Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table Review

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

We mentioned here that the Earthlite Avalon may not be suitable to hobbyists or therapists that are just starting out because (1) it may be too pricy and (2) in a commercial-grade level that they probably wouldn't need yet.

Rather, we'd highly recommend the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table because not only is this one of the best cheap massage table, it is also one of the best valued with all the accessories that are included in the package.  

What We Like 

  • Very affordable price point
  • Best valued - multiple accessories
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity 
  • May creak or squeak if too heavy

Structure & Construction

The very first thing that surprises quite a few people is the quality of the Sierra Comfort.

Granted, many probably do not have that high an expectation for it to start with (given its price) but that's precisely where this portable massage table surprises us with.

Made of high quality beech hardwood, this table has a really strong and sturdy build that will give you assurance in terms of safety and durability.

Adding to its stability is a threaded support bar and multiple steel support cables as well as non-slipped legs to ensure the table does not slide around during a massage session. 

Sierra Comfort adjustable legs

Height-adjustable, there are 9 points of adjustment for you to work with with the total height ranging from 25.5" to 33.5".

The table conveniently folds in half to allow for easy transport and mobility. Speaking of which, it uses three hinges to fold and unfold and we are quite impressed with their instalment as they work quite smoothly without making much noise.

Upholstery wise, it uses the standard oil and water resistant PU leather to make it easy to clean and maintain.

Inside, it is filled with 2" of high density foam employed to cushion a client's weight which again, is pretty standard in portable massage tables


There is a reason as to why we say this is the best massage table for the money. Here's what's included in the package besides the table itself

  • 1x threaded support bar
  • 1x lightweight adjustable face cradle
  • 1x face cushion
  • 1x fitted bottom sheet set (100% cotton)
  • 1x nylon carry bag with shoulder strap and forward swinging arm rest
  • Disposable face cushion sheets 
Sierra Comfort Massage Table Accessories

As shown above, you can store all these massage table accessories underneath the table itself before folding it up and fitting it into the accompanying massage table carry case. 

Even then, the total weight is also only 35 pounds, which is why the Sierra Comfort portable massage table is regarded as one of the best lightweight portable massage table by industry experts.  

We couldn't agree more. And usually, when it comes to freebies, the quality can be quite questionable for some. 

Sierra Comfort face cradle

Not with this one here, especially for its sheet set. Made of 100% cotton, it is so so soft and feels incredible on the skin.

The face cradle is fully adjustable so it can be positioned comfortably regardless of head size and shape. 

Given the price point, this is totally not something we'd expect.

Nevertheless, it is a welcomed pleasant surprise because it means you can use it immediately straight out of the box. No assembly is required by the way.


Product Name

All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Product Brand

Sierra Comfort

Product Size

73(l) x 28(w) x 25.5-33.5(h) inches

Product Weight

31 pounds


Frame: beech wood

Upholstery: water & oil-resistant PU leather

Accessories Included

Face cradle

Face cushion

Sheet set

Threaded support bar

Working Capacity

400 lbs


2 years

Things to Note

Do note that the Sierra Comfort portable massage table has quite a small working weight though. 

400 lbs to be precise, which is not that bad (it is able to accommodate most people still) but if we are to compare it with tables like this or this that has a weight capacity of 750 lbs, you can see why this may be quite the shortfall to some people.

The standard working weight capacity is around 500 lbs so yes, the Sierra Comfort is rather undermined in this regard. We guess this is something to be traded off, what's with it being one of the most lightweight portable massage table in the market - you can't have it both ways.

Sierra Comfort table

Another thing, and this is not something uncommon with a wooden massage table, is that there may be a creaking or squeaking sound if too much force is applied.

To date, only the Earthlite Avalon is able to achieve 0 squeaking despite being a wooden massage table but its price is, admittedly, not one for everyone. 

(If the sound really bothers you to a large extent, why not switch to an aluminium massage table instead? We have a series of them here that is worth checking out.)


  • Strong hardwood material
  • Extensive inclusion of massage accessories
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Squeaking sound can be heard sometimes 
  • Small working weight capacity

Our Verdict 

Sierra Comfort massage table

If you don’t already know, Sierra Comfort is one of the best massage table brand well known to be providing massage equipment and accessories that are affordable, lightweight and convenient to the massage expert industry.

Its All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is their best one yet, perfect for those that are just starting out or do not have a big budget. If you are not ready to invest in a commercial-grade massage table yet, trust us, you will love this one.