Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY 2022

Earthlite Harmony DX portable massage table
Earthlite Harmony DX

Ah, Earthlite.

Being the best massage table brand as some would say, it has produced some of the world’s best massage equipment for massage therapists since 1987.

From massage chairs like this to massage accessories like sheet sets and massage table heating pad, it has everything a professional masseuse will need. 

Their products are satisfaction guaranteed, all designed ergonomically using the best quality material.

Which comes as no surprise when we say their Harmony DX Portable Massage Table is one of the best portable massage table amongst all their portable massage tables. 

Features Highlight 

This Earthlite portable massage table becomes a favourite of so many for several reasons - superior comfort level, professional quality features and reasonable pricing. 

Frame and Construction

This model uses some of the best quality components in its construction.

Let’s start from its frame and table legs -  hard maple wood is used for most of the table parts, with some being even aircraft-grade plywood decking.

A 1000lb cabling system is included to reinforce its strength and durability and a full length piano hinge is installed to further increase its strength.

As a result, it can hold up to 600lbs and you can be sure to get years of professional use out of this massage table. 

Earthlite frame

The legs have a non-slip feature so there is no need to worry about it sliding around during massage sessions. It uses sure-grip knobs so it is easy to adjust them (for the table’s height) and attractive dual maple outlets are installed for further security.

Besides that, a heavy duty, single pocket nylon carry case is also included for easy transportation.

It’s not just high quality material that is being used - their installation is top-notch work too. There are no squeaks or creaks when you fold or unfold the table, nor does it rattle when setting it up.

All the knots and cables fit well and can be tightened/unwinded with ease and the upholstery used is durable and high quality.

Earthlite Avalon face cradle

But perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Harmony DX is its patented Deluxe Adjustable Facecradle.

Using a patented Cloudfill poly-gel blend material, it provides ten times more the comfort compared to other standard ones.

Adding to that is the table’s 2.5” thick dual density cushioning. 

It can be adjusted (from a perfect horizontal position to a vertical one) to give your clients the best comfortable position.  

Things to Note

One thing to note, is that this portable massage table is 2” wider than the standard width of 28”. If you’ve read our buying guide, you will know the pros and cons behind this difference.

Nevertheless, this wide massage table will be perfect for you if your clientele leans on the bigger side.

Keep in mind though the extra 2 inches will reflect in the overall weight. By itself, it’s not that substantial at 33 pounds but with every accessory packed in the nylon carry case, the total weight is about 38 pounds.


  • Frame: hard maple  
  • Upholstery: Nature’s touch 100% PU
  • Tabletop: 73” x 30”
  • Height (Adjustable): 23” x 33”
  • Cushion thickness: 2.5” dual layer
  • Weight: 33lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Patented deluxe adjustable headrest
  • Cloudfill poly-gel blend face cradle cushion
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and construction
  • 3-year warranty for foam and upholstery 


  • Squeaking sound can be heard sometimes 
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Our Verdict 

It is made by one of the world’s most trusted brand in massage, so you can feel assured that you’re in good hands with the Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table.

If that is not enough, feel reassured by knowing that lifetime warranty is offered (for frame and construction) and 3 years warranty for the foam and upholstery. 

Think a black massage table is too plain? There are three other colours for you to choose from too. If you like what you’ve been reading so far, and have a slightly bigger budget, then why not get its premium version here (made in the USA) instead?