Oakworks One Portable Massage Table Review

Oakworks Portable Massage Table

Regarded by many to be the best massage table brand in the industry, Oakworks has over 40 years of experience in creating some of the world’s best massage products.

Its “One” Portable Massage Table is one of the pioneers in the portable massage table industry, regarded by many to be the best portable massage table in the world.

What We Like 

  • Patented technology
  • Made in USA
  • Most affordable Oakworks massage table
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly steep price tag

Features Highlight 

Fully made in the USA, yep, you've read that right, the One is a more affordable option among all Oakworks massage table lines.

If you have been doing your research reading portable massage table reviews, you will know that a USA-made table is pretty rare to come by.  

Oakworks sage table

Targeted to meet the needs of budget-conscious massage therapists, this inexpensive Oakworks portable massage table the brand has came up with does not compromise on product quality at all. 

You can rest assured that it is built with many of the same features and patented details as other professional massage tables from the brand.

For one, it has the same patented IntegraHinge, an Oakworks exclusive design. This is where the attachment of the bracing system is integrated to offer incredible strength, yet does not add on to weight. No piano hinge can match that, frankly speaking. As a result, the One has a maximum operating weight of 500lbs.  

Oakworks features

Next is the engineered leg extension system. It is designed to need only one knob instead of two which again, offers more strength but takes only one-half of the amount of time to adjust compared to others. 

The Unilock is a super quick, easy to use closure system that fold out of the way for shiatsu massages. The leg system folds flat to allow the table lie flat on the floor, so you don't have to worry about it ripping your sheets or scratching your floor. 

And oh, it features Reiki end panels as well to give you easy access to your clients at a seated position. 


The Oakworks is not one like the Best Massage massage table where a bunch of massage table accessories are provided.

However, what it comes with is second to none in terms of quality. 

Oakworks package

Let's talk about its face rest crescent. A face cushion using the trademarked Aerocel Crescent Quicklock Platform, it can be adjusted with ease to conform to the different face shape of clients to ensure maximum comfortability. 

Speaking of comfort level, the One contains 3" high quality multi-layer comfort padding, which is perfect for various types of massage including back and neck massage.

Another well-known feature of an Oakworks massage table is that it uses what’s called TerraTouch, a PVC- free premium polyurethane fabric to upholster its massage table line.

This fabric has excellent resistance to oil, abrasion, and tears and it has passed all testing for Cytotoxicity, Skin Irritation and Sensitization as well as CA TB117 Fire Retardant testing. Basically, it is very safe to use, even for the most sensitive client.

Really, if there is one travel massage table that you can be very confident in in terms of safety and functionality, it will be the Oakworks One. 


Product Name

One Portable Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 30(w) x 24-34(h) inches

Product Weight

34 pounds


Frame: hardwood

Upholstery: TerraTouch Oakworks' PVC- free premium polyurethane fabric

Accessories Included

Adjustable face rest platform

Aero Cel face rest crescent

Arm hammock

Essential carry case

Working Capacity

500 lbs



Things to Note

Having said the above, this is probably not the best when it comes to being a lightweight portable massage table. 

Don't get us wrong - the table itself is not that much heavier than other standard portable massage tables in the market. However, if you're to pack all its accessories together, they add up an can weigh quite a bit. 

Nevertheless, it is still lighter than the Master Massage Santana. Many people are okay with that, so this may not be that big an issue after all. 

For all that it is, its weight is something we'd happily trade off without a doubt.


  • Does not squeak
  • Reiki end panels
  • Patented hinge for incredible weight support 
  • Built in the USA


  • Expensive

Wrapping Up

Compared to other portable massage table, the Oakworks One Portable Massage Table is no doubt on the higher end of the price spectrum.

It definitely isn't some cheap massage table import but if you're like many professional therapists who aim to own an Oakworks massage table at some point of time in their professional journey, the One is actually a very affordable choice. 

With qualities and a durability like that, and one being fully made in the USA, we think it is worth every extra penny invested in this multi-patented massage table. 

Oakworks luxury hotel

It is the one professional therapists go for; it is also a popular choice to those looking for a spa massage table to add to their home spa or gym.

With it being the massage table to go for for so many luxury hotels and resorts, you know you can't go wrong with this Oakworks Portable Massage Table.