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Dowinx Massage Gaming Chair Review

Dowinx Massage Gaming Chair

The go-to choice for internet cafes and e-sports events, the Dowinx Massage Gaming Chair is the chair that provides the ultimate gaming experience for worldwide gamers. 

Neck-to-neck with the ever popular Blue Whale Gaming Chair, the Dowinx has amassed a renowned reputation as one of the best massage gaming chair in the industry. 

What We Like 

  • 360 swivel
  • Retractable footrest
  • USB massage lumbar pillow
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Short warranty period

Features Highlight 

One thing that makes the Dowinx such a popular choice is that it is equipped with possibly all the functions you'll ever need for a massage gaming chair.

Swivel, Recline, Rocks

From a 360° swivel function to its 90°-180° reclining feature, this massage office chair has it all.

In particular, we like how the full length backrest can be reclined almost fully. This way, can lie down completely strain free for a quick power nap should there be a need to.

Dowinx rocking and reclining features
Dowinx armrest and 180 degree

On top of that, it has a 20° controllable rocking ability. Not many models have this function if you have read our massage office chair reviews, so this is definitely one huge selling point for the Dowinx.

Dowinx pu wheels

There are 5 smooth racing caster wheels incorporated for ease of mobility. 

It is worthy to note that there has been an upgrade done for these, with the XL PU caster wheels now being more durable and have the ability to  glide over most surfaces smoothly without scratching the floor. 

Speaking of upgrade, the armrests have gone through an overhaul too.

They now adopt a linkage armrest design whereby a new metal internal mechanism is incorporated for greater durability. 

It is even more easier to personalize support for your elbow and wrist now with these new Act-In-Chain armrests. 

Dowinx linkage armrest

Massage Lumbar Pillow & Retractable Footrests

Being a massage office chair, Dowinx's massage function comes in the form of a USB cable power supply pillow massager.

It provides massages to the lumbar region to effectively relieve your waist fatigue, making it one of the best office chair for lower back pain. 

Dowinx USB pillow
Dowinx USB massage lumbar pillow

What's good with such a design is that it can be used as an office chair massage pad on any other chairs.

The USB adaptability means it is not limited as just an office chair back massager, but you can use it in the car as well. You can plug it into any USB port, be it computer, power switch, car or even power bank. 

Dowinx footrest

Besides lumbar pillow, a headrest pillow is also provided.

There is also a retractable footrest, which provides a great way to stretch your legs out.  

We like that it is heavily padded, so that you get maximum comfort as you kick back and relieve the tension on your legs and knees.

Design & Construction 

Let's now look at the design and construction of the chair.

As you can tell, the Dowinx adopts the standard racing-style design that is the norm of gaming chairs. 

Dowinx metal frame

Its winged back provides multi-point body contact to share the pressure, thereby saving your spine and lumbar with its ergonomic back and massage support.

With the wide range of mobility for the backrest, it can really help with your posture.

We particularly like how the upgrade has made the side wings frame thinner but it is filled with more soft filling now.

This way, you can lean your legs more comfortably in the bucket seat design. Both gamers and office workers will benefit from such an ergonomic design, we kid you not. 

In terms of construction, the alloy frame is covered in quality hand sewing PU leather with two aspects worth mentioning. The first being - the Commercial Class-3 Gas Lift utilised which is an upgraded LANT gas cylinder. 

Dowinx commercial gas lift
Dowinx construction

Each Dowinx chair features this class 3 heavy duty KGS gas pistons - they are the best in class in terms of consistency, stability and safety. You can ensure the use age of the chair and being SGS-certified, you can absolutely sit in it with peace of mind.

Dowinx seat cushion

The second thing will be its seat cushion. This one here uses a 5 inches high quality, high density thick rubber foam that gives a lot of cushioning. 

It is not too soft, nor does it feel too rock hard so the user will have immaculate comfort and great support to . 

Customer Service & Warranty Period

Installation wise, a detail instruction manual is included with 24/7 customer service available to assist you with any questions.

Users have reported that they find customer service extremely helpful and responsive. They answer any queries promptly, be it inn regards to installation or any other problems as well as replacing faulty/defective parts.

Speaking of which, there is a one-month replacement service with 1 year warranty on parts quality. 


Product Name

Racing Style Gaming Chair Recliner

Product Brand


Product Weight

50 pounds

Weight Capacity

350 lbs


1 month replacement service

1 year parts quality warranty

Things to Note

There is just one thing to keep in mind, and that is the footrest does not extend too far out.

If you're more than 6 feet, expect your calves/knees to be on the footrest instead of your legs. Not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind. 


  • USB cable power supply massager
  • Rocking and reclining features
  • Footrest padding design
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Large selection of colours
  • Easy to assemble
  • 24/7 responsive customer service


  • Short warranty period
  • May not be a good fit for people over 6'2"

Wrapping Up

If you don't already know, Dowinx is one of the top 3 gaming chair manufacturers in the industry.

Dowinx logo

With 2 factories supporting up to 1000 offline stores, internet cafes and e-sports events, you know you are in good hands with this Dowinx Massage Gaming Chair here. 

Best of all, there are altogether 9 colours available for you to choose from, including a sole black for those looking for a more low-key massage office chair. Hurry before they sold out!


Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair Review

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

Deemed the best massage gaming chair in the industry, the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair is the go-to choice for professional gamers, programmers or generally anyone that spends a lot of time in front of their computer.

A best rated Amazon's Choice, this is our top pick out of all the gaming chairs that are included in our massage office chair reviews.

What We Like 

  • Large weight capacity
  • Professional executive design
  • Rocking function included
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Armrests do not have padding
  • No retractable footrest

Features Highlight

The Blue Whale Gaming Chair's appeal can be summarized into the following 6 features: 

Blue Whale 6 features

Made of an integrated metal frame with a heavy duty metal base, it has the ability to sustain up to 400lbs. If you have been doing your research, you will know that this is a weight capacity that surpasses a lot of other models in the market. 

It also has a high and wide backrest with a deep seat area that guarantees the comfort of your backside. A headrest and lumbar pillow are provided, both of the memory foam material that will contour to your shape accordingly. 

Blue Whale massage pillow

The lumbar pillow, in particular, has an inbuilt USB massage support that provides massages to the lower back - the most susceptible area to soreness and aches. 

We like how the pillow itself is oversized so that it can cover a bigger area. This is also one of the reasons why we deem it the best office chair for lower back pain

You see, even if you don't switch on the massage function, the lumbar pillow itself will provide extra support to your lower back region.

That is one good thing with such a design - you can use this massage lumbar pillow as a portable back massager for chair. Just attach it to any other chair and you will convert it into a massage chair (you do need a USB outlet nearby). The constant vibration will provide much needed relief from your waist downwards.

Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t be using it for more than 30 minutes for health reasons. Also, to preserve its longevity. 

Overall, the chair dimensions are as follow (for those that are interested):

Blue Whale dimensions

Chair Adjustability

When it comes to what defines a good massage gaming chair, it is all about the adjustability.

In this regard, Blue Whale does not disappoint. 

Featuring a multi-angled reclining function that ranges from 90 - 130 degrees, you can adjust the backrest according to what feels most comfortable to you.

For reference, here are the best reclining angles advised for the different purposes when you sit on the chair: 

Blue Whale adjustable recline

You can lock it at any angle once you found your most desired position so that it won't spring back like some, nor resist against your weight.

The entire chair can be swivelled 360 degrees, likewise, the seat height is adjustable for multi-tasking convenience. Mute rolling wheels are incorporated to ensure the smooth movement of your chair in all directions. 

It is worthy to note that there has been an upgrade done to the Blue Whale. It now features 3D aluminium alloy armrests, which means its adjustments is no longer limited to just up and down, or left and right like the previous 2D versions.

Sedentary Reminder

Another aspect that we like about the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair is that it has a "sedentary reminder" function. 

What this does is that the chair will keep track of how long you have been seated. In every hour, it will 'remind' you to get up from the desk and move around for a bit.

This is no doubt a very useful feature that helps prevents soreness and aches from developing that come from sitting for too long.

Blue Whale sedentary reminder

And if you see from the picture left, the seat area adopts a memory foam filler.

Such high density sponge cushioning provides the ultimate comfort, thereby soothing your long-time working or intense gaming experience. 

Speaking of material, the entire backrest and seat area are upholstered with premium PU leather.

Design and Appearance

We don't know if you have noticed, but the Blue Whale does not look quite like your usual massage gaming chair.

There are no outrageous colours, nor are there any hollow cutouts at the headrest that seem to be the staple design in many gaming chairs.  

Instead, it has a full back from headrest to seat and comes in a solid black colour. At a glance, you probably could not even tell that this is a gaming chair. 

This is actually another reason why it became our top favourite. Even if you work in a strict professional setting, it will still be low-key enough for you to use it at the office. Nobody will be any the wiser that it is in fact a gaming chair, not with its streamlined design and premium scratch-proof PU leather that is the Blue Whale gaming chair.

Blue Whale gaming office chair

There are two other colour options - wine red and navy blue. Both are in an understated, muted shade no worries about them being too loud like the usual bright neon colours. 


Product Name

Super Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Product Brand

Blue Whale

Product Size

Seat: 20.9 (w) x 19.69(d) inches

Backrest: 23.22(w) x 33.46(h) inches

Adjustable height: 2.75 inches 

Product Weight

54.9 pounds

Maximum Load Capacity



30-day money back guarantee

2 years free replacement for damaged/defective parts

Things to Note

Having said that, there is one aspect that we wish the Blue Whale would have - padded armrests. 

While there isn't many gaming chairs like the Dowinx that come with an extra padding foam for the armrests, we have to say that Blue Whale's does lean on the thinner side compared to other models. Also, it has scrapped off its retractable footrest which is a shame as it is a highly raved feature from its old version. 

Nevertheless, its thick high-density sponge seat cushion makes up for the overall comfort level of the chair. And, it has a weight capacity that is practically unbeatable which makes the Blue Whale still a top favourite on our list.


  • Rocking function
  • Professional executive design
  • Large weight capacity
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • 2-year free replacement parts
  • Money-back guarantee for any reason (within 30 days)


  • No padding at armrests
  • No heat element 


Blue Whale chair

The ergonomics of your office gaming chair can have a big impact on your health.

Gamers, programmers or anyone who work in front of the computer for long hours are are already highly susceptible to back pain, fatigue and stiff joints. If they sit in non-ergonomic positions, it could even lead to poor postures which would then make things worse.

We therefore highly recommend going for a massage gaming chair - and an ergonomic one like the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair, fits just right the bill!


Homcom Executive Massage Office Chair Review

Homcom Massage Office Chair

At a glance, the HomCom Executive Massage Office Chair looks like your everyday ordinary executive office chair. Except it is not. It is a massage office chair, and that is what we like about it. 

You see, being in a professional setting, most will not want their office chair to stand out particularly. This chair is just that - the perfect blend of understated elegance yet equipped with quality massage functions. 

What We Like 

  • 6 massage points
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Timer function
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity

Features Highlight

While it is not rare that you find an executive office chair that comes with massage functions nowadays, not many does it quite like the HomCom. Let's start with its massage functions - its key aspect. 

Massage Function

As mentioned in our best massage office chair review here, HOMCOM offers 6 different massage options.

Homcom massage feature

The massage points focused on the  upper back, lower back and legs, which is essentially all the places you need a good massage for. 

There are 3 intensity levels for you to choose from according to your needs, with 3 timer duration in 15, 30 and 60 minutes for you to customise your own massage experience.

If you have done your research well, you would know that not many executive office chairs offer a timer function, let alone such a wholesome massage experience. This is why we think it is one of the best massage office chair. 

Heating Element

Being a chair for back pain, heat is one indispensable element in what defines a good office chair for lower back pain.

This is because in addition to massage relaxation, heat promotes good blood circulation and provides extra soothing effect to the sore area. Hence the preference of many to look for an office chair with massage and heat.

Homcom features

For this heated massage office chair, the heating point centralised in the waist area which is the most susceptible to pain and soreness. 

What’s better, is that it has an adjustable temperature range between 60 - 70 degrees celsius. Most massage office chairs offer only one constant temperature so again, that is where the Homcom stood out to us. 

But perhaps the most distinctive feature is that both heat and massage functions can operate independently of one another.

This gives the freedom to truly customize your own massage experience. If anything, this may very well be the rarest feature you'd find among executive massage office chairs. 

Design and Material 

In terms of design outlook, Homcom adopts the standard high back executive office chair that is the preference of the majority.

Homcom contemporary design

This ergonomic construction, that is the curved high-back configuration, is specially designed to offer support to the entire upper and lower back regions. With one single aim - to minimize the pain and fatigue caused by sitting for an extended period of time. 

While this is why it is regarded as one of the best work chair for lower back pain, that is not the only reason.

The addition of a built-in lumbar support makes it the best office chair for lower back pain in our opinion.

It helps lessen the stress experienced by the lower back, which in turn promotes a correct and accurate sitting posture. An upper back and lumbar support like such also means you can avoid the common office injuries. 

Homcom reclining backrest

Don't worry, we know how important the reclining feature is in chairs like these. 

The Homcom is a reclining massage office chair likewise, with an adjustable angle that ranges from 90°-135°. The angle can be locked in once you have found your desired position, so you don't have to worry about any resistance of springing back. 

Similarly, the seat height is controlled pneumatically up and down. 


Just by looking at the picture itself will see how well padded this chair is. 

Upholstered in a high quality PU leather that is easily cleaned and fade resistant, the seat, armrests and backrest have extra padding in them to ensure a comfortable long-sitting experience. 

Homcom design

The rest lies in the small details.

From a storage pocket on the side for your remote control to a stable base that stands on 5 multidirectional wheels, you can say the Homcom really ticks all the boxes for an excellent massage office chair.

Best of all, is that it even has a rocking feature that you certainly wouldn't find anywhere else. 

There are four colours to choose from, including a cream white which is pretty rare to come by as most office chairs come in a standard black colour. 


Product Name

High back heated executive massage office chair

Product Brand


Product Size

24.4(w) x 26.8(d) x 47.6(h) inches

Product Weight

41 pounds

Weight Capacity 

265 lbs



Things to Note

There are two things to note with the Homcom. One being it has a comparatively smaller working weight.

At a maximum of 265lbs, this is admittedly not the best massage chair for tall person. If you lean towards the taller and bigger side, we'd recommend this one here instead. The latter is made specifically for the larger in size, with an unbeatable weight capacity that at 500lbs. 

Another issue to take note of with the Homcom is that the massage feature will produce some sort of noise. If you work in a setting that requires absolute quietness, this may not be the office massage chair for you. Otherwise, you should be okay. 


  • Rocking feature 
  • Recline function 
  • Adjustable heat setting
  • Timer function 
  • Adjustable armrests 
  • Best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain 


  • Small weight capacity

Wrapping Up

Homcom chair

Having tried and tested many massage office chairs in the market, we can safely say that the HomCom High Back Executive Massage Chair is the best executive chair for lower back pain.

It combines traditional style and ergonomic functions that actually works and it looks plush and professional in a work setting. Definitely our top favourite - highly recommend!