that, but it is also the percussion massager with the most number of modes and speed levels, offering a total of 12 vibration patterns and 10 variable speeds.

Comes with 6 massage heads, it generates up to 3200 pulses per minute and it can last 120 minutes in one full charge. Best of all? It weighs less than 2 pounds – 1.8lbs to be exact and it is cordless.

All these with a sleek and slim design AND at such an unbeatable price, you can see why the MOICO has quickly became the best handheld massager for many despite its fairly new release.


  • Super affordable
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • 24 month product assurance
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 12 vibration patters, 10 speeds
  • Cordless


  • No heat
Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Last but not least, we have the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Just because it places last does not mean it is the most inferior - it probably is because we have different emphasis and priorities. 

An Amazon's Choice, it is the best muscle massager to many. 

The Wahl definitely stood out with its 9-ft long (108 inches) cord length. Given it is not cordless, this is a very important aspect to ensure its ease of use. 

While it gives an average of 3350 pulses per minute, it can reach as high as 400ppm (2000ppm being its lowest). So you can say that this is the most versatile handheld massager. 

It comes with 4 massage heads that adopt a spiral-lock mechanism. Arguably, this provides a more secure attachment. The 4 nodes include a deep muscle attachment, four-finger flex attachment, accupoint attachment and raised bump attachment. 

The Wahl adopts a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage settings. If you suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis or tendinitis, you may want to give this a try as it is well-known to be effective in reducing pain and fatigue associated from joints, sports injuries, arthritis and muscle knots.

Handheld Percussion Massager Comparison Chart



Handle Length

Cordless/ Cord Length


Massage Head

Max. RPM

3.5 lbs

17.6 inches




2.8 lbs

18.1 inches



1.76 lbs

15 inches




2.7 lbs

16.3 inches



3.45 lbs

14.6 inches

71 inch




2.5 lbs

17.1 inches




1.85 lbs

16 inches




3.25 lbs

16.9 inches

98 inch




2.7 lbs

17.3 inches




1.6 lbs

10.9 inches

108 inch




What Is A Handheld Massager?

While most of us know what a handheld massager is, not many really know what goes behind it i.e. how it gives the relief you get. 

Putting it simply, handheld massagers adopt the percussion massage technique, which is why they are also often referred to as the “handheld percussion massager”.

In human hands, this is how percussion massage looks like:

percussion massage

Mimicking this motion through the use of a tool, in this case - the handheld massager, short but rapid duration pulses of concentrated pressure is delivered deep into the soft tissues of the body. 

massage gun work gif

What this does is that it triggers a myofascial release. Knots and tension are worked out of the muscles, while soft tissues are relieved from pain and soreness as a result of these deep percussive massages.

In the meantime, blood flow is heavily increased in the massage area due to the rapid pulses. This enhances the body's built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair muscle tears. 

In other words, it accelerates the growth and repair of tissues, thereby enhancing the range of motions quickly. 

This is why percussion massager is regarded as a breakthrough treatment. It shortens the recovery time while relieving pain, tension and soreness that comes naturally from intense sports and workouts.

Why Use A Handheld Percussion Massager?

Be it a percussion massage gun or the usual handheld massager, there are a few reasons why they are so popular in the market nowadays:


First and foremost, handheld massagers are super versatile. 

They can be used on practically anywhere on the body, in particular - arms, shoulders, neck, waist, calf, legs and back.

Basically, areas where people suffer, in varying degrees, some sort of pain and discomfort. Compared to other massage equipments, handheld massagers certainly do come as a more all-rounded and multi-faceted option. 

handheld massagers body parts

Massage guns can be used as an alternative to foam rollers as a self-myofascial release tool, while the conventional handheld massager makes for the best neck and back massager particularly thanks to its long handle.  

Such one-tool-does-all concept makes them the best back massager, best shoulder massager, best neck massager machine - literally an overall best body massager anyone could have. 


And they work. Not just some mere vibration devices that barely touches the surface, but ones that really go deep within to break up the knots and relaxes tight muscles.

You see, all this muscle stiffness and pain / heavy and weak limbs you experience after strenuous exercise or poor posture is due to the fascia and muscle being ruptured or injured. This results in adhesion joints and what's called "delayed muscle soreness".

{The "fascia" is the soft tissue that wraps the muscles and connects the bones and internal organs.}

massage gun use

The handheld massager alleviate this by penetrating deep into the fascia through strong and powerful high-frequency pulse stimulation. This relaxes the tight and rigid muscle tissues before combing the muscle nodules to prevent muscle adhesion, and to restore good physical condition. 

Adjusting and rotating to dig deep so that it can get to the hard-to-reach muscle groups, the deep percussive massages pleasantly beat them into submission and quickly dissolve the lactic acid produced after exercise.  

So yes, handheld percussion massagers work. They are effective and the benefits include everything from decreased stress, pain and tissue tension to enhanced recovery, blood circulation and range of motion.

The perfect home tool to aid recovery, decrease soreness and increase range of motion, this is a huge reason why so many swear by a handheld massager nowadays.


Thirdly, it helps that handheld massagers are highly portable. They are small and lightweight, making them super convenient and easy to use. 

massage gun carry case
carry bag

Most, if not all massage guns are cordless and they usually come with a protective travel case. This make them one of the best portable massager as you can easily bring them anywhere with you. 

At one full charge, they last you at least 3 hours with some going as long as 8 to 10 hours (depending on the intensity level) before you need to recharge again.

For professional trainers and athletes, this is a very important aspect given huge emphasis on hence the wide following of percussion massage guns explained. 

handheld back massager

Likewise, there are more and more cordless options available for the traditional type of handheld percussion massagers that will give you the same level of portability.

Even if they don't, most have adequately long cords that give them high ease of use as the best home massager.

And as you can see, handheld massagers give this ease and independence to massage even the hard-to-reach areas yourself i.e. the back. You don't need to rely on others, which is why it is also regarded as the best lower back massager by many. 


Last but not least, it is their affordability that makes handheld massagers so popular. 

Compared to other massage equipment, say a massage chair or a foot and calf massager, a handheld massager is significantly much cheaper.

dollar gif

We are talking about a price range of within the low hundreds, with some going as low as under $30.

Because of this, many people are able to afford one without breaking the bank. 

You may want to note that massage guns are generally pricier than conventional handheld massagers. Nevertheless, there are certainly choices available in the different prices.

Our handheld massager reviews above cover extensively the different price points, you will certainly be able to find one that fits your budget. 

Things to Note When Using A Percussion Massager

Having said the above, there are a few things to note when you use a percussion massager:

  • Do NOT use the massager during the charging process.
  • Do NOT use the massager on sensitive skin, swollen or inflamed areas, I the presence of poor circulation, where skin eruptions are present, or in the presence of unexplained abdominal pain.
  • Do NOT use the massager on your head, vricose veins and throat area.
  • Keep the massager away from heat and avoid using it in places where the surrounding temperature is relatively hot.
  • Do NOT use the massager with wet hands.
  • Do NOT insert any object into the charger input. This may cause damage to the product or electric shock.

In any case, you should always consult your doctor before using this appliance if:

  • You have pacemakers;
  • You are pregnant;
  • You have diabetes or any existing medical conditions
  • You have any other health concerns.

Bottom line, you should stop using the product immediately if you feel unwell or are in any unusual discomfort.

Wrapping Up

If you are to ask us what is that one massage device that everyone should have, it will definitely be the handheld percussion massager

Be it the massage gun or the elongated type, we honestly think it is one of the best invention ever. It makes for such a great home tool for relieving pains - it is not limited to any certain body part. (If you have trouble selecting between the two, why not check out this guide of ours here?)

handheld massager for whole body

Use it both pre-workout to warm up the muscles and increase range of motions, or post-workout to decrease tightness and soreness. After a long day's work on the feet, or for the shoulder that works in front of the computer for long hours.

Best of all, it does not cost an arm or a leg. Definitely an indispensable item that everyone needs.