Master Massage Therma Portable Massage Table BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY 2022

Master Massage Santana LX
Master Massage Santana LX

To be fair, there isn’t that many choices to start with when it comes to a heated massage table.

The best, and also the most common practice among massage therapists, is to use a separate massage table heating pad if they want to provide extra thermal soothing to their clients.

So imagine our delight when we discover the Santana Therma Portable Massage Table from Master Massage, a heated massage table by one of the most trusted and reliable massage table brands in the industry. 

For a massage therapy table to have a built-in thermal system, one would have thought that it will cost an arm and a leg.

Not with this multi-patented massage table though. For all the incredible features it has, we can safely say that this is the best portable massage table in the market. 

It comes in white too (for those that fancy a white massage table)  and if you’re pregnant, fret not, their pregnant massage table model is an excellent choice for you to still get your regular massages in the comfort of your own home. 

Structure and Construction

Enormous 1,500-pounds Weigh Support

Boasting a whopping 1,500-pounds static weight support and a 750lbs working weight support, this is a heavy duty massage table that you don’t need to worry about its strength and capacity. 

This awesome capacity and strength is possible because of the rigorous testing done to the table and because of the quality of materials used, as well as the exclusive and innovative design of some of the hardware used.

For example, patented Duo-Plane Center Hinges (more below) which wrap around the center wood joint are used, thus making this normally vulnerable area unbreakable.

Shiatsu Cable Release
MM shiatsu cable release

What’s more attractive than two styles of massage satisfactions with the price of one? The Santana, that is.

You see, most massage tables can only be used standing up on all four legs, but this one here lets you have a tatami experience with its shiatsu cable release.  

This special feature lets customers detach the cable from table legs with an effortless twist along the butterfly knot. Without the cable, the two leg panels can be easily folded in so that the massage table can lay flat on the floor ready for any massage. 

Oil and Waterproof, CFC-free, Abrasion Resistant Upholstery

PVC Free and CFC-free, this oil and waterproof and abrasion resistant PU upholstery will never peel and is worry free to use for at least 5 years. It is very soft to touch and because it is oil and waterproof, you never have to worry about staining your table.

Features Highlight 

When we say multi-patented, we truly mean it. This heated massage table has a total of 3 features that are patented, as follows:

Patented Heat System
MM heating system

The main feature highlight has to be its Patented Built-In Therma-Top Heated Bed.

If you’ve ever wondered whether heat is necessary, well, while we wouldn’t say it is a MUST, it does bring the overall massage experience to a whole new level. 

It’s the same philosophy behind massage chairs - many of the well-known world’s best massage chair are equipped with heat element.

It’s not hard to see why - adding penetrating warmth to every massage soothes muscles, improves circulation and increases vitality besides soothing away fatigue and relieving tension. And these are just some of its benefits. 

With this massage table warmer, there are up to 10 settings you can choose from to provide adaptable warmth over the entire surface of your table.

This built-in EMR safe warming system is patented UL tested so you have nothing to worry about regarding its safety.  

Patented Ergonomic Adjustable Face Cradle
MM face cradle

The massage table heating pad is not the only feature this Master Massage table is good at.

Its face cradle is another patented innovative design, one that took the brand years to research before coming to create this unique structure.  

Different than other ordinary flat face cradles, the scientifically designed curved crossbar comes about after taking hundreds of different face shapes from all over the world and combining all of them together. 

What this does is that it gives an ergonomic fit for all shapes and sizes as the curved crossbar allows the cushion to properly adapt to the unique shape of any client's face.

It comfortably supports the strongest parts of the face as well as avoids the uncomfortable and negative pressure points, while the side platforms give maximum support to stabilize the pillow. 

We can say that this massage table headrest offers incredible comfort that no conventional face cradle can match.

Patented Ultra Strong Duo-Plane Hinge
MM patented hinge

The last patented feature is its Duo-Plane hinge - an innovative technology that is far superior than the traditional piano-hinge (that most portable massage tables use) for its ability to hold the tabletop in place securely. 

This is because unlike the old-style piano hinge, it does not put an enormous amount of stress on the wood. 

The former is more susceptible to cracking because it contains many screws on the same plane - when subjected to a large amount of force, it can start to split. 

On the other hand, the innovative new Duo-Plane hinge contains incredible strength and puts minimal stress on the wood. It is therefore able to ensure the stability and durability of the table frame.

Client’s Comfort

Memory Foam System

Given the incredibly high quality of the Ergonomic Dream Face Cradle, Master Massage spares no expense on the materials used on the matching memory foam face pillow to complement it.

Non-flammable multi-layer small cell foam of the highest quality is used to create a luxurious deluxe cushioning upholstery. 

MM Memory Foam

Can you see that there are 3 layers from the picture on the left?

Yes, the firmer foam for the bottom layer ensures your client will never feel the table structure; the moderately firm middle layer offers soft support that contours the body and the Memory Foam top layer offers maximum comfort. 

This unique combination of foams (which includes a generous layer of heat-sensitive and pressure-point-relieving Memory Foam) and thicknesses will create the best balance of support and comfort.

All together, they add up to 3 inches thick and they will gently and comfortably wrap around your client’s face, immediately calming them.

Large Contoured Armrest Shelf (fully adjustable)

Not many portable massage tables have this, in fact, this may be the only one that provides a fully adjustable armrest shelf this size. It is two times larger than other regular armrest shelves which often break easily as they are so tiny and paper thin.

Not for this one here - it is strong, thickly padded and contoured to give maximum comfort to your clients.

Therapists’ Comfort

It is not just your client’s comfort that is important. Yours, as a massage therapist, is equally vital as you don’t want to risk hurting yourself during the massage session. Here are some of the features that take that into account:

Reiki Panels on Both Sides
MM reiki panels

If you often have trouble getting closer to your client for a better massage angle, you need a reiki portable massage table.

This one here is just that, with its Reiki panels that are a step up from regular panels.

Made of fine European beechwood with a rich mahogany high gloss finish, these Reiki panel table legs allow you to extend your knees under the table comfortably while giving a head and shoulder massage.

You can then perform to your optimum without risking hurting yourself, certainly, there will be no more back pains to say the least. 

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Deluxe Carry Case with Two Accessory Pockets

Even the massage table bag is different from a normal case.

Given that this is usually a free accessory when you buy massage table of this kind, the quality given is usually pretty standard if not quite inferior if we may say so ourselves. 

But not with Master Massage. We’re deeply impressed by the thought that goes behind the designing of this massage table carrying case as well as the materials used in its construction.

MM carry bag

First of all, it gives a sturdy ergonomic shoulder strap, adjustable cross-body straps and 3 different ergonomically placed reinforced handles to enable balance and easy maneuvering.

There are two large outside storage compartments for your massage therapy accessories and all hardwares are made of metal instead of cheap plastic. 

While this certainly increases its durability and ease of use, it actually also brings us to the shortfall of this fold up massage table (yes, it is not perfect).

Things to Note

The first thing to note is that this is a long and wide massage table. There is 26% more cushioned space within the same size footprint as standard tables if we are to compare.

Now, this may or may not be a plus point depending on your needs. If your clientele is on the bigger and taller or sportier side, this may even work out better for you. However, by itself, the table already weighs 37lbs.

You may say that this is not that heavy and we do agree, but there are other accessories that you will need to pack together - the face cradle, 3” face cushion, fully padded armrest shelf … they are all made of quality materials and has considerable weight each on their own.

And to have all that in a massage table carrying case with metal hardware? Let's just say the total weight can be rather substantial.


  • Frame: hard maple  
  • Upholstery: Nature’s touch 100% PU
  • Tabletop: 84” x 31”
  • Height (Adjustable): 24" to 34"
  • Cushion thickness: 3” multi-layer small cell foam cushion (CFC-free)
  • Weight: 34lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Built-in ThermaTop
  • Reiki end panels
  • Memory foam
  • Shiatsu cable release 
  • One table two massage experience 
  • 5 Year Guarantee PU Upholstery
  • Non-skid, non-mark foot pads – makes your table safe for any floor surface


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Our Verdict 

Given all the amazing features and exceptional quality it uses, the Master Massage Santana Therma Portable Massage Table is really not that expensive if you think about it. 

If we are to calculate cost per feature, we’d say it is even cheaper than many other portable massage tables out there that are not even on the same par. Just the Therma-Top itself would have already saved you the money and time you would spend on a separate massage table heating pad!

Definitely more bang for the buck for professionals looking to provide a range of services and bodywork, from traditional massage to intense physical therapy. 

If you do not need its heating feature for some reason, there is a standard version that comes without it, available in white colour too. It has a lower price tag, but still has all the other amazing features like this one does and is an Amazon’s choice.

And good news to those that specialises in pregnancy massage therapy - they have released a pregnancy version here as well.