Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY SALES 2022

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive

When it comes to the best cheap massage table in the portable category, the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is a clear winner.

It is the best massage table for the money because it comes with multiple accessories (which is not expected at all, given its already low price point to start with) so it actually helps save costs from making additional investments.

Features Highlight 

Yes, aside from the foldable massage table, it also comes with multiple massage essentials:

  • 1 lightweight adjustable face cradle
  • 1 face cushion
  • 1 fitted bottom sheet set (100% cotton)
  • 1 nylon carry bag with shoulder strap and forward swinging arm rest
  • Disposable face cushion sheets for the face cradle 

Usually, the quality of freebies are rather questionable but not for this one.

The sheet set is made of 100% cotton so it is very soft and comfortable and the face cradle is fully adjustable to allow for comfortable positioning of the head.

The above can easily cost you a few extra hundred dollars, so to be able to have them included is truly a bargain because you can start massaging your clients straight away without making any further investments.

You can also use it immediately straight out from the box as no assembly is required.

Sierra accessories storge

When not in use, you can actually store all the accessories underneath the table itself (as pictured) before folding it up into a massage table case and putting it into the carry bag.

Even then, the total weight is just 35.3 pounds, which explains why it is regarded as the best lightweight portable massage table by so many industry experts. 

Back on the table itself, the frame is constructed of high quality beech hardwood and that is probably the very first thing you’ll notice of the Sierra Comfort portable massage table - it has a really strong and sturdy build. 

On top of that, it has a threaded support bar and multiple steel support cables to increase stability and durability so it can support up to 450lbs working weight without any problem.

The table height is adjustable via its legs through a 9-point adjustment, ranging from 25.5” to 33.5”.

The legs themselves are non-slippery so even if you set it up on a shiny/smooth floor surface, you wouldn’t need to worry about the table sliding around (which can be rather dangerous) when you apply pressure on your clients. 

As a folding massage table, it uses three hinges to fold and unfold.

We have to say we’re quite impressed with their hinge instalment - they work smoothly without making any creaking sound. 

The upholstery is the standard oil and water resistant PU leather, which really, is for practical purpose as it will withstand anything (massage oil and the kind) you use during a massage session.

That said, it doesn’t mean the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive is not without downside. The massage table pad it comes with is 2 inches thick, and although this is pretty much the standard thickness of most foam deck, there are many that go above and beyond to produce 2.5” or more. 

massage table black friday sale

By no means this is a deal breaker - it is still a high density foam and you’ll still get a comfortable massage experience - it’s just that there is room for improvement in this aspect. 

Another thing, and this is pretty much unavoidable when it comes to a wooden massage table is that a creaking or squeaking sound of some sort may be heard if the user is on the heavier side or too much force/pressure is applied.

If this is something that will really bother you, then we’ll recommend buying an aluminium lightweight portable massage table instead.


  • Frame: beech wood  
  • Upholstery: water & oil-resistant PU leather
  • List Element
massage chair black friday sale
  • Tabletop: 73” x 28”
  • Height (Adjustable): 25.5” x 33.5”
  • Folded/Closed Table: 37” x 28” x 7”
  • Cushion thickness: 2” High Density Foam Deck
  • Weight: 31lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Strong hardwood material
  • Extensive inclusion of massage accessories
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Squeaking sound can be heard sometimes 
  • Cushion foam can be thicker 

Our Verdict 

If you don’t already know, Sierra Comfort is one of the best massage table brand well known to be providing massage equipment and accessories that are affordable, lightweight and convenient to the massage expert industry.

Its All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is their best one yet. If you’re on a tight budget, you will love this one, especially with the massive discount offered this BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY.