PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Review

PGG Cordless Hand Massager

The PGG X7 Pro is the best shiatsu massager for the hands for many reasons. 

An easy to operate portable wave air pressure heated hand massager, it is the No.1 gift choice for many to their loved ones on birthdays, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas to ease their hand pain and improve their health.

What We Like 

  • 3 heat settings
  • Quick recharging time
  • Cordless
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly short design

Features & Functions

Out of everything, what PGG X7 Pro stood out to us most is its adjustable heat setting

If you have read our review for the LX3, you will know that the single constant heat setting is one aspect we wish it'd improve on.

The X7 Pro addresses precisely just that. This massager for hands offers 3 different heat levels for you to choose from, with a maximum temperature that reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius. 

PGG heating mode

Such a bigger heat variation means that it can suit different people with different heat tolerance. Even if you're the only person using it, your requirements may change too depending on the day. 

The best thing? It doesn't take long for the device to reach the chosen heat setting. As pictured left, it only takes 5 minutes to reach 30-35 degrees, with another 5 minutes longer if you wish to go higher. 

If you are unsure as to why heat is such an important element in a hand massager, it is because gentle heat therapy promotes blood circulation.

What entails thereafter is the easing of any soreness, numbness or cold fingers/palm problems, as well as keeping your hands moist to prevent dryness and dehydration. 

Modes and Intensity

You can personalize your massage in 2 pressure programs and there are 3 intensity levels for you to select.

Speaking of which, the PGG X7 Pro adopts the standard air pressure + hot compress technology to deliver its hand massage therapy. This is where airbags are employed to give a rhythmic flow of inflation and deflation motions to press on the acupressure points in the hands.

PGG air pressure hot compress

As one would have known, there are many acupuncture points on our palms. The consistent pressing on them increases blood circulation to the associating areas, and what happens next is the increase level of oxygen to your hands. 

Aided by the aforementioned gentle warmth, this effectively relieve arthritis, carpal tunnel and any pain caused by finger numbness.

For further detailed explanation, click here to understand more what goes behind this concept. 


Cordless & Ergonomic

The PGG Hand Massager is designed to give you the most comfortable and efficient massage. 

PGG cordless design

Based on the principles of human engineering and acupuncture, it adopts a cordless and compact design to make for the best portable massager. 

Super lightweight, it is convenient to use at home, in the office or on the go. 

In particular, it is built in with rechargeable lithium ion battery (which is also provided in the package) so you will never need to replace it.

Chargeable via a USB cord that comes with it, 30 minutes is all you need for one full charge. Compared to some that take you hours, this is no doubt one of PGG's bestselling feature. 

PGG ergonomic design

The interior adopts an ergonomic design according to the acupressure point distribution so that each vital point can be targeted simultaneously with effect. 

Do not worry about the dimples forming at the end of a session, they will disappear within 10 minutes usually. 

In fact, if you look at this comparison chart , you can see that the X7 Pro is one of the lightest hand massager out of all the models included in our best hand massager review. 

We really are not exaggerating when we say this is the best portable massager in the market.

Intuitive Display

One cannot not mention its display buttons as well. As you would know, hand massagers are not the easiest to operate (despite their small size) so it is important to have an intuitive display.

In that regard, we have to say that X7 Pro's interface is rather easy to use although it may not be as straightforward as the Lunix LX3. 

PGG button operation sequence

As pictured left, there are 5 buttons for you to adjust the settings you want.

Just looking at the symbols alone may not be clear enough if you did not look at the instruction manual or our illustration on the left so that's where it falls short to us compared to the LX3.

Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, it should be pretty straightforward.

Another thing that we like the LX3 better in this aspect is that it shows the level of settings you are on.

This is just a preference of ours as we like to know precisely which level we are on, what pressure we have selected. But yes, this is a small detail to take note of.  


Same like the Linux LX3 though is that the PGG also comes with a set of handheld finger massager in each box. 

PGG Handheld Finger Massager

This little device will help with blood circulation, brain activity and sense of touch on the fingers.

It is one of the devices people rely heavily on back in the days where an automatic/electric hand machine is practically unheard of, to give them the relief their tired fingers need.

But wait, the free gifts do not stop there. The X7 Pro also comes with a set of gloves to give you the option to massage your hands with hand creams/lotions applied.

They will protect the interior from getting stained by oil/other components of your hand creams, thereby protecting the longevity and life span of the device. 

We like how this hand massager doesn't only help tackle pain issues - it gives you the luxury of having a hand care treatment at home without paying for the expensive spa costs. 


Product Name

X7 Pro Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Product Brand


Product Size

10.04 x 8.31 x 5.35 inches

Product Weight

2.49 pounds

What's Included

Electric hand massager (1x)

Gloves (1x)

USB charge cable (1x)

User manual (1x)

Handheld finger massager (1x)

Lithium ion batteries (1x)


Full refund within 30 days

Things to Note

Do note that the X7 Pro has a shorter design when compared to the Linux or Prourbier

This means it may not envelop that much of the wrist. To those who'd like to have this area massaged as well, this aspect may be a shortfall to you.  

Nevertheless, the size it is in is pretty much the same as the standard as what most hand massagers in the market have. It will have no trouble covering the whole of the palm/hand so even if your hands lean on the bigger side, there is no need to worry about it not fitting. 


  • 3 heat settings
  • Cordless and ergonomic
  • Fast recharging time
  • Handheld finger massager and gloves included
  • 30-day full refund policy


  • Slightly short design

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, the PGG X7 Pro Cordless Hand Massager is not just a massage device for pain relief per se. 

It does an excellent job likewise in reviving rough hands, tired hands or cold hands - common problems that many of us face in our daily life.  

symptoms suitable for hand massagers

We also think that is also one of the most reasonably-priced hand massager in the market. Especially with the number of extra accessories included in the package, it is definitely one of the best buy massager if we may say so ourselves.