Master Massage Therma Portable Massage Table Review

Master Massage Therma Top Santana Portable Massage Table

When it comes to heated massage tables, the very first choice that came to mind has to be this Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table from Master Massage. 

A massage therapy table that comes with a built-in thermal system, there is no need to lay out a separate massage table heating pad anymore when providing thermal massage therapy to your clients. 

What We Like 

  • Built-in heating system
  • Varying intensity levels
  • ... more below 

What We Don't 

  • Pricier than other portable massage tables
  • Slightly heavy

Let's now look at this multi-patented portable massage table in detail.

Structure & Construction


Starting with the frame, there are a few things that stood out to us. The first being its enormous 1,500-pound weight support

Master Massage Santana LX
Master Massage 1500lb weight support

Constructed with hard maple wood, the Santana stands sturdy with a working weight of up to 750lbs. Adding to this are the patented Duo-Plane Center Hinges (more below) that wrap around the center wood joint to make this otherwise vulnerable spot in most massage tables, unbreakable. 

Another aspect that sets it apart from the rest is its Shiatsu Cable Release, a feature that enables the table to be transformed into a tatami-like setup. 

Yes, this massage table can be laid flat on the floor with its leg panels folded up should you wish to do so for those ashiatsu massages.

One table, two massage experiences.

What’s more attractive than two styles of massage satisfactions with the price of one?

MM shiatsu cable release

As pictured left, you can see that the table legs cables are being hold together by a butterfly knot.

An effortless twist of this knot will detach the cable to allow you fold the two leg panels up so that the table can be laid flat on the floor.  


Moving on to its upholstery, the Santana uses a PVC and CFC free PU material that is abrasion resistant to ensure it is easy to maintain and does not peel unsightly.

Oil and waterproof, you won't need to worry about any massage oil or lotion staining your table.

Meanwhile, the face pillow uses heat-sensitive and pressure-point-relieving memory foam that is 3 inches thick to create the best balance of support and comfort.

MM Memory Foam

The firmer foam at the bottom layer acts as a barrier so that your client do not feel the table structure while the moderately firm middle layer offers soft support that contours the body.

The top layer? Luxurious memory foam that offers the maximum cushioning and comfort.

Patented Features 

Pioneer in the industry, the Santana has quite the few amazing features. Amongst all, there 3 that are patented:

Patented Heat System

Of course, being Santana's signature, its heat system - the Therma Top - is patented. 

MM heating system

UL tested, its built-in EMR safe warming system provides adaptable warmth over the entire surface of the table to add penetrating warmth to every massage.

There are up to 10 settings you can choose from via a remote control attaching to the table.

Such heat gives an extra touch of luxury to your professional massage therapy practice as the therapeutic, soothing warmth adds a client-pleasing dimension to the users, improving their circulation, bolstering vitality, soothing away fatigue and relieving tension. 

Most importantly, a built-in heat system as such saves you from having to spend on a separate massage heating pad and you won't need to set it up and detach it after every use anymore. 

Patented Face Cradle

Master Massage's face cradles are one of a kind. 

Another patented innovative design, this one here has taken the brand years of research before this unique structure is successfully created. 

Master Massage patented face cradle
Master massage cradle

As you can see, it has a curved crossbar structure as opposed to the usual flat face cradles. 

Scientifically designed after taking hundreds of different face shapes from all over the world and combining them all together, the brand came up with this ergonomic shape that will fit all shapes and sizes as the curved crossbar allows the cushion to properly adapt to the each user's unique face shape. 

What this entails is a level of comfort no other conventional face cradle can match. The side platforms give maximum support to stabilize the pillow while the structure supports the strongest parts of the face and avoiding the uncomfortable and negative pressure points.

Patented Hinges

Last but not least, it is the Duo-Plane hinges that we have mentioned briefly in the beginning of this article. 

MM patented hinge

Also patented, this involves an innovative technology that increases the ability of the hinge to hold the tabletop in place securely, unlike the traditional piano-hinges that are utilized in most portable massage tables which are susceptible to cracking due to the many screws contained on the same plane.

The usual hinges,  when subjected to a large amount of force, can start to split. The Santana's Duo-Plane hinge, on the other hand, contains incredible strength and puts minimal stress on the wood.

As such, it is able to better ensure the stability and durability of the table frame. 

Reiki Panels

This is non-patented, nevertheless, the Master Massage Santana has Reiki panels that caters to the comfort of the massage therapist as well.

MM reiki panels

Made of fine European beechwood with a rich mahogany high gloss finish, these Reiki panel table legs allow you to extend your knees under the table comfortably while you give a head and shoulder massage.

A step up from regular panels, it allows you to perform to your optimum without risking hurting yourself. Certainly, there will be no more back pains to say the least. 

If you often have trouble getting closer to your client for a better massage angle, you need a Reiki portable massage table like this.


There may not be as many accessories provided as it is with this portable massage table here but the Santana does come with a large contoured armrest shelf and a deluxe carry case. 

Fully Adjustable Armrest Shelf

This is not something that is usually offered in a portable massage table. A massage table bag - yes, but not an armrest.

In fact, this may very well be the only massage table brand that provides a fully adjustable armrest shelf in this size.

Twice the size of regular armrest shevles which often break easily, this one here is strong and thickly padded, contoured and fully adjustable to give the maximum comfort to your clients.  

Deluxe Carry Case

Its massage table carrying case, likewise, does not disappoint.

Not your usual flimsy freebie, this bag is is well thought of in terms of both design and functionality. 

All hardwares are made of metal instead of cheap plastic and there are two generously-sized storage compartments outside for easy access to all your massage therapy accessories. 

There are 3 ways to carry it - shoulder, crossbody and hand.

In particular, we like the 3 ergonomically placed reinforced handles which makes balancing and manoeuvring easier and more manageable.

After all, massage table cases are not the smallest to handle.

MM carry bag


Product Name

Santana Therma Top Memory Foam Portable Massage Table Package

Product Brand

Master Massage

Product Size

31 (w) x 84 (l) x 24-34 (h) inches

Product Weight

37 pounds


Frame: hard maple

Upholstery: Nature's Touch 100% PU

Accessories Included

Ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle

Memory foam face cushion

Fully padded armrest shelf

2-pocket carrying case

Double luggage-style table closure clasps

Working Capacity

750 lbs

Things to Note

There are a few things to note with this heated massage table though, the first being this is quite the long and wide massage table. 

To put it into perspective, there are approximately 26% more cushioned space within the same footprint size of standard portable massage tables.

Now, this may or may not be a plus point. If your clientele is on the bigger, taller or sportier side, such a table size will be ideal for you. Otherwise, the bigger size will just mean unnecessary weight being rendered which in turn decreases its portability to a certain extent. 

Speaking of weight, you may see from the specifications above that the table itself weighs 37lbs. Packing everything else that is the face cradle, face cushion, armrest shelf etc., let's just say this is not the lightest portable massage table option out there. 


  • Built-in ThermaTop
  • Reiki end panels
  • Memory foam
  • Shiatsu cable release 
  • One table two massage experience 
  • 5 Year Guarantee PU Upholstery
  • Non-skid, non-mark foot pads – makes your table safe for any floor surface


Our Verdict 

There are many portable massage tables in the market, but not many come with an inbuilt heat function.

The Master Massage Santana Therma Portable Massage Table fills the gap precisely, eliminating the need to purchase and carry a separate heating pad once and for all. 

Master Massage Santana therma top

Sure, it may be slightly pricier than other portable massage tables but if you really think about it, it really isn't that much more expensive. 

All features are amazing, and the quality is exceptional. If we are to calculate cost per feature, we’d say it is even cheaper than many other portable massage tables out there that are not even on the same par.

And if you don't already know, Master Massage is one of the best massage table brand in the industry that is trusted and utilized by many professional therapists.

This is definitely the best portable massage table for those looking to provide a range of services and bodywork, from traditional massage to intense physical therapy. 

[There is a standard version that comes without heat, available in the colour white so good news to those looking for a white massage table. If you specialise in pregnancy massage therapy, there is a pregnancy version here as well.]