DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table Review

Devlon Northwest Pregnancy Massage Table

If the Master Massage Eva is a little too expensive for you, we have got a more affordable option - the Devlon NorthWest Pregnancy Massage Table

What We Like 

  • Reiki end panels
  • Affordable pricing
  • Removable belly and breast filler
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity

Features Highlight

They are both actually very similar in many ways.

For instance, the DevLon NorthWest also has reiki panels on both ends. This allows you to sit comfortably without having your knees restricted by any table panels, thereby having unblocked access to your client.

Devlon NorthWest shiatsu system
Devlon NorthWest reiki panels

Likewise, it also has shiatsu release cables that allow you to switch it from a traditional massage table to one that you can place directly on the ground (like a tatami).

Of course, being a prenatal massage table, it has a removable breast and belly cutout recess.

Your pregnant clients can finally feel what it's like to lie face down on their stomach. There will be a mesh support underneath the recess to provide a comfortable base for their pregnant belly, besides giving better and further support. 

Devlon Northwest pregnancy massage table
Devlon Northwest mesh support

The one difference with the Eva is that this cutout recess is slightly smaller, so that is something to keep in mind.

Devlon Northwest height adjustment

Likewise, it adopts the 2-knob height adjustment mechanism.

It is worthy to note that there is an upgrade done recently where the corners are now made rounded to provide the best comfort available.

The cushioning is also one of the thickest - 3 inches maximum comfort. If you have been doing your research, you would know that not many massage tables offer this kind of supreme thickness.


The DevLon NorthWest ups the game by providing a variety of massage table accessories so that you can use it right off the box.

Devlon Northwest head rest system

In particular, the headrest system is complete with both face cradle and hand pallet so that your clients can have a comfortable place to lay their hands on instead of dangling them while they lay face down on their stomach. 

You can detach it from the headrest though, should you desire to do so. 

What we like is that this pregnancy massage table has headrest outlets on both ends. This means you don't have to specifically look for the right end to attach the headrest onto, although this is an option only possible if you are not using the removable recess. 

Nevertheless, this is not something you often see in portable massage tables, so that is some thoughtful consideration the brand has put into. 

Last but not least, we HAVE TO mention about its levelled front armrests. They come in a pair and they are completely self-adjustable, making it convenient and easy for the client to find the best position for themselves.


Product Name

Pregnancy Portable Massage Table

Product Brand

Devlon NorthWest

Product Size

72.5(l) x 30(w) x 24-34(h) inches

Product Weight

49 pounds

Accessories Included

Face cushion (1x)

Face cradle (1x)

Armrest (2x)

Massage table bag (1x)

Working Weight

450 lbs

Things to Note

One thing to keep in mind is that the Devlon NorthWest has a much smaller working weight capacity compared to Master Massage Eva's, despite being heavier. 

We're talking about a difference of 300 lbs working capacity, and 13 pounds heavier. That is a pretty big distinction, especially when it comes to pregnant clients and portability.

Fortunately still, at 450lbs, it should cater to the most majority. If your clients lean on the bigger side, we still think the Eva is a better option.


  • Reiki end panels
  • Removable belly and breast filler recess
  • Shiatsu cable release
  • Deluxe rounded corners
  • 3" cushion thickness


  • Small working weight capacity
  • Heavy

Wrapping Up

Overall, we think the DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table is one top choice for a stationary prenatal massage table at home or at your massage parlour. 

DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Massage Table

Because if your don't need to carry it around, weight doesn't make any difference, really. Most importantly, it is not as expensive as the Eva - if you don't have to spend so much money on one, why should you?

Of course, if you're a prenatal massage therapist on the go, the heavier weight may be an issue. Nevertheless, the DevLon NorthWest has its own appeal. If intend to buy one, you should hurry because it is always sold out quickly.


If you think the Master Massage Eva is a bit too expensive (read more here), the DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table is a slightly cheaper pregnancy massage table option that you can consider.

(Alternatively, you may want to get this accessory to lay atop your table if you've already got one.)

Features Highlight

Devlon cutout