Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager Review

Evita Electric Hand Massager

The Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager is a new release but we cannot help including it in our best hand massager review - this Japanese model has amassed a perfect score rating to date. 

What We Like 

  • Very quiet
  • Deep and wide design enveloping the wrist
  • Most affordable option
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Non-rechargeable AAA batteries

Features & Functions

The Evita operates quite differently from the other hand massagers.

One-button Activation 

First and foremost, on top of having a few preset modes with certain settings inputted, you can adjust the level of pressure precisely to the degree that you want. A one-button activation is possible with this one here, with 3 stages of pressure for you to adjust. 

The strength of the airbag can be easily switched with a single button according to the mood and fatigue level of the day.

Evita decompression button

In particular, we like how it has a 'Decompression' button. This is for you to press if you want to release your hands when the pressure of the airbag feels a tad too strong. 

We find this extremely useful for those with rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel because such syndromes can have different levels of pain to different people.

With a function like this, you can truly control the pressure applied by pressing the button repeatedly to reach the exact level you want.

Compared to modes which already have particular settings pre-programmed, this no doubt gives better control to set what you truly want. 


Evita shiatsu massager

Heat is not foregone, don't worry.  When turned on, there will be a gentle warmth of 38-42°C (which is slightly warmer than the human hands) so that your hands will feel like as if they being relaxed by a pair of human hands. 

The relaxing effect is outstanding - we especially recommend for those who are concerned with dryness or coldness of their skin. 

The strength of the heater can be adjusted according to the season and mood. Altogether, there are 2 levels for you to adjust.

It is worthy to note that the Evita, like PGG, also allows hand cream application while you use the hand massager.

In fact, this is one of its biggest appeal to women users because it can serve as a hand spa treatment machine as well, not just purely for pain relieving purposes per se. 

Evita gloves application

If on any day you feel that your hands are too dry, try applying a hand cream and put on the vinyl glove provided to get a luxurious hand spa. There are 6 of them so you do not have to worry about lotions staining the interior of the device. 

The heat and massage will promote better absorption of the cream and you will see a more apparent effect in the moisturising and refreshing of your hands. 

All the above have a timer function in intervals of 5 (starting from 5 minutes) to ensure safety.

Altogether, there are 3 settings so you can rest assured that the massager will automatically stop even if you sneak in with an airbag in the middle. It is also recommended when you want to take a nap in a short interval. 


One thing that we really like about the Evita in terms of design is its sizing. 

Evita size

Not only does it feature a longer/deeper interior like the Lunix LX3 or Prourbier, it is also wider than the two which means it gives the most comfortable fit.

Big hands will no longer need to worry about poor/non-fitting issues, likewise, you can bet that it envelops the wrist perfectly to give even this area a good ol' massage.

Evita ergonomic design

Here's a look at the interior. 

Airbags are ergonomically designed within to give the compression desired and the whole hand will be wrapped from the wrist to the fingertips.

You can see from the picture left that dimples (a common occurrence) are also formed on the wrist. This proves that the wrist does indeed receive the stimulation and massage we're talking about. 


Out of everything, this is perhaps the aspect that we most want to bring your attention to. 

You see, like many other good models, the Evita is a wireless hand massager. HOWEVER, instead of using lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable and will not need replacement for at least 10 years, this one here uses standard AAA batteries. 

Evita charging method

The good thing is, you can use the Evita while plugged in to a power outlet unlike this one here which requires you to detach it from the power source before using. 

Speaking of which, it comes with both AC adapter and USB cable so that is a good thing as it gives you more recharging options.


Product Name

Evita Electric Heated Hand Palm Finger Massager

Product Brand

マールワン Mar one

Product Size

8.26 x 10.43 x 3.74 inches

Product Weight

2.37 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Vinyl gloves (6x)

AC adapter (1x)

USB cable (1x)

Instruction manual (1x)



Things to Note

Evita interface

You may notice this already, but the wordings on the display interface is in Japanese. We can't say this is totally out of our expectation - the Evita is, after all, a Japanese brand. 

It won't pose too big a problem though given there are symbols provided and they are pretty intuitive at a glance. 

In any case, the illustration pictured left should suffice in helping you understand what each button does.

More than that, it is the battery option that may be more of a concern to some.

As mentioned above, the Evita uses standard AAA batteries instead of the lithium ion ones. This means you will need to replace them regularly and we can see why that may be quite the nuisance to some. 

Evita charging

Is it that big an inconvenience though?

Not really. It may not even be an issue at all if you are going to place it at just one position i.e. on your work desk for when your hands get tired from all the typing.

It will stay stationary plugged in at that one spot - you will not need to constantly remind yourself to recharge the device every now and then.


  • Most affordable hand massager
  • Timer settings available
  • Precise control of massage
  • Decompression mode available
  • Generous sizing (width and length)


  • Uses non-rechargeable AAA batteries 

Wrapping Up

If you need any further convincing that this is the best hand massager for you, look at the rating score - numbers do not lie.

It is very rare to have something receive perfect rating, but that is precisely what the Evita Electric Heated Hand Massager is. 

The ability to give a luxurious hand spa treatment is what truly appeals to us because more often than not, people seem to associate a hand massager to be only for those with hand problems.

Evita for everyone

That is not the case with this one here - the obvious moisturizing effect it gives to the hands is spectacular. It definitely is comparable to that you receive in a spa parlour, but without the expensive price.

Speaking of price, you will want to know that this is the cheapest (price-wise) electric hand massager on the market as well. At such a price, you probably wouldn't find another that is of the same or even comparable quality.