Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table Review

Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table

When it comes to electric massage table, there probably isn't any that is more popular than the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table.

Yes, this is yet another masterpiece from Earthlite (told you they are one of the best massage table brand around!), this time, it is an electric massage table.

What We Like 

  • Hands-free automatic massage table
  • Flat or Manual Tilt options 
  • 6 colour selections
  • ADA compliant height adjustment
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly steep price tag

Structure & Construction

The Ellora definitely stood out with its whisper quiet, hands-free lift adjustments. 

Made possible via a heavy-duty UL listed 600lb lift capacity motor that is operated by a convenient hands-free foot pedal, this automatic massage table has an ADA compliant height range of 17" to 36".

Earthlite Ellora height adjustment

This is found to be the optimum range for any therapists to feel comfortable both for their hands and back, as well as being the height that offers easy wheel chair transfer. 

As a result of this, the Ellora is a favourite for chiropractors, massage parlours as well as those in physical therapy. 

The Ellora also has embedded wheels so you can move the table with ease for cleaning when need be or any other purposes.

Earthlite Ellora upholstery
Earthlite Ellora components

Made in the USA, the frame is constructed of a powder-coated, solid steel frame while the upholstery is in standard Earthlite's proprietary Pro-Plush Deluxe 3" triple density cushioning and buttery smooth Natursoft fabric. 

If you don't already know, Earthlite massage tables are well-known for their supreme comfort because of this trademarked upholstery.

The base is a firm layer ensuring one will not feel the table at all whilst the middle layer is the thickest in terms of density to offer cushiness and support.

All these are wrapped up by a third layer of luxury supple Natursoft upholstery, Earthlite’s famous in-house-developed fabric that is buttery soft and supple to the skin. 

Size & Dimensions

Similar to the Sedona, the Ellora is available in different width options. Instead of 2, it comes in three sizes - 28", 30" and 32". Likewise, there are 6 colour choices available.

Earthlite Ellora manual tilt massage table
Earthlite Ellora manual tilt

The Ellora has two styles to choose from though - Flat and Manual Tilt. We prefer the Tilt version slightly more, simply because it offers more flexibility and positions for clients to get comfortable into but note that it is also slightly more expensive than the Flat version.

Nevertheless, lifetime warranty is offered for both in terms of the frame, with 3 years on the upholstery and 2 years on the electronic motor so you know this is one massage table will last you a lifetime.


Product Name

Ellora Electric Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 28,30,32(w) x 18-37(h) inches

Product Weight

271 pounds


Frame: powder-coated steel

Upholstery: PRO-PLUSH DELUXE 3” triple density cushioning, buttery smooth Natursoft upholstery

What's Included

Hands-free foot control

Caster wheels

Working Weight



Frame: lifetime

Upholstery: 3 years

Electric motor: 2 years


  • ADA height compliant adjustment
  • 6 colour selection
  • Automatic hands free massage table
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • Quite expensive

Our Verdict

Commercial use and lifetime warranty, the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table is the best option for business owners such as massage parlours, chiropractic clinics, physical treatment clinics and the likes.

Earthlite Ellora massage table

We wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for the best home massage table - it may be too overrated for your purpose (of course, you can surely purchase one if this is your preference) - it is certainly not the cheapest although for an electric massage table, we'd say its price point is pretty reasonable. 

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that it is the most popular electric massage tables in the market. For other alternatives, click here to find out more.