Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table Review

Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table

The Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table is not quite like the other.

At a glance, it may seem like your ordinary wooden massage table but it is not what it seems - this one here has a versatility like no other. 

What We Like 

  • Squeak-proof and holds 4000lbs
  • 3 bases, 3 tops options
  • Made in USA
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Some combination can be quite expensive

3 Bases, 3 Tops

Known for its 3 bases, 3 tops options, the Sedona is available with a trestle, shelf or cabinet base that can be combined with a flat, manual tilt or pneumatic salon top. 

Earthlite Sedona options

9 different combinations, perfect for every need.

What this means is that you can personally customise the table according to your individual needs.

For example, you may want to have either a shelf or cabinet base if you are a massage therapist. For the beauty/facial therapists or tattooist, a manual tilt or pneumatic salon top may be an indispensable feature.

The choice is up to you entirely. 

Structure & Construction

Made in the USA (from components sourced globally), the Sedona also has a built and structure like no other. 

Earthlite Sedona construction
Earthlite Sedona flat

If you know about the brand, you will know that it is all about sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Earthlite uses managed forest North American Maple and other hardwoods from eco-friendly, managed forest sources and this is a message we truly support. 

For this one here, it is constructed with solid hard maple legs and hardwood frame that can hold an amazing 4,000lbs - that is more than some automobiles!

Certainly, it is the stationary massage table with the biggest working weight capacity out of all that are included in our massage table reviews here

Despite the hard wood frame, this wooden massage table is 100% squeak-proof

Earthlite Sedona upholstery

Upholstery wise, it is hand upholstered for superior comfort with 3" plush inches of premium Pro-Plush Deluxe triple density cushioning and Natursoft - Earthlite's proprietary oil and water resistant eco-fabric. 

This trademarked cushioning provides supreme comfort and durability none can compare.

You may want to also know that the corners of the table are rounded and sewn down to make it easier for therapists to lean across the table in comfort.

Size & Dimensions

Another aspect that sets the Sedona apart from its competitors is that it is available in 2 different sizes to suit different needs.

By that, we mean there are different table widths that you can choose - 30" and 32". Both are wider than the standard 28" so this is a good choice to those that want a wide massage table. 

The total length of the table will be the same for each though, which is 73".

Earthlite Sedona height adjustable

Height wise, it can be manually adjusted from 24"-33". Double knobs are in place to secure the legs firmly in place and rubber bottoms are provided for extra support and stability. 

See what we mean by versatility?

Available in an assortment of vinyl colours, it is also one of the very few stationary massage tables that offer such options. There are Vanilla Creme, Marie's Beige, Latte, Sterling, Mystic Blue and Black for you to choose from so plenty of choices there. 

The whole table structure itself is offered LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY while the upholstery and cushioning has 3 years. If you have read our previous tips and guides on how to choose the best option in any category really, you will know that the duration of warranty is a major indication of a product's quality.

For Earthlite to offer such extensive warranty for the Sedona, you know this is of a quality that will last you years of use. 


Product Name

SEDONA Stationary Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73"(l) x 30",32"(w) x 24"-33"(h) inches

Product Weight

113 pounds


Frame: hardwood maple

Upholstery: 100% polyurethane Natursoft™ vinyl, three layers of three-inch CFC-free Pro-Plush Deluxe™

What's Included

Depending on type

Working Weight

4000 lbs


Table: lifetime

Upholstery: 3 years


  • Strong support up to 4000lbs
  • Multiple size options
  • 3 bases 3 tops - 9 configuration options
  • Hand upholstered using proprietary materials
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on upholstery


  • Some combination can be quite expensive

Our Verdict

Produced by one of the best massage table brand in the market that has over 30 years of experience in the massage equipment industry, you know the Sedona is one stationary massage table you can trust. 

Earthlite Sedona table

The multiple configuration that you can get out of the table is no doubt its bestselling signature, making it perfect for not just massage therapists but chiropractors, physical therapist, beauty facials and even tattooist. 

The fact that it is made in the USA gives it a few extra points too - these are super rare nowadays and do not come often. 

Given all these, it is understandable that the Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table may not be one of the cheapest massage table in the market.

It depends on the configuration that you go for really, for example, a cabinet shelf with pneumatic salon feature will no doubt be pricier than say, a flat option with trestle base. 

So yes, the Sedona is definitely one stationary massage table we will highly recommend particularly if you're looking for a versatile one. Take good care of it and use with diligence, this piece will last you a lifetime.