HoMove Hand Roller Massager Review

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

For a roller type of hand massager, the HoMove Hand Roller Massager will be right up your alley.

That is, there are actually 2 finger massager rollers incorporated in its massaging mechanism besides the usual air pressure + hot compression technology.

What We Like 

  • Finger roller massage available
  • Varying intensity levels
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Not cordless
  • 1 heat setting

Features & Functions

Finger Roller Mechanism

The stand-out feature has to be its finger roller massager. 

What this means is that besides air compression and heat therapy, you also get finger rolling massages all in one device.

What they do is that they generate a soothing rhythm to accurately imitate a reflexology-like kneading to the acupressure points to the fingers. To date, this may very well be the only hand massager in the market that comes with such 2 finger massager rollers.


Incidentally, there are three massage modes for you to choose - Integrated Mode, Palm Mode and Finger Mode.

HoMove modes

Integrated Mode: Perform a full hand massage. At this mode, it is recommended to put your hand in the deep part of the massager.

Finger Mode: Focus on the finger massage. At this mode, it is recommended to put your finger to the part of the deep roller.

Palm Mode: Focus on the palm massage. At this mode, it is recommended that your palm should be placed in the air pressure massage area. 

Any of these will give a professional massage experience. If, on the very rare occasion where the finger rollers are too tight for you, it is recommended that you use the Palm Mode only.

HoMove functions

In particular, we have to mention the specially designed dimples that provide just the right amount and coverage of massaging pressure into the hands and fingers. 

The inflation air pressure doesn't last for a long time, just 2 seconds or so, in case your hands do not circulate the blood which will then cause hand injury.

There are altogether 5 groups of airbags and 3 sets of air valves inbuilt to give the inflation/deflation motion.

You can be sure there will be a full 360 degree comprehensive massage covering even the wrist area, which simulate the method of blood transfusion in Chinese medicine.


Both air pressure and roller mechanism have 3 different intensity levels for you to choose from.

They are adjustable independently of one another, so that you can truly customise a setting that best suits your needs in a comfort level. 

HoMove intensity

Pictured left is a good guidance if you are unsure of which level to choose. They are pretty accurate in terms of delivering the desired effect as indicated. One general trick though, is to choose a setting that feels most comfortable on the hand. 

You shouldn't be feeling any pain or strain - if you are, it means that the setting chosen is wrong for you. Try going for a lower intensity if this is the case. 

Heat Function

As with any good hand massager, heat is an indispensable element. It is the key in determining the effectiveness of hand massages in our opinion.  

The overall benefits of heat therapy are very prevalent. Amongst which decreasing joint stiffness, reducing pain and inflammation, and relieving muscle spasms are among the most apparent.

In this regard, you get optional heat setting. This means you can independently switch on (or off) the heat function depending on your mood or requirement of the day. 

HoMove heating function

There is only one temperature though, unlike this or this model here that offers more variations.

Nevertheless, it gets to a comforting degree of 107℉, the optimum temperature found to best promote blood circulation, soothe muscles and reduce hand fatigue/ soreness, numbness or cold fingers/palm. 

If you don't already know, the warm comforting sensation provided by heat therapy can efficiently help soothe hand stiffness.

It also helps blood flow better throughout the whole body, bringing oxygen with them to different organs and parts during the process. This is what helps with the faster healing process, relieving you from the pain felt from an acute injury. 


When it comes to design, the HoMove has a pretty straightforward interface display. 

HoMove interface

As pictured, there are 5 buttons for you to customize your massage settings. We wouldn't say it is too hard to navigate, nevertheless, it will be better if there is a LCD display to show you the settings you are on. 

Just a small nitpick, nothing of a deal breaker. 

We like how it comes with a canvas bag for you to pack the massager in should you need to bring it elsewhere with you. As far as we know, this is the only brand that does so. 


Product Name

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

10.63 x 6.87 x 5.12 inches

Product Weight

2.7 pounds

What's Included

Hand massager unit (1x)

Charger (1x)

User manual (1x)

Canvas bag (1x)


1 year

30-day return policy

Things to Note

There is no denying that being non-cordless is HoMove's biggest down side. Compared to most hand massagers that adopt the cordless design, this one here no doubt is less portable. 

For firsts, you will have to make sure that there is a power source nearby. Thankfully, the power cable that comes with it is long enough so there is less restriction in that regard. 

Apart from that, there really isn't any other aspect that we can fault the HoMove. Nevertheless, this is something to keep in mind if you are considering this massager for hands. 


  • Roller, air pressure, heat compression all in one
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1 year warranty


  • Not cordless

Wrapping Up

If you have been doing your research around hand massager reviews, you would have came across the HoMove Hand Roller Massager at some point of time. 

This is because it is one of the most popular and bestselling hand massager of all times, all thanks to the wholesome massage it gives to the fingers, palms and wrist. 

HoMove hand palm finger massager

In particular, it is a top favourite among carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers. This is because the reflexology therapy it gives is exceptionally efficient, especially in relieving pain and finger numbness. 

It may be slightly more expensive than models like this or this but if your hand ailments are on the chronic side, we highly recommend giving this hand massager a go.