Stronglite Portable Massage Table Review

Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table

An Oakworks or a Master Massage table may be a little on the too expensive side for some. However, you'd still want something that is slightly more advanced than that for the hobbyists or amateurs.

If this is you, the Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table, a medium-priced model, may just be the right portable massage table for you. 

What We Like 

  • Medium price range
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Standard-sized massage table
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • May creak or squeak 
  • Face cradle feel less firm for some

In fact, this is one of the best valued portable massage table because it comes with quite the few accessories that is not seen in any other models, aside from this other one here perhaps.

Anyway, let's look at the structure and construction of it first. 

Structure & Construction

The entire frame and legs are made of solid hard beech wood. Together with corner blocks, double knobs plus a strong cabling system and rigid 6mm end panels, this is one massage table with exceptional strength that will withstand any physical therapy.

Stronglite portable massage table

Having said that, the recommended maximum working weight is 450lb which may not be the largest, but should be able to accommodate most people.

(For bigger weight capacity up to 750lb, this and this are two good options.)

It is worthy to note that this is a massage table with the standard dimension - 73 x 28 inches (without the face cradle) so it is perfect if you don't particularly need a longer or wider portable massage table. 

Some may find it a bit too narrow though given as it doesn't come with arm attachments. If you'd like one with these, the Saloniture model may be a better choice for you.

Nevertheless, the Stronglite Olympia is one that allows the tallest height adjustment. Compared to the usual 33-34 inches maximum height, this one here can be adjusted to 35" so if you lean towards the taller side, this may just be the best massage table for you. 

We like how it has Reiki endplates at one side because it allows easy access and better comfort for the massage therapist. (The other side uses normal panels to balance off the table's stability.)

Stronglite massage table sheet set

For its upholstery, it uses a type of responsive cushioning material that is 2.5" thick and is fully hand upholstered in buttery smooth vinyl that is attractive double stitched. 

You won't have to worry about knocking yourself on the sides too because this wooden massage table here has rounded corners. 


So the Stronglite Olympia is one of the very few portable massage tables in the market that has so many massage table accessories included in its package. 

In fact, it has everything you need to get going straight away so there is no need to purchase anything else separately. 

Stronglite massage table sheet sets

We have a matching half round bolster and microfiber sheet set included with this table besides the usual massage table headrest that most tables come with.

In particular, the sheet set quality is exceptional - the 3-piece fitted, top and face cover set is made in a silky, wrinkle-resistant material that feels incredible on the skin.

The small cell foam cushion is 2.5" thick of responsive cushioning so it will feel very comfortable on the client's skin.

A rugged nylon carry case with heavy duty zippers is also included for easy transportation. 


Product Name

Olympia All-in-One Treatment Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 28(w) x 25-35(h) inches

Product Weight

35 pounds


Frame: hardwood beech

Upholstery: vinyl

Accessories Included

Adjustable face cradle

Face pillow

Matching half round bolster

Microfiber sheet set

Nylon carry case

Working Capacity

450 lbs


Structure: 5 years

Vinyl/foam: 2 years

Things to Note

This is pretty much unavoidable given it is a wooden massage table after all, but the Olympia does have some issues of creaking especially when too much pressure is applied so this is something to bear in mind. 

If this will really bother you to a great extent, why not switch to an aluminium massage table? The Artechworks is our all time favourite, but there are a few other great options available as well which you can check them out here

Stronglite Olympia

There are some who find that the face cradle is not firm enough. While we'd say it is definitely not on the same comfort level as the patented ones from Earthlite, it is not at all inferior. 

Nevertheless, we are happy to find that both structure and upholstery have 5 and 2 years of warranty period offered respectively.

If you're familiar with our how-to review guides, you will know that the length of a warranty period inherently speaks for the quality of the product itself.

In this case, this one here has definitely passed the test. 


  • Available in black and beige
  • Sturdy frame construction 
  • Rounded corners
  • Reiki endplates
  • 5-year warranty on the structure, 2 years on foam/upholstery


  • Squeaking noise may be heard if too much pressure is applied   

Our Verdict

One of the biggest worries that many therapists have when it comes to portable massage tables is whether or not the table is safe.

Stronglite portable table

With the Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table, there is no need for that because it is manufactured by a US based manufacturer of more than 30 years in the professional massage table industry. 

All products have undergone rigorous stress test using advanced computer modeling to ensure clients’ safety is not compromised. Not many massage table brands will do that, to say the very least.

The company is confident enough to even provide guarantee of 5 years against defects in frame material and workmanship, and 2 year against defects in foam and vinyl (from the original date of purchase) so this is one portable massage table you know you can rely on.