In this guide, we unveil some of the very best massage office chairs in the market that allow you enjoy quality massages regularly without having to leave the office.

They are high quality yet affordable, a fraction of the cost of a full featured massage chair or regular visits to the therapist. 

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#1st Rated

  • Best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain
  • Maximum capacity of 300lbs
  • Built in lumbar support
  • Adjustable heating temperature (60-70 degrees)
  • Adjustable timer up to 30 minutes
  • Adjustable armrests height
  • Available in 4 colours

Massage Office Chair Reviews (Executive Chair version)

1. HomCom High Back Executive Massage Office Chair


Our overall winner is the HomCom High Back Executive Massage Office Chair. It is up against some tough competition, but here's why it takes the top spot in our best massage office chair review

Design and Appearance 

At a glance, the HomCom Executive Chair looks like your everyday ordinary executive office chair and this is what we like about it.

You see, being in a professional setting, most will not want their office chair to stand out particularly. This chair is just that - the perfect blend of understated elegance with quality functions. 

Just by looking at the pictures, you can see how well padded this chair is. It is upholstered in a high quality PU leather that is easily cleaned and fade resistant.

The seat, armrests and backrest have extra padding so they are very soft and supple, ensuring you a comfortable sit even for long periods of time. 

There are four colours to choose from, including a cream white which is pretty rare to come by as most office chairs come in a standard black colour.

Features Highlight

Ergonomic Design 

In terms of its ergonomic construction, the HomCom Executive Chair has a curved high-back configuration.

This is specially designed to offer support to the entire upper and lower back regions, thus minimizing the pain and fatigue caused by sitting for an extended period of time. 

While this is why it is regarded as one of the best work chair for lower back pain, that is not the only reason.

The addition of a built-in lumbar support makes it the best office chair for lower back pain in our opinion because it helps lessen the stress experienced by the lower back. This in turn promotes a correct and accurate sitting posture.

On top of that, it is adjustable in all ways required:

  • Recline: The chair is reclinable up to a 155 degree and there is a manual tilt locking function to keep it in place.
  • Adjustable Seat Height: Operates on a pneumatic gas lift base, you can raise or lower the chair  within the range of 17.5”-21.5” to find the perfect desk position.
  • Adjustable Armrests: Likewise, the height of the armrests has an adjustable range of 26” - 29.9” for the most comfortable position.

It’s not just the height adjustment that is impressive - this massage office chair can support up to 300lbs and it is one of the most heavy duty we can find in the market. This is thanks to its solid structure frame with a five star base for extra stability.

In addition, there are 5 omnidirectional PU smooth-rolling casters for quick and easy movement and it can swivel 360 degrees.

Massage Features 

The massage points of the HomCom Executive Office Chair are focused on the upper back, lower back and legs. You can choose between 3 intensities, 3 timer duration and 6 massage modes. 

That is pretty remarkable, however, do note that its massage function is more like a vibration so if you’re expecting some form of deep tissue massage, this is not the case.

We can’t really say that this is a drawback though, because it is the most common massage options for massage office chairs like this.

HomCom heating

Being a chair for back pain, one very important element is heating. This is because heat promotes good blood circulation and provides extra soothing effect on top of a massage. 

For this heated massage office chair, there are 6 heating points, being 2 at the high back, 2 at the waist and 2 on the thigh area.

What’s better, is that it has an adjustable temperature range between 60 - 70 degrees celsius and the heat and massage functions can operate independently so you can have the freedom to customize your experience.

At a glance


  • Maximum capacity of 300lbs 
  • Built in lumbar support 
  • Adjustable heating temperature (60-70 degrees) 
  • Adjustable timer up to 30 minutes 
  • Adjustable armrests height 
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain


  • Significant noise on certain massage settings
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Having tried and tested many massage office chairs in the market, we can safely say that the HomCom High Back Executive Massage Chair is the best executive chair for lower back pain.

It combines traditional style and ergonomic functions that actually works and it looks plush and professional in a work setting.

Having said the above, there is one thing that we are not particularly fond of, and that is it can be quite loud when the massage feature is on.

This is something to keep in mind - if your work setting requires absolute quietness, then this is not the office massage chair for you. Otherwise, you should be okay.


Coming very close in second is the BestMassage High Back Office Chair.

If you’re familiar with massage chairs, you will know that this is a company that produces some of the very best full body massage chair in the industry.

Its take on a massage office chair doesn’t fall short either, both in terms of quality and functionality. 

This office chair with massage and heat resembles the HomCom in many ways. In fact, some may even think that this is the best massage office chair, and we actually do agree in many ways.  

Design and Appearance

This is another office chair with massage and heat that has an unassuming outlook, however, it only comes in black colour.

Made of breathable premium and soft PU leather that is oil and water resistant, there are extra padding in the seat and backrest using a high-density sponge cushion so that it is more flexible and fits the sitting position of human thighs. 

Features Highlight

Ergonomic Design

Similar to HomCom, this one here has a high back with lumbar support and pneumatic seat height adjustment of up to 22”.

It is also a reclining massage office chair of up to 135 degrees and there is a tilt mechanism for you to lock your preferred angle in place.

Likewise, it can swivel 360 degrees and there are 5 durable casters for smooth-rolling mobility. 

BestMassage armrest

The company puts emphasis on its armrests, labelling them as 4D with ergonomic design.

What this essentially means is that you can adjust the armrests in any way you want - up or down, slide forwards or backwards, turn inwards or outwards.

This is more flexible than HomCom’s sole height adjustability, hands down. 


But perhaps what really sets the BestMassage apart is probably its comfort level. And we don’t mean by its plush material and extensive padding only. 

BestMassage footrest

This office chair back massager has an extendable footrest for you to stretch and rest your feet on if you feel like it (retractable underneath the seat otherwise) so that brings comfort to another whole new level.

It also has a wider seat than most other chairs at 28” wide and a taller backrest at a maximum of 32”. If you compare that to HomCom’s 21.5” and 26” respectively, that is a rather significant difference. 

While you can say because of these the BestMassage is a massage chair for tall person, it certainly is not one for the heavier ones because its maximum weight capacity is 250lbs, and that is already stretching it a bit.

Massage Function 

Now let’s talk about its massage function. The massage points of this chair are full back, lower back and fixed points.

What this means is that you get to set the manual program to different body parts using the remote control.

There isn’t any on the seat so that’s something to keep in mind, but there is a heater built inside the seat that you can control separately to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

BestMassage rollers

But what’s a stand out feature is its massage rollers. 

While it is still more or less a vibration type of massage with the back massage rollers going round in the same place, it uses an upgraded protruding type of rollers (see picture left) do give a more 3D massage effect. 

At a glance


  • 4D armrests 
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Wide seating area 
  • Highest backrest out of all chairs reviewed here 
  • Extendable footrest 
  • Adjustable timer


  • On the expensive side 
  • Smaller weight capacity 
  • Heat only on seat cushion
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Yes, the BestMassage High Back Office Chair does have a few remarkable features that stand out from the rest.

However, the reason we rate it second to HomCom is because we think it is not as well-rounded overall compared to the latter. 

For instance, there is no leg massage and heating is limited to the seating area only. Small details like these are what make us deduct some points from it but you can see from the comparison chart above that both chairs do have very close scoring.

Nonetheless, its massage rollers and extendable footrest are some incredible extra features to have and we can certainly see why some may prefer this over the HomCom Office Chair.


The next massage office chair we want to talk about is the Essentials Shiatsu Massage Office Chair.

This is a chair manufactured by OFM (Office Furniture Marketing), a company that specializes in making office furniture ranging from storage system to customizable desk solutions and versatile gaming chairs since 1995. 

Their products are well-known to be a reflection of both quality and durability and its massage office chair does not disappoint in that regard, too.

Feature Highlight

When we talk about The Essentials ESS-6035M stand-out feature, it has to be its advanced massage technique.

Remember when we say that vibration massage is the norm for office massage chairs?

Well, this one here upgrades the executive office chair experience with the addition of a heated, Shiatsu-style rolling/kneading massage style that provides the ultimate in comfort and helps soothe muscle tension and aches.

Yes, it doesn’t just vibrate or like some put it, shake you on one spot only. Instead, the rollers knead you up and down the back and the lower massage goes down to about 3” from the bottom seat of the chair.

This is what makes it one of the best chair for back pain in our opinion. 

Essentials quality

While we personally feel that the massage pressure is just right for us, if you feel otherwise, you can actually remove the back pad (attached with velcro) so that the rollers can hit directly at your back without having been cushioned off by the padding.

The heat will feel a lot more intense too this way so if this is something of your alley, you can do so with this chair. 

Appearance-wise, it takes on a simpler, streamlined design. The high back, seat, and integrated headrest have segmented double-plush padding for luxurious support, and are upholstered in smooth SofThread leather for an upscale look and feel.

The thickly padded loop arms add style and upper body support and the adjustable full-back massage system is controlled by a remote that attaches unobtrusively to the side of the chair when not in use..

Other offers include simple and intuitive controls such as gas-lift seat height adjustment, 360 degree swivel, tilt tension, and tilt lock for even more ergonomic customizability. 

Essential remote pocket

However, its weight capacity is rather limited with a maximum of probably around 250lbs.

While that may seem pretty standard, we feel that you have to be within 200lbs to be able to sit really comfortably - anyone over may not fit very well into the chair. 

Likewise for its height capacity, if you’re anything over 6’, or even 5’8”, there wouldn’t be much of a back massage anymore because the rollers wouldn’t be able to reach.

At a glance


  • Shiatsu
  • Deep massage advanced technique 
  • Adjustable massage intensity manually 
  • Real leather 
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Limited weight and height capacity 
  • Massage option can be quite noisy


If not for the above mentioned weight and height limitation, the Essentials Shiatsu Massage Office Chair will definitely score a higher spot in our list.

If your size is within the optimum range though, we can safely say that this is the best office chair for back and neck pain you can get within this price range, predominantly on its sophisticated massage feature.


Do not get this confused with HomCom (although they do have similar names) but the third on our list is this Homgrace Swivel Massage Chair.

It comes in four colours including white so this is another alternative you can consider if you do not fancy the standard black colour. 

This is another plush massage office chair built with lower back pain in mind. It boasts the same soft PU leather upholstery and soft padding as its competitors and its 5 castors base allows a 360 degrees swivel.

Its high back is similar to HomCom’s (around 47.5”) and it can be adjusted within a 10cm range.

However, its seat is by far the narrowest we’ve came across (21.3” only) so we don’t think it will be too comfortable a fit for those on the bigger side. But, it has an impressive weight capacity of 331lbs which is the biggest we’ve seen to date.

Homgrace features

In terms of its recline function, the maximum it can go is about 125 degrees, which is lesser than the above two chairs but it can be locked in tilted position. The structure is very stable, which explains why it can have such a big weight capacity. 

Feature wise, there is nothing out of the spectacular - lumbar support, waist and back massage points and 6 different massaging settings.

By no means are we saying that they are not good, in fact quite the opposite, each feature is engineered and implemented well and they get the job done.  

The shortfall, and this is a rather big one we feel, is the lack of heating element. Given today's competition, this is rather detrimental.

Also, the armrests are not adjustable so that deduct considerable points for us because different people has different height comfort level. 

At a glance


  • Large weight capacity (330lbs - the largest of all chairs here) 
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee 
  • Available in 4 colours 


  •  Armrests are not adjustable
  • No heat


The Homgrace Swivel Massage Chair is an excellent office massage chair option, especially if you are on the heavier side.

It is very heavy duty and stable so you will feel secure sitting in it. However, you will have to forego heating function for this one. 

Flash Furniture

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend getting the Flash Furniture Massage Chair.

It is under $100 and doesn’t compromise on quality. 

Of course, don’t expect it to have the same sophisticated massage technique like the Essentials ESS-6035M, nor should you be disappointed by the lack of heating element and limited number of massage points (lumbar and thigh only). 

Strictly speaking, you can’t even call it a back massage chair because well, you don’t get any until your lumbar area.

Nonetheless, it puts in considerable effort in its ergonomic design. First off, it has a high back design to relieve tension in the lower back and to prevent long term strain.

The front seat edge has a waterfall design to remove pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation. 

It easily swivels 360 degrees to get the maximum use of your workspace without strain and the pneumatic adjustment lever allow you to easily adjust the seat to your desired height.

The included remote has a variable slider intensity mode to get to your desired comfort level and has a designated side pocket when not in use. 

At a glance


  • Inexpensive (massage chair under $100) 
  • Lightweight


  • No heat function 
  • No pre-programmed modes


We will be honest here - if you suffer from any kind of muscle / back pain, this is not a good office chair for lower back pain purely due to the lack of and heating element.

However, for some simple massage relief to loosen up tight knots after sitting for too long, the Flash Furniture Massage Executive Office Chair does a pretty good job at that. 

Massage Office Chair Reviews (Gaming Chair version)

More commonly, people refer to these as gaming chairs. They make for some of the best chair for lower back pain - you will see why below.

1. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair 

Blue Whale

Gamers will know this - the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair is said to be one of the best massage gaming chair ever made and we agree, it is the overall winner in this category for us.

If you’ve read our review above regarding executive massage chairs, you will notice one thing they have in common - high back, backrest is height adjustable and reclination up to a certain degree. 

The good ones will have lumbar support, heat element and adjustable armrests. That about sums it all up.

With massage gaming chair, things were done a little bit different.

First off, every single part of the Blue Whale Gaming Chair is adjustable to suit different type and height of different bodies.

When we say every part, it means the height, the tilt of the backrest, the back pressure, the armrests and even the position of the headrest, lumbar pillow and footrest. 

Yes, this one here has a retractable footrest for you to stretch your legs straight and relax your leg muscles but most gaming chairs have this feature anyway so it is not something exceptionally remarkable.

Massage Feature

Another element that is done quite differently is its massage function. Instead of a few massage points across the back like what executive massage office chairs do, gaming chairs like the Blue Whale has one focal massage point - the lumbar area. 

Blue Whale massage


Because the waist/lower back region is actually where it supports the majority of your body weight - by sitting for long hours in a chair, that is the very first part where you will feel sore and pain (hence why lower back pain is the most common issue with many people nowadays) in your body. 

The Blue Whale tackles this part with a back massager - a USB massage lumbar pillow that gives you extra support (when massage function is not turned on) and massage your lower back by using a constant vibration to relieve fatigue from your waist. 

One good thing with this design is that you can treat this USB massage lumbar pillow as a portable back massager for chair - just attach it to any other chair (with a USB outlet nearby) and you can convert it into a massage chair. 

Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t be using it for more than 30 minutes for health reasons and also to preserve its longevity.

Design and Appearance

Apart from the above, the reason why it becomes our top favourite is also due to its appearance - it doesn’t look like your standard gaming chair.

It has a full back from headrest to seat (no hollow see-through part at the headrest like many gaming chairs do) and it comes in a full black colour.

For those that work in a professional setting and would like an understated massage chair, this one here will pass through as any standard office chair with its streamlined design in premium scratchproof PU leather - nobody will be any wiser to guess otherwise. 

Blue Whale recline

Other features include a 20-degree rocking function, 90-175 degrees angle backrest adjustment, 360 degrees swivel rotation and mute rolling wheels for smooth movement in all directions.

It has an integrated metal frame and heavy duty metal chair base so it can easily support up to 380lbs without strain.

However, there is a downside to this chair, and that is its armrests is 2D only (up and down, left and right).

There is not much padding on both sides so it’s not the best comfort-wise but it makes up for it with its seat cushion, a high-density sponge material that makes it thicker and wider.

At a glance


  • Rocking function 
  • Professional outlook 
  • Excellent after-sales service 
  • Money back for any reason within 30 days 
  • Free replacement for damaged/defective parts within 24 months 
  • Large weight capacity (380lbs)


  • No padding at the armrests 
  • No heat element 
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The ergonomics of your office gaming chair can have a big impact on your health.

Gamers, programmers or anyone who work in front of the computer for long hours  are more likely to suffer from back pain, fatigue, stiff joints and even poor posture if they sit in non-ergonomic positions.

To avoid this, the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair is the one to go for if you like the modern type of office chairs.


See what we mean by an apparent-looking gaming chair?

The hollowness at the headrest, the combination of colours … this is the Dowinx Gaming Chair that we want to recommend. 

If your office doesn’t mind a spark of funkiness, then this is another office massage chair that we will highly recommend. 

It is one of the most popular gaming chairs in the market and it is not hard to see why. 

Features Highlight

The seat cushion is worth mentioning. It uses a 5 inches high density foam so it is very comfortable, not too soft nor too rock hard.

It has a winged back that provides multi-point body contact and a bucket seat design. 

Dowinx lumbar cushion

Similarly, it comes with a head pillow and USB back massager that can be used anywhere including in the car as long as you have a USB power switch or even a power bank.

The footrest doesn't extend too far out so if you're more than 6 feet, expect for your calves/knees to be on the footrest instead of your legs.

The ergonomic back and massage support is designed to share the pressure with so that they are not all focused on just your spine and lumbar while the bucket seat allows you to lean your legs in a more comfortable position.

With the wide range of mobility for the backrest, it can really help with your posture.

It might take a bit of getting used to though if you’re not familiar with this cradling effect.

Nonetheless, the side wings frame has been thinned and it now contains more soft filling to enhance its comfort level.

Other Features

Dowinx features
  • 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels for mobility
  • 90°-180° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping
  • 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • Head pillow and lumbar pillow for all body shapes.

One thing we have to mention though, is that it doesn’t offer as extensive a warranty and replacement service as the Blue Whale.

This one here only offers one-month replacement services and 1 year parts quality warranty. If you’ve read our buying guide on how to find the best massage chair, you will know how we put emphasis on this often-neglected element.

Nonetheless, we have to give it to them for their customer service team.

Users have reported that they find customer service extremely helpful and responsive, answering any queries that you may have with regards to installation or any other problems as well as replacing faulty/defective parts promptly.

At a glance


  • 24/7 responsive customer services team 
  • Large selection of colours Easy to assemble


  • Short warranty period 
  • Not a good fit for people over 6’2”


If you don’t already know, Dowinx is one of the top 3 gaming chair manufacturers in the industry so you know you are in good hands with this one.

There are altogether 9 colours for you to choose from (including a sole black) so the choices are aplenty. 

Von Racer

Next we have the Von Racer Massage Office Chair.

This one here doesn’t look as much a gaming chair as the Dowinx so it is a good choice for those who want a more understated look.

It is made from genuine leather so that’s another plus point for those in a professional work setting.   

Compared with the previous two chairs, the Von Racer has a slightly more comfortable fit in that its seat is slightly wider and deeper by around 1.5 inches.

If you’re on the bigger side, this may be the better chair for you (it can support up to 350lbs).

In terms of features, it has everything a massage gaming chair should have - 360° swivel, adjustable seat height, back angle, and arm height and built-in USB-powered electric massager.

massage chair black friday sale

The seat is made of soft high density foam and the lower lumbar cushion and padded headrest offer full body posture support.

You can recline almost all the way back to 180 degrees and with the retractable leg rest extended, it feels like you’re lying flat on a bed so you can take a quick nap in it too.

If not, just raising your legs when you feel like it will help relieve tension on your legs and knees.  

Similar to all chairs in this category, you will need to put together individual parts to assemble the chair but this one here probably comes with the easiest-to-follow instruction so it shouldn’t take you long to put together one.

At a glance


  • Wider seat 
  • Made from genuine leather 


  • Slightly more expensive than others 


Von Racer is known for its excellence in design and gets universally high marks in other back massage chair reviews with good reason.

It is one fantastic chair that we will not hesitate recommending to anyone.


The Ficmax Ergonomic Computer Massage Chair is another massage gaming chair that has received very good ratings from gamers worldwide.

It has quite a following too from fellow non-gamers especially software developer or anyone who needs to be in front of a computer for long hours.

We won’t go into details regarding its feature - it is the same as with any other good massage gaming chairs - tiltable, rockable and swivelable, you can adjust them to your own pleasure.

Like the Von Racer, this one has a 180 degrees full tilt mechanism for quick naps or flat laying and a complimentary neck pillow and USB powered lumbar massage pillow are also provided. 

When almost every other massage gaming chair has the same or similar features, it is the way each feature is engineered and implemented that we have to look at. And this is where the Ficmax gets it right. 

First of all, it has a very sturdy and stable frame (complete metal framing) and a heavy duty wheelbase. It uses class 4 hydraulic piston and it can accommodate up to 300lbs without any problem.

The parts are made well in that they don’t squeak when you sit or move around in it, and the stitching of the PU leather is well done. 

Ficmax features

There is lumbar and head support in the form of a pillow with the former doubling up as a massage cushion as well when you plug in the USB power.

The seat cushion is thick and cushy using a high-density foam and there is a 180 degrees full tilt mechanism with retractable footrest and adjustable armrest.

However, the Ficmax has some downsides too, and that is the reason why it didn’t score a higher spot in our list.

For firsts, it doesn’t provide an instruction manual for set up. Now before you think that this is a deal breaker, rest assured that assembly is less complicated for this one. 

You see, Ficmax has already done some partial assembly upfront (in particular, all screwing have been done so you don’t need to worry about screws missing from the pack) so there isn’t as much that needs to be done from your end.

Nonetheless, we can see why some people may find the lack of one a bit frustrating. 

Rather, it is the backrest height that is more of a problem for us. This is not a massage chair for tall people because the head/neck pillow will only hit your shoulders if you’re anything over 5’8”.

Also, the footrest is made a bit too tight. You will have to really pull and push hard when you want to use the footrest or put it away. 

At a glance


  • Impressive customer service 
  • 30 days of free returns & money back guarantee 
  • 12 months free replacement warranty


  • Not a good fit for over 5’8”  
  • Footrest is a bit too tight 


Overall, the Ficmax Ergonomic Computer Massage Chair is a good office chair for lower back pain but only if you’re under 5’8”.

Which is a pity, really, because it is a really well made massage gaming chair otherwise.


Another option for those that prefer a less conventional office massage chair is the Homall Gaming Chair, the “sports car seat” for your desk for those who want to spice up their working setting with a little bit of colours.

Through the clever attachment of the backrest, it appears to be almost free-floating and the curved shape is reminiscent of a famous race track. 

This shaped frame of the backrest and seat provide great lateral support and the vertical adjustable armrests provide a comfortable position for your arms.

The removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion offer your neck and waist full support when you rest on it.

Made of 100% PU leather with quilted seam stitching, this chair has a 90-180 degrees adjustable backrest to meet the comfort of your back.

The frame is a heavy duty steel frame with high density foam that will last years of use.

It has a 360° swivel function and the pneumatic gas lift is a SGS-verified class 3 for high security (maximum load capacity up to 300lbs).

At a glance


  • Free exchange for installation problems, damage and missing parts within1 year
  • Exchange or refund available for change of mind within 1 month 
  • Massage chair for tall person


  • Slightly on the expensive side
massage chair black friday sale


This ultra-modern office chair is not for everyone if you work in a professional setting - the colour combination may be a little too funky and striking.

For those that do not mind, it does make your workspace a little more colourful and interesting but most importantly, it has well implemented functions too.