As a massage therapist, it is so important that you choose a good portable massage table to enhance your massage skills, as well as to elevate your client's experience. 

Even if you're not one, you may want to find that one home massage table to add to your home spa/gym.

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Best Portable Massage Table Reviews (Wooden Massage Table Series)

1. Master Massage Santana Therma Portable Massage Table

Master Massage Santana LX

Coming from one of the best massage table brand, the Master Massage Santana Therma Portable Massage Table wins the top best overall portable massage table with all its bells and whistles, without being overly expensive.

Not only does this massage therapy table has an inbuilt adjustable heat bed, it is also one that is of excellent quality to the point that it is now a patented technology by the brand. 

With 10 heat settings to choose from, we think it is the best massage table warmer, comparable to those heating pads you buy separately.

Bang for the buck, the multi-patented Master Massage Santana is an excellent choice for professionals looking to provide a range of services and bodywork, from traditional massage to intense physical therapy. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this one.  

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Earthlite Harmony DX

Coming very close in second we have the Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table.

Also from one of the most reputable massage table brands in the industry, this is an all-in-one portable massage table that we will not hesitate recommending to amateurs and professionals alike.  

Well-known for its sturdiness and durability, it is made of strong maple hardwood and has a support cable system that is rated at 1,000lbs.

It is very suitable if you have clients of a bigger build because it is wider than most standard models by 2”, yet does not add too much to the overall weight. A very user-friendly model, this is one of the best price portable massage table that everyone can afford.

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Stronglite Olympia

If you’d like a good standard-sized portable massage table that is not too long or too wide, the Stronglite Portable Massage Table Olympia is a very good choice to consider. 

Being a leading manufacturer of professional massage tables since 1986, Stronglite offers incredible value in this all-in-one package.

It includes the table, face cradle, pillow, half round bolster and carry case so you can basically start your job straight away without having to buy any extra accessories (unless you need a massage table heating pad).

Recommended if your clientele isn’t on the larger/taller side, this Stronglite portable massage table is a lightweight portable folding massage table that is easy to carry around and is manageable by even the smaller-framed therapists.

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Earthlite Avalon standard

Another Earthlite massage table, this time it is the Avalon Portable Massage Table Package. This is a reiki massage table that has received some of the highest ratings from industry experts and users alike.

Known for its use of hardwood in almost all its construction, this portable massage table is very sturdy and durable.

It is also one of the very few that guarantees a squeak-proof experience, for a wooden massage table, this is rare to come by.

It provides 2.75” thick dual-density foam cushion and a patented self-adjusting face cradle and strata premium face pillow.

It is available in a Tilt design as well (possibly the only one you can find in this price point) and there is a total of 8 colours to choose from, including in white which seems to be a rather popular choice nowadays but has limited choice in the market. 

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Sierra Comfort All Inclusive

If you’ve been doing your research, you will not be unfamiliar with the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table.

It has appeared in so many massage table reviews, you know it is of genuine quality substance.

It is one of the lowest priced portable massage tables in the market, and is one of the best value for money buy in our opinion due to all the additional accessories that are included.

Despite its very affordable price point, it does not discount on its quality. 

This is one portable massage table that you can rely on in giving comfortable massage sessions and one that we will highly recommend to those that are just starting out (students or massage enthusiasts) whom does not have a bigger budget to invest in yet.

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Another portable massage table slightly over the $100 mark is the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

This massage table comes with a pair of armrests which is totally not expected, given its relatively low price point. 

Not that that is something to be complained about - the inclusion of armrests, as well as other accessories make this one versatile and flexible portable massage table that can be customized and repositioned accordingly to suit different client’s needs and body size. 

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The Best Massage Portable Massage Table is another model that comes with armrests and an arm sling.

Not just that, it also comes with a semi-circle bolster and sheet sets so this is truly the full package.

Best thing is, it is under $100 THIS BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY! Now, if that is not a good bargain, what is?

Which is why this massage table is ideal for everyone - professional therapists, therapy students, and home users alike, everyone can afford it and make good use out of it. 

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No portable massage table reviews will be complete without an Oakworks massage table, wouldn’t it?

A brand trusted by the professionals, it has a range of automatic massage chair (or electric massage chair) that are widely used across the world to provide effective healing and therapy sessions.

The Oakworks PKG3535-T24 One Portable Massage Table Package is the brand’s more affordable line, nonetheless, it does not compromise on quality and is still a fully made in USA product that you can trust. 

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Where to buy massage table that is under $100? If you’ve ever wondered that, well good news, here is one. 

The Uenjoy Folding Massage Table hands down wins the best cheap massage table title without dispute. 

Seriously, this is the best price portable massage table you can ever find in the market with such quality. At such a price, it even comes with 2 armrests (besides the usual headrest) which is something we totally didn’t expect at all. 

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Best Portable Massage Table Reviews (Aluminium Massage Table Series)

Comparatively, there are lesser choices when it comes to aluminium massage table. Nonetheless, here are the 3 best aluminium massage table we can find in the market for those of you that prefer this finish.

1. Artechworks Professional 2 Folding Portable Lightweight Massage Table

Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table

Possibly the lightest portable massage table you can ever find, the Artechworks Professional 2 Folding Portable Lightweight Massage Table is one of the best aluminium massage tables available in the market. 

It has everything a portable massage table should have, best of all, it weighs so much lesser than an equivalent wooden massage table of the same size.

Don’t believe us? Take the Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table  as an example. The Artechworks is almost 8 pounds lighter than it and they both share the same measurements.  

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Merax Aluminium Massage Table

The Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table is another aluminium massage table that we will recommend if you’re liking this material over the traditional wooden ones. 

It is very similar to the Artechworks in many aspects but it is slightly shorter and narrower, though heavier which is why it comes in second instead.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most user-friendly and convenient portable massage table to use - it does not require any assembling and best of all, it uses a push button mechanism for its height adjustability and that, let us tell you, is what makes all the difference.

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The Uenjoy Folding Massage Table is the cheapest model under our wooden massage table category, naturally, we need to find its aluminium equivalent as well. 

The Safeplus Massage Table Spa Bed is the one that fits the bill - it is durable, made of good quality materials and under $100.

Not only that, it comes with considerable quantities of useful accessories as well so that you don’t need to spend anything further to buy them separately.

To name a few, a detachable front arm rest as well as an essential oil bag are provided, even massage sheet sets are given too so this is definitely a best value for the money buy to find. 

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Last but not least, massage table accessories. This is perhaps the least aspect people pay attention to, but if you’re looking for the best buy massage table, you should look at whether it comes with accessories as well besides the mobile massage table. 

Most would have included a massage table headrest and massage table bag for easy portability, but bargains like this one here  even comes with massage table sheets and disposable face cushion sheet.

This one here - it even comes with detachable armrests and arm slings. So definitely keep an eye out on this aspect if you want to get the best value of your money. 

For those that specialise in prenatal massages, you may want to consider a pregnancy massage cushion to put atop your portable massage table. Or, if you haven't gotten one, why not consider getting a full on prenatal massage table instead?