Health Line Stationary Massage Table Review

Health Line Stationary Massage Table

If the MT Harvey Treatment is all about the straightforward design, the Health Line Stationary Massage Table is exactly the opposite.

Probably the only stationary massage table in the market with the most adjustments, this one here is a 3 section wooden massage table with storage compartment.  

What We Like 

  • 0~40° backrest angle adjustment
  • Adjustable 3 sections
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity

Signature 3-Section Design

By 3 section, we mean the table is separated into 3 parts whereby the top, middle and bottom section can all be tilted separately into a desirable angle for different postures.

What this means is that customers get to not only lie flat to enjoy a whole body massage, but recline on the back rest to enjoy a lower body massage as well. 

Health Line massage table backrest

Starting from the top section (this is where a headrest can be attached to - more below), the backrest can be adjusted into different angles ranging from 0~40°.

It is found that such an angle range provides the best comfortable posture for different customers hence why the Health Line massage table is designed as such. 

Meanwhile, the middle and bottom sections (the leg rest) can be adjusted in 7 different levels, independently of one another, so that you can customize different positions for different customers. 

In particular, the adjustments of these two parts are aimed to help customers who have blood circulation problems in the lower limbs get better lower body circulation when they lie down. 

For its height adjustment, this massage table can be adjusted from 26" - 33" in 1.25" increments.

Altogether, there are 6 levels available so it should suit different masseuses or therapists for different working purposes i.e. tattoo, aesthetics, therapy, lashes...etc.

Health Line massage table height adjustment

Do not underestimate the importance of getting a good working height - it saves you from hurting your back because your job may includes long time bending all the time.

We have one tip for you though, that is, choose the suitable height before assembling the table. This way, you do not need to bother to disassemble and reassemble every time. 

Structure & Construction

In terms of its structure and construction, the Health Line massage table has a beech hardwood frame with an equivalent beech panel at the bottom that not only makes the table more stable but also provide a storage space for the massage essentials as well.

Health line massage table working weight

Don't worry, this storage space will NOT be reduced with the height adjustment of the legs. 

The overall structure of the table is very sturdy and durable, with a total working weight of up to 500lbs which we have to say is pretty standard, if not low especially when compared to tables like this or this.

Nevertheless, the newly upgraded Health Line massage table has now a reinforced pallet board and triangle reinforcement on all four sides. 

Health Line massage table structure
Health Line massage table upgrade

On top of that, there are non-slip feet pads on all four legs to protect your floors. 

Compared to the old version, these new additions undoubtedly added more support to the frame. You can really feel it when you are performing your massages - IT DOES NOT BUDGE THE SLIGHTEST. 

The table itself is of a standard size - without both headrest and armrests, the total length is 75" while the width is 28".

Health Line massage table dimensions

The lowest height from panel to ground is 2.4" and as mentioned above, the storage space will not be reduced when you adjust the table height. 

Cushioning wise, it employs 2.5" high density foam deck which is pretty standard for stationary massage tables like this. 


One of the best home massage table, it comes with a headrest, armsling and a pair of armrests.

Health Line accessories

The former is adjustable into different angles so that the user can feel more comfortable be it lying on the back or lying prostrate. 

Likewise, the armrest can be set into 2 different heights. Just lock them into the given holes accordingly in the central section and you will be done. 

The arm sling is attachable underneath the headrest - it is for when your clients need a place to rest their hands while lying on the stomach. 

All three accessories are completely removable should you not require them. 


Product Name

Stationary Professional Tilt Adjustable Massage Bed

Product Brand

Health Line

Product Size

75(l) x 28(w) x 26-33(h) inches

Product Weight

120 pounds


Beech hardwood

What's Included

Adjustable headrest



Working Weight

500 lbs


  • 3 section tilt design
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Comes with headrest, armrest and arm sling
  • Very sturdy
  • Has storage space underneath


  • Small working weight capacity

Our Verdict 

Health Line Stationary Massage Table

For what it is and what it offers, the Health Line Stationary Massage Table is worth every penny paid. Not to say that it is very expensive to start with, but we think this is one of the best value for the money stationary massage table. 

The 3-section tilt is definitely a signature feature and one that is not seen anywhere else (at least not in this price range) - it elevates the overall experience and comfort level of a customer and that, is something that will add extra value to your business and services. Definitely highly recommend!