Best Foot Massagers for Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common orthopedic complaints, plantar fasciitis has (and continues to) plagued so many of our population.

It is quite ... disruptive to our daily lives to say the least, because the pain sensation that it causes is something most of us cannot ignore.

Amongst the numerous treatment and soothing options that are available, foot massaging is one common avenue most people turn to for fast and efficient pain relief. Which explains the surge of foot massagers in the market because they make the whole process so much more easier and convenient.

The thing is, not every foot massagers fit the bill when it comes to addressing plantar fasciitis.

We will explain this further in detail below but while the internet is not short of foot massager reviews, not many really shortlist which particular ones address the plantar fasciitis condition specifically.

This article will deal with just that - exploring what are the top foot massagers that deal with a condition like this.  

Top 10 Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis - A Comparison Chart

Size: 22 x 11 x 17.7 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Technique: Knead, Heat, Air Compression, Vibration 

Application: Feet, Legs, Calves, Toes, Ankles

Editor's Rating:                      (4.5/5.0) 

Size: 16 x 12 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 11 pounds

Technique: Vibration 

Application: Feet, Heels, Calves, Toes, Ankles

Editor's Rating:                      (4.4/5.0) 

Size: 15.8 x 14.2 x 3.2 inches

Weight: 7.63 pounds

Technique: Heat, Shiatsu Rolling 

Application: Feet, Heels, Toes

Editor's Rating:                      (4.5/5.0) 

Renpho Foot Massager

Size: 16.8 x 15.3 x 9.8 inches

Weight: 10.5 pounds

Technique: Heat, Kneading, Shiatsu, Air Compression 

Application: Feet, Heels

Editor's Rating:                      (4.4/5.0) 

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager

Size: TBC

Weight: 13.2 pounds

Technique: Heat, Kneading, Shiatsu, Air Compression 

Application: Feet, Heels

Editor's Rating:                      (4.4/5.0) 

osito medic foot massager

Size: TBC

Weight: 5.4 pounds

Technique: EMS, TENS Unit technology 

Application: Feet, Calves, Ankles, Legs, Hips, Lower Back, Shoulder, Waist

Editor's Rating:                      (4.3/5.0) 

homedics triple action foot massager

Size: 14.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches

Weight: 6.8 pounds

Technique: Heat, Shiatsu Rolling 

Application: Feet, Heels, Toes

Editor's Rating:                      (4.2/5.0) 

Arealer Foot Massager

Size: 14.2 x 8.7 x 16.5 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

Technique: Heat, Shiatsu, Air Compression  

Application: Feet, Heels, Ankles

Editor's Rating:                      (4.2/5.0) 

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Size: 17.6 x 16.9 x 9.9 inches

Weight: 13.07 pounds

Technique: Knead, Heat, Shiatsu Rolling, Air Compression 

Application: Feet, Toes, Ankles

Editor's Rating:                      (4.4/5.0) 

Triducna Shiatsu Foot Massager

Size: 13.3 x 8.5 x 6.9 inches

Weight: 10.2 pounds

Technique: Knead, Heat, Shiatsu Rolling, Air Compression 

Application: Feet, Toes, Ankles

Editor's Rating:                      (4.3/5.0) 

Top 10 Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis - Review

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager is regarded by many to be the best foot massage machine for plantar fasciitis. We couldn't agree more.

For one, it offers one of the best deep tissue massage we can ever find in a foot massager.

Not just that, but one that is of the right intensity required for excellent plantar fasciitis relief. With a design versatility that allows it to also massage the calf, it is considered one of the best electric foot massager for foot ailments like diabetic neuropathy, heel spurs and the likes ... continue reading here


  • Deep kneading shiatsu massage
  • Heat, air compression, vibration
  • Versatile bar design for multiple positions
  • Adjustable angle for comfort
  • Fit most sizes
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Pricier than other foot massagers (but worth every penny!)
MedMassager Therapeutic MMF06 Foot Massager

Quite different from the Cloud Massage from a design perspective, the MedMassager Therapeutic MMF06 Foot Calf Massager is another unit considered to be the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis. 

Not just that, but for those with conditions like neuropathy and heel spurs too.

One thing that always gets associated with the MedMassager is its POWER. If you are at the lookout for a strong foot massage, you will not be disappointed with this one here. You can even wear your socks or shoes when using it - it is that powerful. Find out what else it does here ...


  • Powerful with 11 speed (1000-3700 rpm range) 
  • Can be used with or without shoes
  • Full-sized oscillating foot pad included
  • Arch bar for added stimulation 
  • Used by doctors and chiropractors
  • Oversize foot plate cater up to men's size 17


  • No heat 
  • May slide on smooth surface
  • Pricier than other foot massagers
Nekteck Foot Massager

Now, who doesn't like a good bargain?

One of the most affordable electric foot massager, the Nekteck Foot Massager is no stranger in any foot massager review. This is easily one of the best rated foot massager ever under the $100 price point.

Featuring 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes, this foot massager is able to reach every part of the foot. It especially gets to the heels, which makes it the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis. The heat can be turned on and off according to preference, and continue reading here ...


  • Very affordable
  • 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager
  • 3 levels adjustable height 
  • Portable and easy operation
  • Manual heating function - can be switched off if desire
  • Excellent customer service 


  • May not work well if feet arches are too high
Renpho Foot Massager

One thing with close-toe designed foot massagers is that it may not fit those with larger feet. 

If you happen to have bigger feet and had trouble finding a foot massager that fits, you will be very happy with the RENPHO Shiatsu Home Foot Massager.

This, is the best electric shiatsu foot massager for large feet.

Fitting up to a men's size of 12, this shiatsu foot massager with heat will be able to fit most people with its enlarge foot rooms. Equipped with rotation balls and rolling stick, the RENPHO offers some of the best deep kneading shiatsu foot massage.


  • Adjustable massage and squeeze intensity
  • Can control kneading and air compression separately 
  • 15/30 minutes automatic timer 
  • Detachable cloth cover 
  • Fits most people 


  • Takes a while to heat up 
Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager reflects the RENPHO in many way - both have closed-toe designs, both offer very similar types of foot massage and both are within the same price point (with this one here being slightly cheaper).

However, if the former is catered to the larger feet market, the Snailax is exactly the opposite - it is the best foot massager for the petites.

Now, do not think that just because one has smaller feet, any foot massager will do since well, you can definitely fit in it, isn't it? That's not the case.

If your feet is too small for what a foot massager is designed for, you may find certain parts of your feet not getting the massage it requires. The Snailax is one that prevents that from happening, if you happen to have small feet.


  • Adjustable massage and squeeze intensity
  • Can control kneading and air compression separately 
  • 15/30 minutes automatic timer 
  • Detachable cloth cover 
  • Fits most people 


  • Takes a while to heat up 
osito medic foot massager

You could probably already tell from its design, but the OSITO Foot Circulation Plus Medic Foot Massager is not your typical foot massager.

Instead of going for the usual vibration, kneading or shiatsu techniques, this one here employs the EMS and TENS Unit technology. But

One of the most advanced and popular treatment option, it adopts what's called an electrical stimulation therapy - the sending of micro current impulse to neuromuscular for feet and body treatment. Not quite sure what that meant? Find out more about this FDA-cleared foot medical device here ...


  • Can be used on other parts of the body besides feet
  • FDA-approved Class II Medical Device
  • Electrical stimulation therapy - the most advanced and popular treatment currently 
  • Infrared remote controller 
  • No noise 
  • Great customer service 


  • Not for everyone i.e. pregnant, DVT, cardiac pacemaker etc.
homedics triple action foot massager

A Homedics shiatsu foot massager is a staple in any best foot massager reviews but in this instance, we think its Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager, out of all its other models, is the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis.

This is because it has triple rotational heads (18 powerful nodes in total) to provide heated deep kneading shiatsu massage along the length of your feet.

If you have arthritis in addition to plantar fasciitis, this is even better because the flat open-design means your feet need not be compressed.


  • Circular kneading shiatsu massage
  • Very affordable and lightweight
  • Optional heat 
  • Large platform design accommodates any size
  • Toe-touch operation design
  • Breathable mesh design 
  • 1 year full warranty 


  • Does not suit people with high feet arches
  • Heat is pretty weak
  • Cannot control speed of the rollers
Arealer Foot Massager

For those that are particular about heat, the Arealer Shiatsu Foot Massager will be right up your alley. 

This is because this one here, contrary to its many competitors, offers two temperature levels for you to choose.

You see, when it comes to foot massagers,  the heat function of the majority is actually not very strong. 

Although heat is included in most models, many actually find that the temperature provided is rather insignificant. Yet some people may not like too much a heat. The Arealer caters to just that with its dual settings, with temperature accuracy up to 1 °C. 


  • Deep kneading massage nodes 
  • 5 levels of pressure 
  • 2 levels of heat intensity 
  • Removable feet sleeve 
  • Touch button + remote control 


  • Short warranty period (6 months)
Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Next up, we have the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager. If you have been doing your research, you will see that this unit comes up pretty often in many foot massager reviews.

Understandably so, given this little device here is one of the cheapest and most affordable foot massager in the market.

In a closed-toe design, the Miko covers the entire feet, arch, sides and ankles and if you have a high arch at your feet, this foot massager is particularly suitable for you.


  • Kneading, shiatsu, heat, air compression
  • Very affordable
  • Auto shut-off timer & overheating temperature control
  • Wireless remote (2 provided)
  • Washable foot liners for hygiene upkeep
  • 1 year full warranty 


  • Not recommended for small feet
  • Takes awhile to heat up 
  • Inconsistent air pressure
Triducna Shiatsu Foot Massager

Last but not least, it is the Triducna Shiatsu Foot Massager that we want to talk about.

We like this electric foot massager because it is one of the most flexible unit ever that offers fully customizable massages.

By that we mean all the functions can be used separately. 

Not only do they operate independently (meaning you can switch one mode off and have just the other, or have both together), you get to also select different levels of intensity AND pressure for each massage function.


  • All functions can be used separately
  • 3 intensity levels
  • 3 level air compression
  • Washable foot sleeves
  • 15/30 minutes auto shut off timer 
  • 30-day money back guarantee & 2-year warranty


  • Noise
  • Heat is quite mild

Plantar Fasciitis - Explained


So, what exactly is 'plantar fasciitis'?

We'll have to get a bit technical here, bear with us. 

'Fasciitis' actually means the "inflammation of the fascia". Fascia, is the connective tissue surrounding muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Plantar fasciitis is therefore, the "inflammation of the plantar fascia" which causes stiffness and pain in the heel

plantar fasciitis illustration

Have a look at the illustration left. See where the plantar fascia is?

This is a thick, weblike ligament that is made of collagen. It connects your heel to the front of your foot and supports the arch of your foot, acting as a shock absorber and helping you to walk.

As you can think of then, your plantar fascia ligaments experience a lot of wear and tear in your daily life.

Now, normal walking may not cause too much of a concern, but if too much pressure is put on your feet, it can damage or tear these ligaments. 

When this happens, the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, and such inflammation causes heel pain - because the whole part is all connected.

So if we are to put it very simply, plantar fasciitis means a condition that causes pain at the bottom of your heel.

Who Gets It

While it is a type of injury that tends to target avid hikers and runners, that is not necessarily always the case.

runner high heels plantar fasciitis

Anyone (and not just the middle-aged) can develop it if there is a sudden increase in training mileage, or if you wear worn running shoes or run on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Wearing high heels all day then switching to flat running shoes can also lead to plantar fasciitis.  

The severity of it varies according to individuals but you shouldn't neglect it. Truth be told, the pain will only become worse by the day if you don’t address the problem. It can be quite a stubborn condition so do not underestimate it. 

How Do I Know If I Have It

Having said that, just because you feel some kind of pain on your foot doesn't necessarily mean that you have plantar fasciitis. 

But one major complaint plantar fasciitis sufferers have is pain at the bottom of the heel. Sometimes, it is at the bottom mid-foot area. Whilst most only have it on one foot, it can affect both feet for some people.

plantar fasciitis area of pain

The pain is like a burning or ache on the bottom of the foot extending outward from the heel. It develops gradually over time and the pain can be dull or sharp but once the area is warmed up, it tends to fade.

Which means you won't usually feel it during the activity, bur rather, just after stopping. For example, when you start to run, you may feel this sharp jab of pain initially but after awhile, you don't feel it anymore until after you've stopped, the pain returns again. 

plantar fasciitis pain in the morning

Another telling sign is the moment you first step out of bed in the morning. You feel this sudden strain on the bottom of your foot which turn into, again, pain in the heel or arch.

The same sensation can also happen if say, you have been sitting or lying down for a while and then you get up to walk. 

So yes, if you feel a sharp stab or deep ache described as above, chances are, you may have plantar fasciitis.

Nevertheless, the best way to know for sure is to consult a doctor for a definite diagnose so that you can get the right treatment.

How A Foot Massager Help In The Recovery Process

There are a few things you can do to treat plantar fasciitis, amongst them, foot massage continues to be one popular option many go for to deal with the heel pain.

plantar fasciitis massage

This is because not only does it provide quite an instant relief, it is also one of the safest method given it is all natural, so you do not have to worry about any potential side effects as is the case with countertop medications. 

Here's the philosophy behind:

  • Loosen tight muscles and tendons - since plantar fasciitis is essentially a repetitive strain injury to the fibrous tissue on the underside of the foot, massage (especially deep tissue) loosen and stretch tendons, ligaments and fascia that have become painfully tight over time, helping them relax back into their normal posture.
  • Increases circulation - regulate and distribute blood cells throughout the entire body while redirecting potentially harmful cells to specific parts of the body for removal.
  • Break down adhesions and scarring - temporarily diminish the pain signals from nerve endings.
  • Stimulate blood flow - blood flow is actually low in the lower part of the body, especially in the proximity of the feet so massaging the feet will optimize circulation in this lower extremity of the body. This makes a significance difference not just in plantar fasciitis sufferers but also people who suffer from diabetes.

You can massage using your own hands, or you can use a foot massager which, in our opinion, is easier and more convenient.

Note that what we are saying is that massage helps one deals with the heel pain effectively. Such pain relief can be felt rather instantaneously, but it is important to remember that this is just temporary. 

Foot massage does NOT heal plantar fasciitis per se - for full recovery, you will need to treat the underlying cause of it. Each case is different for each individual so it's best to seek professional help in that regard.

It is important to keep this in mind so as not to have any unrealistic expectations from foot massagers, but if you are to ask us whether massage helps in the recovery process? The answer is a definite "yes" - it certainly is more effective than simply resting your feet.

Not Every Foot Massager Is Suitable for Plantar Fasciitis - Why?

While foot massagers generally rejuvenate the feet and legs, not every foot massager suits when it comes to targeting plantar fasciitis.

foot massager plantar fasciitis

You see, this condition targets the heel and arch of the feet specifically. You will want to get massagers with attention that is placed on the foot area

Getting a foot and calf massager that targets the entire leg (or calf) may not be of much help in this case because you need something that focuses on the target areas - the heel and arch. 

Also, the intensity of a unit is another issue to factor in when selecting an electric foot massager for plantar fasciitis. You do not want to get something that is too intense, yet something too soft will fail to address the problem altogether. 

heel spurs pain area

And when your feet are overly sensitive, or if you also suffer from arthritis, all the more you should put extra care into choosing one that isn't too harsh on its operation.

You may want to consider a foot spa massager in this regard, as the soothing water sensation brings an extra layer of comfort .

So yes, although foot massagers provide a range of benefits, extra attention should be paid when choosing one for plantar fasciitis to make sure you get the relief you expect.

Our foot massager review above has done all the hard work for you by filtering out those that do not do much from a plantar fasciitis therapy perspective, so that should hopefully make choosing your ideal foot massager for plantar fasciitis an easier process.