FIT KING Compression Leg Massager Review

FIT KING Compression Leg Massager

When it comes to foot and calf massager, something like this may be what that came to mind immediately.

Indeed, a calf-height machine unit, sitting on the floor of your living room (or under your work desk) is probably the most common type of foot and calf massager we are used to seeing. But truth is, this is not the only type available.

Gaining traction and popularity in recent years are air compression leg massagers – a massage machine that gives out sequential compression massage using airbag technology. 

They come in a boot-like design, in the form of wraps that go around the whole leg from foot to calf with some, even the thighs. Like this:

Amongst all, the brand “FIT KING” is probably the most well-known, having released some of the best foot calf massagers in the industry.

Model: FIT KING FT-009A 

A long-standing bestseller since its release, the FIT KING FT-009A is the brand’s best rated foot and calf massager to date.

Fit King Leg Air Massager

We have actually reviewed it in this foot massager reviews of ours here but here’s a more detailed version.


How this air compression leg massager works is by pressing the foot and calf muscles from lower to upper – toe to calves – to relieve fatigue and improve circulation.

2x 2 airbags are installed within to do this, with hoses connected to the leg cuffs/wraps. Once the compressor is turned on, the air chambers in each leg cuff will be filled up with air in the sequence you choose before gradually compressing each muscle group in the legs and feet repeatedly.

FIT KING massage area

What this does is that the wraps, by using these compression intervals, stimulate circulation in the hamstrings, calves and feet to help facilitate blood flow back to the heart. 

This is particularly useful in helping with recovery after strenous activities such as running or tough workout sessions, or simply after having been stood too long.

You can choose the compression sequence you like the most and there are 2 modes – Sequential and Circulation -  in this model for you to choose from.

You may also see that it is advertised to be offering up to 10 massage techniques/system. 

FIT KING remote control

What that means is that there are 5-10 times different inflation and deflation process in each massage system. Incidentally, the time in each massage mode and massage system is too, different.

All of which have 3 intensities (from light to tight massage experience) selectable via a remote control.

There is also a 20-minute timer function. Do not underestimate the usefulness of this – especially to the elderly because they do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Given you MAY fall asleep while using it, having an auto-shut off function like such is very helpful.





FIT KING dimensions


3.4 pounds

Rated Voltage

AC100V – 240V /DC12V 1A

Rated Power


We like how this best rated foot massager has higher legs and longer feet wraps for a bigger coverage. They can be adjusted easily to change the size and intensity – just strap the velcro in the snugness you’d like.

At its own, the maximum calf size is 22 inches. 2 free extensions are provided though and they can fit up to 28.5 inches, so different people in the household are able to get a use out of it.

For the feet, if you find that it is a bit too tight, you too can make adjustment by cutting at the sewing lines at the top of the toe position to make more space.

Model: FIT KING FT-011A 

The FT-011A is everything the FT-009A is, with one addition feature - heat.

Fit King FT-011A Foot and Leg Massager

Yes, this one has what’s known to be almost an indispensable massage feature many would love to have incorporated into their massage session, as evident by the number of heated foot massager searches conducted every day in the market.

FIT KING FT-011A heat pad

As pictured left, heat is dispensed at the knee area in this model.

There are 2 heating levels available to choose from - low and high - but should you desire, you can also turn it off completely and have just the massage separately. 

So yes, you will have an additional button on the remote control for it here.

We will say the FT-011A is the best foot and calf massager especially for people with knee problems.

You see, when it comes to common foot or leg pain problems, people often neglect or forgot that the knees are also an area susceptible to quite the number of ailments.

FIT KING FT-011A knee heat

For instance, if you are always afraid of the cold or often complained of cold legs, there could be an underlying knee problem and not just the usual circulatory issues. 

In that regard, the FT-011A will be the best heated foot massager for it because the concentrated heat at the knee area will help alleviate that, as well as any arthritis or knee pain issues.

Compared to the FT-009A, this one here has an additional "Whole" mode to choose from and that basically means a combination of both the "Sequential" and "Circulation" mode. 

The rest of the features though, are the same as the FT-009A, including having 3 levels of intensities, 10 massage techniques and 2 free extensions. 





FIT KING FT-011A size dimensions


4.4 pounds

Rated Voltage

AC100V – 240V /DC12V 2A

Rated Power


Model: FIT KING FT-012A

Contrary to many’s belief, the FT-012A is not an extension or advanced model of the FT-011A.

Rather, we would say it is the FT-009A version with thigh coverage. This is because while its massages extends to the thigh, it does not cover the knee area with there being a cut-up in this part.


But yes, this is also a thigh massager besides being one of the best foot calf massager as regarded by many.

If you have done your research well, you will know that there aren’t many of these available in the market (with this being another option).

FIT KING FT-012A massage area

What it does is pretty similar to the other two FIT KING models above, in that sequential compression massage is applied to relieve fatigue and pain as well as to improve body circulation. 

But it goes one step beyond by having these massages applied to the thighs area so that the whole leg can receive the same stimulation, thereby increasing the efficacy of leg massage even more. 

With an extra set of airbags on each side, you do get stronger massage/compression pressure compared to the former two models.

If the thigh wraps are a little too tight, there is an option for you to extend its circumference by purchasing thigh extensions that has a circumference range of 26" to 40" from FIT KING itself. 

FIT KING FT-012A independent air channels

Similar to the FT-011A, the FT-012A also has 3 massage modes and 3 intensity levels. 

However, because this one here has independent air channels and chammbers, you get to specifically choose the area you want your massages on.

For instance, you’d like to have just your calves massaged today, no problem - switch off the feet and thigh massage. Feeling like just the feet need pampering? Turn the other two off.

To those that are looking to have the whole leg massaged and not just the feet and calves, the FIT KING FT-012A will be the closest and best foot and leg massager in getting that.





FIT KING FT-012A size dimensions


4.8 pounds

Rated Voltage

AC100V – 240V /DC12V 1A

Rated Power


A Comparison Chart

Here’s a side-by-side comparison chart depicting the key differences between the three models:

Fit King Leg Air Massager
Fit King FT-011A Foot and Leg Massager


Foot, Calves

Foot, Calves, Knees

Foot, Calves, Thighs





















All three models come with the following:

  • 2x massage cuffs
  • 2x size extensions
  • 1x handheld controller
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x quick-start manual
  • 1x storage travel bag
FIT KING package

Why An Air Compression Leg Massager?

While we wouldn’t say an air compression leg massager like is better than the traditional foot and calf massager, there are certain benefits that the latter does not possess.

One of them being portability.

Comparatively, an air leg compression massager is so much more compact in size. This makes it super portable as it can be folded up. If you have read our foot and calf massager reviews, you would know that most compression leg massagers, and not just the FIT KING, come with their very own carry bag.

fit king leg massager carry bag

This means not only are you able to have a massage anywhere in the house without having to go through the hassle of moving a bulky machine room to room, you can also pack it into your luggage and bring it with you on your travels.

And this, is perhaps one of the biggest appeal of air compression leg massagers.

You see, there is probably nothing better than coming back to the hotel/lodging after a long day’s worth of exploration on your feet to have your tired feet and calf muscles compressed and massaged.

Not everyone can afford to have a spa session all the time, so as an alternative, an air compression leg massager is the best foot massager in that regard.

Another benefit, and this is related to the portability point is that it is also easier to be tucked away in storage compared to the traditional bulky foot massagers. The latter will, no matter how small or big, take up some floor space inevitably. 

If you don’t have much space to start with, having an extra item laying around can be quite the nuisance.

FIT KING packed

With something like the FIT KING, even if you don’t pack it back up into its bag after each use, it will still not take up much space. 

At most, you may have lesser seating space on the couch but not a problem that can’t be easily solved by simply packing it away.

And of course, an air compression leg massager is much more cheaper than a foot and calf massager. Even for the more extensive models that cover up to the thighs like the FT-012A, it still cost only about a fraction of the latter’s price.

To a certain extent, it is also more versatile in the sense that it is able to fit a more varied user base. You see, one common complaint that continues to plague foot and calf massagers is the size limitation they pose to those with bigger feet and calves.

Certainly, they do not have the flexibility that an air leg massager provides whereby you get to adjust the snugness simply by tweaking the velcro straps of the wraps. 

FIT KING calf size

While most are able to accommodate a range of sizes nowadays, there are still some that do not fit certain feet/calves size.

By providing extensions, compression leg massagers like the FIT KING is able to fit more people and best of all, these extensions are included in the package free of charge. All FIT KING models give out TWO free extensions.

Last but not least, an air compression leg massager does not require you to sit still at the edge of your seat to be able to get a foot massage.

fit king lay on couch
FIT KING lay flat

Once strapped in, you can lay your feet flat on the couch or even lie on your back to enjoy a blissful foot and calf massage. You know you’d always wanted to do that.

Keep in mind though, it is still an electric foot massager at the end of the day so you do have to be near a power outlet to get it functioning.

Who is Suitable?

We’ve mentioned here before, but a compression massage is especially beneficial to people with circulatory issues or problems like varicose veins or spider veins.

This is because it is one of the best calf massager with its sequential compression method being especially effective in stimulating blood flow and doubling the circulation thereby reducing inflammation and soreness.

varicose veins

We have had users testifying that their unsightly spider veins all gone after using the FIT KING FT-012 twice. Yep, TWICE only.

So if you’re battling with these issues, it’s worthwhile to give the FIT KING a go.

Apart from that, people with edema, neuropathy numbness or restless leg sydrome will also find immense relief with compression massages like these.  

FIT KING relieve fatigue


  1. Have high labor intensity;
  2. Have high working pressure;
  3. Stand or sit for a long time;
  4. Travel frequently;
  5. Often wear high heel shoes.
FIT KING improve circulation


  1. Have poor circulation;
  2. Have restless leg syndrome, varicose veins, swollen or edema;
  3. Need health care massager everyday;
  4. Middle-aged and elderly people.
FIT KING relax muscles


  1. Often go to the gym;
  2. Have a long trip;
  3. Often biking, dancing, climbing;
  4. Enjoy yoga;
  5. Finish workout or training.

That said, please consult a doctor before use if you have any medical conditions, specifically if you’re:

  • Using pacemaker or other medical devices that are susceptible to electrical interference;
  • Pregnant or at puerperium;
  • Suffering from osteoporosis, malignant tumors or cardiac diseases.

Find out more here if you’re unsure, alternatively, consult your doctor.

Wrapping Up

There are many air compression leg massagers in the market but FIT KING is no doubt the top foot massager regarded by many in the industry. 


Be it it's the FT-009A, FT-011A or FT-012A, each has their own fanbase with rave reviews received from young and old all over the globe supporting them as some of the best home foot massager to own.

If you are wondering if there is ever one, or what is the best foot massager that wouldn't cost you an arm or a leg, this is certainly one answer.