MaxKare Aluminium Portable Massage Table Review

MaxKare Portable Massage Table

If the 3-fold design is not your cup of tea, why not consider the MaxKare Portable Aluminium Massage Table instead?

This one here is in the standard 2-fold design like everyone's favourite Artechworks, but comes with more accessories at almost half the price

What We Like 

  • Solid and lightweight
  • Very affordable (under $100)
  • 9 adjustable height
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Cushioning can be thicker

Structure & Construction

MaxKare construction

As with most aluminium massage tables, the MaxKare has an aluminium frame and upholstered table top.

But what's worth mentioning is the construction of its table frame.


MaxKare frame

It has incorporated a high-duty wire rope in between the frame to improve its stability, which is one main concern when it comes to aluminium massage tables.

You see, many feel that they are not as stable as a wooden massage table given wood is comparably a sturdier material. However, with the MaxKare, such concern can be totally wiped out.

The extra steel cord (together with the bottom tubes) hold the table firmly in place, giving it a weight capacity up to 496 lbs.

MaxKare skid resistance

In addition, the surface of the table frame is covered with plastic protective sleeves to prevent rust and hand scratches. 

Likewise, the legs are covered with plastic floor mat to protect the floor from scratches as well as improves friction with it, preventing accidental skidding or moving when you're carrying out your massage.

For a massage table at this price, all these detailed considerations are totally out of our expectation. 

Having said that, its height adjustment system is what we like best out of everything. There are altogether 9 different height levels provided, ranging from 24 inches to 32.7 inches. 

MaxKare adjustable height

We like how its way of adjusting is super easy - all you need to do is just press the small round knob on the leg to complete the height adjustment. No fuss, no fumbling around.

Not only does it suit therapists of different heights, it also provides the flexibility for other uses besides massaging. 

For instance, it is a popular choice among tattoo parlours, beauty salons and clinics for acupuncture, physiotherapy, beauty treatments and other uses.


Now that we've looked at the frame construction, let's talk about its upholstery.  

We have to say we're pleasantly surprised with the quality we find - you'd never expect something like that at a price like the MaxKare. 

MaxKare upholstery quality

The leather used on the massage table is of a high-grade PU material that is durable, soft and fit on the skin. It doesn't have any pungent odor, which is something we're really resistant of because they tend to give off a low-quality vibe. 

Oil and waterproof, it is very easy to maintain. Just wipe it with a piece of clean cloth and you can upkeep its hygiene regularly.

MaxKare foam padding

When it comes to the inner of the massage table, it doesn't disappoint as well. Filled with a type of high-duty dense sponge that is 2 inches thick, the soft and elastic padding conforms around the body comfortably.

In particular, we are surprised by the high resilience the material provides. Just look at the picture left - see how good the rebound process is?

We can be pretty certain when we say that your clients will feel very comfortable when they lay atop the MaxKare Portable Massage Table


Another aspect worth noticing is the size of this aluminium massage table. 

MaxKare width

Adopting the professional spa massage table sizing, it is 4 inches wider than a normal massage table.

Again, this is why it is so popular not just for, but outside the massage industry as well because it provides a much more comfortable experience for your clients. Together with the detachable handrails on each side, this makes for the perfect wide massage table if you're looking for one.

As mentioned above, this is a 2-fold massage table. The mechanism adopted is very straightforward - just unfold in the middle and you're all set, no tools required.

When not in use, this portable massage table can be folded in half into a case with handle. Yes, the entire massage bed will become a carrying case essentially. This way, even if you don't use the massage table bag that comes with it, you can still carry it around with ease. 

And here, we have to mention the inbuilt safe lock and quality handle material. 

MaxKare safe lock
MaxKare leather handle

Featuring a safe storage lock that is made of a high quality steel material, it prevents any accidental unlocking when storing or moving, keeping you safe.

The handle that was mentioned above, well, there are two of them on each side. Both are made of a thick leather material that is soft and gentle to the hands so that it ease the burden off you from carrying it.

Again, the quality presented by MaxKare surpasses our expectation greatly - not even the more expensive alternatives provide that. 

Overall, the table's dimensions are as follows:

MaxKare dimensions


Speaking of accessories, MaxKare comes with everything you need for a portable massage table. 

MaxKare accessories

Hand Pallet

Starting from the hand pallet, this is a customized piece whereby the size is specially designed to ensure it gives an ergonomic fit to people of all sizes.

It connects to the headrest above to give a more comfortable arm and head position. Basically, it is a space for your clients to place their arms comfortably on as they lay on their belly receiving a massage from you. 

MaxKare hand pallet

Because you know, if you just let them droop for a long time, they can go pretty sore. That won't be comfortable. 

Even if facing upwards, they can still place their phones and other personal items on the hand pallet so that they can reach for them conveniently with ease. 

Face Cradle

Next is its face cradle. Most portable massage tables come with one so that's very much expected - it is basically an extension you attach at the top of the table for your clients to put their head on. 

The size is pretty standard in that it will fit faces of all sizes. Your clients will be able to breathe freely and smoothly via the opening in the middle.

MaxKare face cradle

You can rest assured that it is fully adjustable like its more expensive competitors so that there are different angles to cater to and support the different head sizes and shapes comfortably.


Last but not least, a pair of detachable armrests are also provided. 

MaxKare handrail

As mentioned above, you can attach them onto the sides for when you have larger clients so that they can lay in a more comfortable position.

Doing so is very easy - both attaching and detaching does not require any tool. Just push them in and pull them out when desire, that's it!


Product Name

Aluminium 2 Section Folding Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 27.6(w) x 24-32.7(h) inches

Product Weight



Frame: Aluminium

Upholstery: PU leather

Accessories Included

Face cradle

Hand pallet


Massage table bag

Working Weight 

496 lbs

Things to Note

Honestly, there is nothing much we can fault the MaxKare with. Especially at a price like this. 


If we are to nitpick though, it will be that there is still room to improve with its cushioning. While the inner is filled with high-duty sponge that is both soft and elastic, its thickness lingers around the standard 2 inches. 

Not exactly thin, but definitely not luxuriously thick.

Note though, 2" is pretty much the standard thickness. Just take a look at this comparison chart and you will see what we mean. This also explains why the Artechworks has got such an upper hand in the aluminium massage table industry, because its 2.75" is really quite the outlier here. 

So yes, nothing of a deal breaker here but the thickness of the cushioning may be something that you'd want to keep in mind. 


  • Lightweight massage table
  • 9 adjustable height
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Affordable (under $100)
  • Easy to assemble and pack
  • Handrail and hand pallet provided


  • Cushioning can be thicker

Our Verdict

Overall, we'd say the MaxKare Folding Aluminium Massage Table is one of the most versatile and affordable massage table options in the market

MaxKare multifunctional use

It is perfect for those that are just starting out in their professional massage therapy journey, or those that do not have too big a budget to spend at first. 

If you are one that prefers a lightweight aluminium massage table as opposed to wooden ones, we highly recommend giving this a go.