Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair Review

Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair

At a glance, you may not be able to tell the Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair is actually, well, a massage chair. Understandably so, it has quite ... a different design from traditional massage chairs, to say the least. 

Now, when it comes to contemporary designs like this, many may be skeptical of its massage quality. Let's just say you'll be in for a real surprise.  

Product Specifications



Product Name

N-0001 Massage Chair with Ottoman

Product Dimensions

47 x 28 x 27 inches

Key Functions

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Maximum Capacity

250 lbs

Editor's Rating

(4.4 / 5.0)

Price & Availability

Contemporary Design

Even though compact massage chairs like the CirC or Riage CS look modern, you can still tell that they are massage chairs without a doubt. 

nouhaus chair with ottoman

The Nouhaus N-0001, on the other hand, looks just like an ordinary chair - a very fancy one at that. Featuring a classic 5-point base, it employs a half-dome mid-century modern shape and comes with a matching ottoman. 

Possibly the only chair with such versatility, the N-0001 is designed to complement any décor. Meant to function as a regular lounge chair when not in use, the ottoman can also double up as an additional seat for when you have guests over.

Lending to its attraction is the retro colours the chair comes in - Mustard, Burgundy and Brown - with a PU leather finish that is complete with luxury diamond cut stitching.

Yep, this includes the matching ottoman as well so it can match with the chair to give a cohesive look to your room, unless you prefer otherwise which is perfectly fine also.

Just in case you haven't notice, the Nouhaus N-0001 is compact in size. So much so that it can even fit under a work desk and be an office massage chair and no one could be any the wiser.

Despite being a small massage chair, it does provide rather generous leeway. The seat has a maximum hip width of 40" - if you are on the average size, you can even fold your legs on the chair. 

Massage Features

Perhaps the biggest concern for many is how well its massage functions fare up.

After all, there are many beautiful 'massage chairs' in the market that do not really perform, giving what, at its best, a slight vibration only which strictly speaking, does not really qualify one to be called a massage chair.

Rest assured, that is not the case here. We wouldn't include it as one of the best massage chair under 1000 if it is, would we?

For one, it offers full body massage (save as the legs).

nouhaus full body massage

Starting from the head, 4 massage nodes will gently knead the neck and shoulders before they roll down in an inward and outward motion along the entire length of the back and finishing down at the glutes. 

Many are actually very surprised at the amount of pressure given by these nodes because again, many have already presumed its massage quality to be subpar (judging from its appearance).

But no, the massage pressure of the Nouhaus N-0001 is comparable to some of the bigger full body massage chairs.

This is because each massage head gives 35 kneads per minute and they are able to adjust up and down at the neck area for height accuracy. 

What takes the cake though, is that the neck and back massage is actually separated. You can choose to have either one at a time or turn both on for a full body massage according to your preference. The multiple settings also let you spot massage a sore spot, or enjoy a full body massage. 

In particular, the neck massage quality is exceptional.

nouhaus massage ball system
nouhaus supportive pillow

If you separate the supportive pillow, the massage ball system really gets in there and massages your tension away. 

To be honest, we'd never expect to get such a deep tissue massage from a chair like this. For those that cannot take too much a pressure, you can keep the pillow on and still feel the relaxing sensation.

nouhaus air massage

For the waist and glutes area, the Nouhaus N-0001 employs the airbag compression technique. 

Yep, aside from roller massage, you also get air massage with this chair.

Two airbags are placed on each side of the pelvic region with another under the seat working together to compress and massage the hips and glutes to relieve sciatica, pain and lower back tension. 

Adding to the relieving sensation are heating pads located both at the back and under the seat to give a deeper level of relaxation by warming and soothing these areas. 


Another aspect that we really like about the Nouhaus N-0001 is the minimal assembly that it requires. 

nouhaus chair base

As soon as your chair arrives, all you need to do is just find a tranquil massage corner, attach the base and that's it!

Weighing a light 47.7 pounds, even if you want to move it to somewhere else in the future, it will be easy for you to do it without any help.

You know we are big on issues like warranty and customer service, don't you? As we've repeatedly advised our readers, always look at these two aspects first before deciding on a product. They tell of its quality and durability, at least to a very large extent. 

You'll be glad to find that the Nouchair offers a 30-day risk free trial with special money back guarantee. In the event you do not like it for any particular reason, return it and you'll get a full refund. 

Decided to keep it? You'll get a 3-year warranty and as far as we can tell, Nouhaus is excellent in the customer service front with its fast and responsive attitude. 

So yep, this chair ticks all our boxes in this regard.

Things to Note

There isn't much we can criticise the Nouhaus N-0001 actually, to be honest.

Probably the fact that it cannot recline and does not have foot massage, but those are something to be compromised for a chair with such design. 

The chair does have a slight incline though, and is able to swivel 45 degrees which really, where else can you find a massage chair that swivels?

Some may find that they need a lumbar pillow when using it as a regular reading chair as the massagers do not retract fully and ma, as a result, poke into the lower back. Some people are perfectly fine without one though, so it's not a major issue in our opinion.


nouhaus massage chair with ottoman

When the majority of massage chairs in the market are not quite the looker (to say the least), with some even saying that they are an eyesore to a living space, the Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair is a breath of fresh air amongst the many exo-skeleton/ one man spacecraft-like design.

What's remarkable about this small massage chair is that not only is it pleasing in the eye, its massage feature and quality are the real deal. Aesthetic and functionality - the Nouhaus N-0001 does them both so well.

At such a price, it is just such a well made, modern looking and beautiful chair that also happens to work very well as a massage chair. We cannot recommend it more!