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All About Neck Massagers – Review & Comparison

All About Neck Massagers

Have you ever wondered why neck pain is getting more and more common and why it happened so frequently in mankind nowadays?

Perhaps it has got to do with the way we work now - you know, long hours in front of the computer (for most). Or perhaps it is due to the constant mobile phone swiping that so many of us are so very well accustomed to nowadays.

In any case, it all goes down to one thing - poor posture.

It can be quite the nuisance though, these neck pain episodes. Muscles pulled together with the whole region feeling tight and sore. Then there is this constant underlying strain that does not seem to go away no matter what you do.

Thankfully, there are many devices that we can employ nowadays to ease and get rid of THAT pain and discomfort, in the form of – neck massagers.

Types of Neck Massagers

With the growing demand for it, there are now many different types of neck massagers available in the market. 

They come in different sizes, shapes and designs, and each performs quite differently from the other.

Nevertheless, we can divide them into three types – neck massager, neck and shoulder massager and handheld percussion massager.

A. Neck Massagers / Neckband Massagers

First and foremost, we have the neck massager or as some would call it - the neckband massager. 

Straightforward as its name indicates, a neck massager predominantly focuses on the neck region only. Thanks to the advanced technology it employs though, the shoulder area benefits greatly from it as well.

neck massager gif

How It Looks

Smart, intelligent and non-invasive, you can see that it has a sleek and modern design -  not quite like your usual massage device. 

Shaped in the form of a 'headphone' or 'headset', it is probably the lightest and most compact massage equipment out of all.

Adopting a cordless design on top of it, it is the best portable neck massager out of all the neck massager reviews we have done so far. 

neck massager design

This is basically what entails in a standard neckband massager.

Although there will be slight variations in different brands or different models (for example, some units have 3 electrode pads instead of 2), generally, the above is what a smart neck massager will have.

Last days of use after 1 full charge, it hangs around the neck ergonomically and discreetly.

You can walk around, shop with it or even have a quick neck massage session while at work or meetings and no one will be the wiser. This is because it literally produces NO SOUND at all.

How It Works

Smart neck massagers employ quite the new technology, that is, TENS low-frequency pulse massage.

This is very different from the traditional roller base concept that is adopted in most massage devices used to mimic the human hands to deliver massage techniques. 

how tens work
tens neck massager gif

Emitted via these electrode plates that are embedded inside the curve of the neckband as shown above, TENS produces streams of electric current that penetrates deep into the skin.

What this does is that these electric pulses will simulate massage techniques like shiatsu, acupuncture, scrapping, tapping and the likes to stimulate the nerves of the body for therapeutic purposes.

Depending on the model, you can have up to 10 massage modes for different purposes and sensation. 

OSITO 10 modes

The concept behind? It integrates the relaxation principle of Western muscle fibers and the stimulation reaction principle of Oriental meridians to stimulate and relax the muscles simultaneously.

Compared to traditional massage, you get a more deep tissue massage. Blood circulation is achieved and muscle pressure is relieved  in a much deeper way. 

Electric pulse massage also stimulates the release of endorphins and other substances that have the ability to reduce the transmission of pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.

Through this way, smart neck massagers  provide pain relief for the user overall. 

How To Use

First of all, wipe the back of your neck and the 2 metal pads with a wet washcloth. This is very important as it gives better efficiency and comfort.

Next, swing the U-shaped device around your neck and position the electrode pads at the back of the neck touching your skin.

neck massager demonstration gif

Most models, at least these ones here in our best neck massager reviews have an intelligent 3D suspension design so you can be sure it fits the neck well.

Once positioned right, you can then switch the device on and select your mode and intensity. You can either do this via the control embedded on the side arm of the device or through a remote control.

Nevertheless, you do have some that only uses a remote control, and then there are those that rely only on the embedded switch without a remote control.

Wandwoo design
Befano Portable Cordless Neck Massager

Now, different models have different variations in terms of their switch and controls.

For example, this one here employs the fuselage switch whereas this one here uses integrated buttons instead but generally, you are required to press on the start button for a few seconds to turn the device on.

Next, depending on your model, you press on the button accordingly to select your mode and intensity level and voila, you’re all set. We do encourage you to read the user manual before using your smart neck massager for the first time in any case .

Things to Note

Do note that you may feel an electric shock at the beginning – do not worry, that is completely normal due to the use of electrical impulses therapy.

Try to lower the intensity level and only increase it when you have gotten used to the sensation and you should be fine.

B. Neck and Shoulder Massager

The TENS technology that is a smart neck massager is admittedly, not for everyone. 

Some do not like the sensation, others may be prohibited by their existing medical conditions.

Which is why the demand for a traditional neck and shoulder massager is big and many, and continues to be on the rise. 

How It Looks

neck shoulder

By traditional neck and shoulder massager, we mean devices like that pictured above. We have extensively covered the topic here in our neck and shoulder massager reviews in fact, which you can head over to find out more. 

The very first thing you will notice is that it is much bigger in size compared to the neckband massagers.

It also has this strap or handle hanging on each side of a central massaging unit - a bulkier section where massage nodes or rollers are installed to carry out the massage function. 

These neck and shoulder massagers are mostly non-cordless, and they usually come with a handy carry bag for easy portability. 

How It Works

Like any traditional massage equipment, a neck and shoulder massager employs the use of massage nodes or rollers to carry out a series of different massage techniques.

shiatsu neck massager

Most units have 8 nodes, but 4 is pretty common as well.

They are not perfectly aligned as they aim to hit at a different angle, so that they can work on a different muscle every time they rotate. 

Speaking of which, a good neck and shoulder massager will have bi-directional nodes with auto-reverse rotation function available. 

For those looking for the best shiatsu neck massager, this is the type you'd want to go for because shiatsu is the main massage technique focused by most models.

shiatsu neck massage nodes

Kneading is very common too, which is the pressing of tissues against the hard surfaces of the bones. 

It is especially helpful in alleviating joint and muscle aches so people who suffer from stiff shoulders and neck will find this technique particularly beneficial.

Compared to neckband massagers, this type of neck and shoulder massager has a much bigger coverage.

It does not massage just the neck but both shoulder and back area can receive massages at the same time as well but wait, it does not stop just there. 

neck massager full body

You can actually place the device anywhere you need to get a massage - mid back, lower back, abdomen and even the feet and calves - anywhere.

Because of such versatility, many love this type as they feel it gives the best value for money

In particular, it is the best neck and back massager for many because the size of it is just nice for these two areas which, probably are the the most susceptible to pains and aches.

How To Use

Like an intelligent neck massager, it is very easy to use - it's just in a bigger U-shape. 

how to use neck and shoulder massager

You too sling the device around your neck and position the centre massaging section (where the nodes are) at the back of your neck.

Likewise, there are buttons and switch incorporated on the side of one arm for you to choose the mode and intensity you want.

Hold onto the straps/handles to keep the device in place.

This is also one of the most commonly used method to control the level of intensity manually - tighten your grip if you'd like a more intense session, loosen if the pressure is too much. You have control entirely.

Things to Note

Do note that most neck and shoulder massagers do not come with a remote control though.

massages on the go

Instead, most come with a car adapter so that you can even charge the device in the car or have someone use it while you're driving (we do not recommend using it yourself when you are driving). 

C. Handheld Percussion Massager

Then we have the handheld shiatsu massager.

Strictly speaking, it is not a neck massager per se. However, it has long been a popular choice for many to get some form of pain relief from the neck aches they suffer, thanks to the highly effective properties it has in terms of accelerating recovery and improving ranges of motion.

They come in a few variations, with the following being the two most popular designs:

massage gun
percussion massager
handheld massager unit

As indicated by its name, a handheld percussion massager provides a percussion action massage for the entire body. It comes with interchangeable spheres/massage heads for you to target at different areas, including the neck and shoulder area.

It is worthy to note that this is the most expensive type out of all three neck massagers, in particular the massage gun. 

Read more about our take on percussion massager reviews here.

Neckband Massager vs Neck and Shoulder Massager

The neckband massager and traditional neck and shoulder massager are often compared against one another.

Which one is better and which one should you get if you are to choose one only?

Perhaps this comparison table may be of help to you:


Neckband Massager

Neck and Shoulder Massager

Size and Weight

Smaller & Lighter

(avg 7 x 7 x 2 inches, 0.35 lbs)

Bigger & Heavier

(avg 15 x 6 x 8 inches, 4.5 lbs)

Coverage Area

Neck and shoulder (this and this can cover other parts)

Neck, shoulder, back, any other body parts



Comes with carry bag

Charging Mode

Micro USB port, power bank

Wall adapter, car adapter

Massage Mode

TENS electric pulse

Nodes and rollers



As you can see, the two are quite different in many aspects. In terms of which is the better though, it really depends on your requirements and preference. 

You see, some people prioritise portability while others prefer versatility. Then as mentioned above, some people may not like or be suitable for the TENS technology whereas some may like the deeper tissue massage effect it brings. 

So yes, there really isn't one better than the other we think. The two are quite different, despite both being primarily a neck massager

neck vs neck shoulder

It also depends on other factors like do you already own other massage devices such as a massage chair, massage chair pad or back massager? All these will determine which type of neck massagers you eventually go for.

For instance, if you already have a back massager, then getting the neckband massager will suffice.

On the other hand, if this is the very first massage equipment you are getting, then no doubt the more versatile neck and shoulder massager will be a more ideal choice for you. 

Neck vs Neck and Shoulder Massager

Also, do not forget one very important point in your consideration - what is your ailment? Is it primarily just the neck (which may pull at the shoulder) or is it a bigger area than that?

If it is the former, a neckband massager will be the best neck massager for you because it is just so portable and discreet, you can have a neck massage any time and anywhere you go. 

If your situation is more on the back area, then the traditional type will be the best neck and shoulder massager for your circumstances.

Product Recommendations

Let's now look at what are some of the best products we will recommend for each category.

In fact, we have a separate review for each - if there is a type that you're particularly interested in, we suggest checking out the individual neck massager reviews separately as there are a lot of useful information that will guide you to make an informed decision. 

Best Neck Massager

OSITO neck massager

A newly released device, the OSITO Neck Massager is the best neck massager in our opinion, having taken the massage parameter world by storm with its total 10 modes of massage and 50 intensities setting as soon as it was launched.  

Yep, when the standard is 3 modes and 15 intensities, you can see just how far ahead it is from its competitors in this regard.

It is also the best neck massager with heat in our opinion as it offers 3 heat settings which again, is very rare in the industry.

It doesn't stop there though - this is probably the only neck massager to date that has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with such a large capacity. We're talking about a life expectancy of 500 times or more, which last you about 2 to 3 years of use without having to replace the batteries.

And, it comes with additional electrode pads for other body parts read full review here...

[To see other choices in our full list of best neck massager reviews, click HERE.]

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager

RESTECK neck and shoulder massagers

An Amazon's Choice, the best neck shoulder massager in this category has to be the RESTECK Shiatsu Kneading Massager.

This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular neck massager in the market. 

Here's why it continues to receive close to perfect rating from users worldwide.

For firsts, it gives one of the most natural-feeling massage that is comparable to that of a professional masseuse. 

Aside from that, it also warms up much more quicker and has a heat that is more penetrating than any other neck and shoulder massager out there. Because of this, we also regard it as one of the best neck massager with heat. 

What really stood out for us though is that the RESTECK has the ability to allow you direct where the massager works and let you control the precise intensity on the muscles. 

It can be placed anywhere along the neck, shoulder or back, but you can also use it on other body parts to alleviate acute joint and muscle pain. 

The capability of a much more precise and fluid control is what sets the RESTECK apart from its competitors. Continue reading here...

[For the full best neck and shoulder massager review, click HERE.]

Best Handheld Percussion Massager

Mighty Bliss

Out of all handheld massager reviews, the trademarked MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager is probably the best rated one.  

It does many things, but one of the most commended feature is its ability in getting rid of those unbearable knots. If you're looking for the best handheld massager for knots, this will be the one. 

Being a handheld percussion massager, it has a super powerful 3,700 RPM percussion motor. This gives it the ability to relax hurting muscles and cramps in seconds - literally that, seconds

Cordless and lightweight, it has 6 different massage heads that will cater to all parts of the body. With a long lasting battery life, it even comes with lifetime warranty and hassle-free lifetime replacement. Continue reading here to find out why this is the best handheld massager...

[For the full best handheld percussion massager reviews, click HERE.]

Wrapping Up

Overall, different massage apparatus have different functions and benefits - it's just a matter of choosing the right one for yourself. 

This comparison chart here sums up pretty well what we've discussed above:

parameter comparison

It is not a case of the more expensive, the better it is. In fact, we'd say pricing is not that big a factor here because most neck massagers are pretty much within the same price range.

Rather, you'd want to take into consideration your requirements, your lifestyle and your needs.  Start from there and you should know which one to go for . Happy shopping!


Realink Intelligent Neck Massager Review

Realink Intelligent Neck Massager

When we say the Realink Intelligent Neck Massager is the best neck massager in terms of fit here, we really mean it. 

Yes, most intelligent neck massagers did a good job in the fitting department considering it is such an important comfort element but this one here takes it up a notch with its excellent design. 

What We Like 

  • 4 point fixed design
  • Extra padding for better fit
  • ... more below 

What We Don't 

  • Lesser mode options than others

Design and Material

You see, the Realink has 2 additional silicone pads incorporated on each side of the arm. 

What this does is that it provides better cushioning and balancing so that the neck shoulder massager can fit stably on the neck for dynamic and static scenarios. 

Realink 4 point fixed

Combined with the 2 suspension electrodes at the centre of the device, it forms this 4-point fixed design.

The neck massager can therefore sit firmly in place around the neck without sliding around, yet does not stifle or feel too tight at the same time. 

Speaking of which, the suspension electrodes are of a high quality 304 stainless steel material so that it can conduct heat and electric pulses more effectively.

The contact plates can 180 ° float to fit the neck size and neck curve of different people, again, small details with the aim of working towards a better fit overall. 

Like any good neck and shoulder massager, this U-shaped neck massage has an ergonomic design that is made of silica gel pad.

If you don't already know, this is a type of skin-friendly breathable material that helps avoid discomfort or allergies reaction caused by long-time exposure. 

Realink massager

Weighing a mere 0.35lb, this is one of the very best portable neck massager that you can bring with you anywhere you go.

Compatible with USB charging, it can be used for 15 minutes a day, which can work and last up to 10 days in one full charge.

Likewise, it is equipped with a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you a safe experience. 

Features and Functions

Realink offers 3 modes and 15 intensities levels to choose from.

This includes a Soothing Mode, Vitality Mode and Automatic Mode. The latter, especially, is the best application for daily massages.  

Compared to other models like this or this, 3 modes is no doubt a lesser offering (and let us not compared it with the OSITO). Nevertheless, it is sufficient for most people. 

For those that'd like something simple and more straightforward, this may be an even better or ideal choice.

Realink modes and intensities

The option to choose between 15 level of intensities is the same as the majority of neck massagers in the market.

So don't worry, you'd still get a pretty good range of massage strength that will suit different needs and requirements. 

In terms of heat, the Realink employs a constant 107.6ºF, the optimal temperature found to be most effective in terms of promoting blood circulation and pain relief. It feels like a hot compress warm towel, not too hot, very comfortable on the skin. 


Product Name

Intelligent Neck Massager with Heat

Product Brand


Product Size

7.7 x 7.1 x 2.3 inches

Product Weight

0.35 pounds

What's Included

1 neck massager

1 remote control

1 micro USB charger

1 manual


1 year

(registered member get an additional year)

Wrapping Up 

Overall, the Realink Intelligent Neck Massager is one cordless neck massager with heat that we will highly recommend to those that'd want to give intelligent neck massagers a try. 

This is because the brand offers an unconditional return policy if say, you cannot adapt to it because pulse neck massage mode is, after all, quite different from the traditional physical neck massage mode.

If you find yourself not being able to get used to the sensation, you can apply so from the brand's after-sale service. 


Also, it is one of the very rare model that offers an additional year of warranty for its registered members, otherwise, it comes with the standard one year that every reputable neck massager is equipped with.

So yes, definitely one of the entry-level best neck massager that you can try without worrying too much.


AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager Review

AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager

The AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager is another newly released neck massager that, like the OSITO, has received rave reviews as soon as it was launched. 

If there is one model that we will choose for being the best value for money, it will be this one no doubt. 

What We Like 

  • Additional electrode pads included
  • Under $50 price point
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly bulkier than other models

Design and Material 

Featuring a 3D ergonomic design that is engineered around the anatomy of the human body, the AONCO is able to fit the physiological curve of any human neck. 

Adding to that is the intelligent 3D suspension design and highly elastic frame technology which after testing it out personally, we can attest that it truly fits like a dream.

It sticks close to and around the neck, but not in a too tight or strangling way.

AONCO neck massager design

Employing a breathable, soft silicone material that is very comfortable on the skin, it has a fuselage switch incorporated on one arm of the device for you to control the level of intensity.

This is also the way you switch between different massage modes and turn on the heat function.  

It comes with a handheld remote control as well, with a LCD display screen. This way, you can always see the mode and intensity you are on.   

AONCO design

One of the biggest appeal of the AONCO neck massager is its versatility.

Comes with 4 additional external hydrogel shock patches, it means you can use this neck massager for other body parts as well. 

AONCO massage area

In fact, it is suitable for full body massage such as shoulders, waist, feet, calves, arms, back etc., everywhere except the chest area.

The gel pad is skin friendly and breathable, ensuring any discomfort or allergies can be avoided from long-term contact. 

And yes, all 4 hydrogel patches are FREE - they come with the neck massager in one package.

Apart from the OSITO, this is the only other smart neck massager that comes with such additional patches.

In fact, it is twice the amount of the former but at a price that is almost half of it. If this is not the best value for money purchase, what is?

Features and Functions

Like any other smart neck massagers, the AONCO uses TENS low frequency pulse massage technology to help with blood circulation and relieve cervical fatigue. 

This deep tissue neck massager builds up with 5 pulse modes - push, thump, knead, pinch and shiatsu and there are 15 levels of intensity settings for you to choose for each mode. 

All you need to do is wet the neck area where the two metal pads will come into contact before you use it and you will be able to feel the massage effects more effectively and intensely. 

AONCO heating function

Like any other best neck massager with heat, the AONCO offers a constant temperature heat compress at 42°C.

This is the optimal heat temperature found to be most effective in terms of promoting blood circulation, as well as relieving stiffness and swelling without feeling too hot on the skin to protect your cervical vertebra health. 

It comes with a 15-minute auto shut off feature as well to ensure safety is protected so you don't need to worry about falling asleep whilst using it. 

What we also like about the AONCO is that this therapeutic massager produces no noise at all so you can even enjoy a massage or two in the office in discreet without disturbing others.


Product Name

Intelligent Neck Massager with Heat

Product Brand


Product Size

7.8 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches

Product Weight

11.22 ounces

What's Included

1 neck massager

4 hydrogel patch

1 remote control


1 manual

Wrapping Up

If this is the first time you are using a smart or intelligent neck massager as some would call it, we think the AONCO Intelligent Neck Massager is an excellent choice to consider.  

At a glance, here is what the device entails:

AONCO summary

Most importantly, it does not cost a lot (under $50 only) and does not discount on the quality and workmanship. 

When it has received so many rave neck massager reviews from users across, you know you can't go wrong with the AONCO. 


OSITO Pulse Intelligent Neck Massager Review

OSITO Smart Neck Massager

There are many neck massagers out there but when it comes to being the best neck massager, we think the OSITO Pulse Neck Massager is rightly the winner of them all. 

Equipped with a never-before-seen number of massage modes and intensity levels, it has taken the massage world by storm as soon as it is released.

Let's see why that is the case.  

What We Like 

  • 10 massage modes, 50 intensities
  • Comes with 2 additional electrode pads
  • 3 heat settings
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly steep price tag

Design & Appearance

The OSITO adopts the 'headphone' like design like any other smart neck massagers, however, it takes things a notch further with its top quality engineering and material.

FDA-cleared, this pulse neck massager uses breathable soft silicone to adopt its ergonomic design that is of a high-elastic frame technology.

OSITO neck massager design

What this means is that the 'U' shaped device is highly flexible designed with adjustable space. This way, it can meet various body types and fit the different human body's cervical physiological curvature for maximum comfort level. 

You get 2 intelligent 3D suspension electrodes to deliver the electric pulses. By 'suspension', we mean that these electrode pads are flexible and can be adjusted to fit closely to your neck curve.

Here's an overall outlook of the whole device:

OSITO neck massager functions

Portable and lightweight, you can bring the OSITO anywhere you go to enjoy a neck massage any time.

As you can see from the picture above, it employs a micro-USB interface so that you can charge it conveniently like your mobile phone.

Speaking of charging, this pulse neck massager has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that has a large capacity like no other. 

OSITO battery capacity

You can expect a life expectancy of 500 times or more, meaning it can be used about 2 to 3 years without having to replace the battery.

We don't know about you, but having long lasting battery life for our portable devices are extremely important - you don't want to be changing them out every other day, do you?

It is the little things like this that elevate the OSITO to another level compare to its peers and competitors, making it the best neck massager to us. 

Features & Functions 

Having said that, the stood out feature of the OSITO has to be its revolutionary features and functions.

Amongst which is the number of modes and intensity levels it offers - they are second to none.  

10 Modes, 50 Intensities

Raising the benchmark for smart neck massagers in the future is this 10 modes, 50 intensities function that the OSITO offers. 

If this is the first intelligent neck massager you have ever came across, this may not mean much to you but truly, this is a new benchmark set in the industry.

OSITO modes and intensities
OSITO 50 intensity

You see, the average massage modes offered in other models are 3 to 5 only, with most (if not all) having an intensity level of 15 only at maximum. 

10 and 50 respectively? That's never be seen before. 

Why this is such a big deal is because it is able to cater to so much more different requirements and needs of the people. 

You see, different people have different conditions and different levels of tolerance.

Such settings, which include 1 auto mode, are able to therefore meet more of the different neck pain symptoms i.e. stiffness, swelling, soreness better, with its multiple choices offered.

OSITO 10 modes

As you can see, these modes include acupuncture, shiatsu, cupping, pushing and so on, all of which simulate the massage hands of a professional masseuse.

If you compare these options to those standard ones offered  by most neck massagers, you can see why this is regarded by many to be the best shiatsu neck massager - no other simulates quite the shiatsu technique like this one here does. 

Adding to that is the 50 kinds of intensity for you to choose according to your personal needs and preference, and all these - easily controllable and switched on via a remote control that comes with it. 

And oh, it is also equipped with a 15-minute auto-shut off function, so you don't need to worry about falling asleep while using it (which is a likely situation). 


We also mentioned here that the OSITO is the best neck massager with heat

You see, while all intelligent neck massagers are equipped with heat function, most of them have one static temperature only - 107.6° F or 42° C.

Which is the best heat setting found to be optimum in promoting effective blood circulation without feeling too hot or unbearable on the skin.

Rather, it soothes and feel comfortable like you're using a hot compress with a warm towel. 

OSITO neck massager heat settings

The OSITO, besides having this optimal temperature setting, offer two other degrees that is 38° C and 40° C, or 100.4° F and 104° F respectively.

This gives extra options to people who can't tolerate heat well, so that they can choose a temperature that feels most comfortable to them. 

Now you see what we mean by it being the best rated neck massager?

In any case, there is an advanced sensor technology incorporated to precisely control the temperature range so you don't have to worry about excessive heat.

Other Areas

One last thing, and this is not something you'd find in many neck massagers (this being the other exception) is that the OSITO comes with 2 extra pieces of electrode body pads as well.

What this means is that you get to target hard-to-reach areas such as the arms, shoulder, back, waist, leg etc. 

benefit of neck massager

Yes, this means that apart from the neck, you get to use the device on other body areas as well that require relaxation from stiffness or fatigue, or relief from pain and aches.

In particular, it works wonders on the shoulder and back area which is why many regard it as the best neck and shoulder massager as well.

The pads are reusable 20-35 times when properly use, and continuously for up to 10 hours.

Told you, there is some highly sophisticated engineering going on behind this smart neck massager. 


Product Name

Intelligent Pulse Neck Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

11.3 x 8 x 3.2 inches

Product Weight

1.85 pounds

What's Included

Remote control

2 pcs electrode body pads


1 year

Things to Note

Now, the OSITO Neck Massager is not without any downside. There is one quite major one in fact, that is - price. 

Not to say that the OSITO is overtly expensive in that very few could afford it, that's certainly not the case here but it is probably one of the most expensive intelligent neck massagers in the market. 

OSITO neck massager

So much so that it can be double the price of some other models out there, for example, this and this here. 

Do we think it's worth the extra penny charged though? Absolutely. 

If you'd look at this comparison chart that we have put together here, you can see that the OSITO's specifications are not quite like the other.

The 10 modes, 50 intensities are already a clear winner, not to mention the three heat options available when others only come with one standard 107.6° F. The additional electrode body pads that come with it also makes it multifunctional for other body parts and that alone, is already worth the money paid. 

Wrapping Up

So yes, if you have particularly chronic neck and shoulder pain, we think investing in the OSITO Smart Neck Massager is a wise decision.

The difference in quality compared to the others is pretty obvious, and you'd be able to feel the pain relief quite instantly.

OSITO neck

With stiff neck and neck pain getting more and more common nowadays, the OSITO no doubt gives a breath of relief in this environment without having you spend hundreds of dollars for clinical or physiotherapy treatment all the time. 

For an overall sense of wellbeing, we think it is an investment worthy to make.

Nevertheless, do take note and seek for professional advice beforehand if you suffer from any medical conditions, as it is stated here


Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager Review

Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager

The Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager is hands down the best rated neck massager in the market, what's with its perfect rating score (to date) from users across. 

That speaks a lot, considering competition is stiff within the smart neck massager industry, with its many excellent contenders.

What We Like 

  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Independent heating function
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • NIL

Design & Material

The Wandwoo Neck Massager has a modern, streamlined design.

You can see that it adopts more of the thin, light band look compared to others that are thicker and have more of a headset/headphone design. 

It is precisely because of this also that the Wandwoo is able to achieve such a lightweight profile - this little baby here weighs only 0.26 pounds, which is lighter than many cellphones we believe.

In fact, this is the lightest model we can ever find, easily making it the best portable neck massager in the market. 

Wandwoo battery life

Speaking of mobile phone, you can use your mobile phone charger or even a power bank to charge this neck massager as it employs a micro-USB general interface.

One charge can last you 10 times of usage, each use being 15 minutes. 

You can say goodbye to traditional bulky lines.

If you detest having anything around your neck, this one here will be perfect for you. You won't feel a thing, trust us!

It is worthy to note that the Wandwoo employs high-grade 304 stainless steel for its metal contacts - the electrode pads. 

Wandwoo design

This type of material is found to have high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which is why you can feel the effects of neck massage more instantly and effectively. 

We especially like the control panel embedded on the side of one arm - it is in this rotary shape where you can press on them easily to switch modes and intensities.

It comes with a remote control as well if you'd rather prefer that. You can choose the mode and intensity that suits you, just remember that the intensity level will be restored to level 1 when the mode was changed.

The LED digital display will always tell you what the current strength is. 

The skin-friendly, breathable material makes the carotid artery pressure-free - very important comfort-wise - while the U-shaped neck wraps closer to the skin, fitting different neck thickness. 

We have no complaint in the fit and comfort department, certainly. 

Features & Functions

So we spoke about changing the modes and intensities of the neck massage.

The Wandwoo here offers 5 different modes and 15 levels of intensity - not as many as the OSITO certainly, but nevertheless more than the average that is offered in the industry. The massage modes include:

Wandwoo modes and intensities
  • Automatic mode, application for daily massage
  • Beating Mode
  • Finger Massage Mode
  • Acupuncture Mode
  • Scraping Mode

Yep, through electric pulsing technology, it can simulate and mimic the massage techniques of a pair of human hands. 

The 15 levels of strength shall be able to meet your different massage needs, providing the best comfortable experience that suits you and other individuals that use it. 

This newest version of the Wandwoo Neck Massager has a built-in new thermostat, so it can now precisely control the temperature to avoid excessive heat and to keep it constant at all times.

Speaking of which, yes, it is the best neck massager with heat at a constant temperature of 107.6° F - the optimal temperature that will warmly penetrates the neck skin to give you the most comfortable neck relaxation.

Wandwoo constant temperature
Wandwoo heating function

What's more, and this is one feature that we LOVE about the Wandwoo is that you can switch the heating function on/off independently from the neck massage.

Because sometimes, you just don't want the heat. 


Product Name

Intelligent Neck Massager with Heat

Product Brand


Product Size

7.63 x 7.16 x 2.32 inches

Product Weight

0.26 pounds

What's Included

1 neck massager

1 remote control

1 micro usb cable

1 user manual


1 year

Wrapping Up

It is very rare that we cannot find something that we don't like but with the Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager, that's precisely the case. 

We simply like everything it is - there's nothing we would change. You can say that it is one of our top favourite amongst all the neck massagers that the industry has to offer.

Wandwoo massager

If we'd to nitpick though, it would probably be that it offers only one heat settings but before you jump into conclusions, note that this is actually the standard. If not for this revolutionary neck massager here, we wouldn't even expect there be an alternative option.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best neck massager with every possible thing that you need, at a very reasonable price point, then look no further - this is the one for you.