Nekteck Foot Massager Review

Nekteck Foot Massager

For those wondering what is the best foot massager that is cheap and affordable (but does not compromise on quality, of course), you have came to the right place.

The Nekteck Foot Massager - a no fuss, feet only electric foot massager will be right up your alley. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this is what you'll want.

What We Like 

  • Very affordable
  • Light and portable
  • Height adjustable

What We Don't 

  • Less effective for those with high arches


As you can see, the Necteck Foot Massager employs an open-toe design. This means it is able to fit most feet sizes, although for reference, the feet pad measures at 11 inches. 

nekteck size design

Nevertheless, because it is not enclosed, even if your feet are bigger than 11 inches, you'd still be able to 'fit' as you can move your feet freely to massage any area. Our editor here has size 12 feet and there is no problem at all in terms of fitting.  

Its open design is also one reason we say it is one of the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis.

This is because you get to manipulate your feet freely around the pad to get the pressure and attention you want at the painful area, which in this case, lies primarily around the heel and arch area. 

nekteck height adjustable

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are two height adjustable feet at the bottom of the massager. 

This way, depending on your preference and convenience, you can adjust the height in 3 levels to find the best angle that's most comfortable to you. 

For plantar fasciitis users, you may want to put it up at an angle because in a tilted position, you'll get more pressure at the heels.

Another small but considerate detail lies in the touch-button design that is incorporated in between the foot pads. Instead of having to bend down each time to turn on the massager, you can now just touch on it using your toe to set it on. 

Necteck touch button

Remember to turn on the switch by the side first though.  

This is especially thoughtful for the elder users because this way, they do not need to bend their back which for some, can actually be quite strenuous. 

Also, it has a built-in on-board cord storage and carry handle for your convenience.

Although these design features are not exclusive to Nekteck (you can certainly see them in other best foot massager reviews), for one in its price point to have all these is truly good value for money.

Features and Programs 

Of course, design alone wouldn't take it far if its functions do not match up to par. We're pleased to find that this electric foot massager equally does not disappoint when it comes to functioning. 

Like most foot massagers, the Nekteck employs a roller function to relax the tense foot muscles and regulates blood flow. It has 6 massage heads (3 on each foot) with each having 3 rotating massager nodes (so altogether 18 nodes) so that it can produce some of the deepest penetration of the muscles for a soothing and relaxing experience. 

nekteck roller

In particular, we want to commend on how powerful these massaging nodes are. So much so that some may find it a tad too much. If this happens to you, you can place a towel in between your feet and the massager first (or wear a pair of socks) until you get used to the pressure before removing it for a better experience.

If you have been on your feet for the whole day, its massage do wonders in soothing and invigorating your tired and sore feet. If there's any pain or aches, and that's not just limited to plantar fasciitis, the Nekteck's massage function truly works in alleviating those pain.

We have users raving how much relief it brings to their neuropathy issue, with some even their heel pain subsides tremendously after a few sessions on it. 

And yes, this is a shiatsu foot massager with heat for those that are wondering. 

Necteck foot massager size

The heat aims to speed up blood circulation to help relieve pain on fatigued muscles and reduce foot pain.

It operates independently from the massage in that you can manually turn it on or off depending on your preference.

You do have to give it some time before it heats up optimally, though.

The reason for saying this is because we have seen people complaining about heat being minimal but it wasn't the case for us. It heats up just fine, though we do suggest not to wear any socks to get the maximum heat benefit. 

Things to Note

Having said that, the Necteck is not without its limitation. If you have particularly high arches, it may not work well because the rollers aren't able to hit the arches as well.

It doesn't mean you cannot work around it though - we find that you can manipulate your feet up and down so that the rollers can hit any location you wish.

Also, as mentioned above, you will have to give it 5-10 minutes before it heats up optimally. 

Warranty and Customer Service

We have to commend Necteck's customer service - it is by far one of the best we have ever encountered and that is saying a lot. 

nekteck massager

They responded quickly to any questions asked and help resolve the problem, even guiding you step by step if you have any queries regarding the operation of the device.

If you have read our electric foot massager reviews, you will know that customer service, besides warranty period, is a huge indicator of a product's quality. In this regard, you have nothing to worry about.

Speaking of warranty, this one here offers 12 months for any workmanship or material defect where either a replacement or repair will be provided.

Our Verdict 

Perhaps the biggest and most common surprise one gets with the Nekteck Foot Massager is how superior it performs when it is almost half the price (or more) of some of the more well-known and best rated foot massager in the market. 

Understandably so, that not many have too high an expectation initially considering its price point and fairly simple design appearance but this heated foot massager surely surpasses many's expectations, in a good way. 

nekteck foot massager with heat

It may not have many features, for one, it doesn't provide any compression and doesn't massage the calf, therefore it isn't one of the best foot calf massager around but for what it is, it does an amazing job - relaxing muscles, easing tensions and regulating blood flow.

These are all that you need really, if your main problem is a condition like plantar fasciitis. And because of that, we think it is one of the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis that we will highly recommend to anyone.


Product Name

Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Product Brand


Product Size

15.8 x 14.2 x 3.2 inches

Product Weight

7.63 pounds

What's Included

Nekteck foot massager with built-in adaptor, User manual


1 year