Uenjoy Folding Massage Table BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY SALES 2022

Uenjoy Portable Massage Table

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Where can I buy a massage table that is under $100?”, well, you’ve come to the right place.

This massage table cost you just that (heck, other massage accessories would have costed you more), you will question why didn’t you get it anytime sooner. This is the Uenjoy Folding Massage Table we’re talking about. 

Features Highlight 

Cheap massage tables are aplenty but most of them are, well, poorly made to say the least. Not with the Uenjoy.

Sure, it may not have as many fancy features as a luxury massage table does (no arm slings, no sheets etc.) but what it has, it does well. Surprisingly, it does come with 2 armrests so that’s a nice touch.

uenjoy frame

Made of reinforced hardwood, it has a sturdy frame that can sustain a maximum of 500lbs working weight. This suits a majority of people which is always good as it you’re able to cater to a wide client base. 

There’s nothing much to shout about in terms of its accessories - the face cradle is adjustable and the armrests and headrest are very easy to add on and to remove.

By no means we mean they are inferior, they are just pretty standard like any other portable massage table that comes with it. 

The cushion padding is what surpass our expectations though. It is 2.75 inch thick filled with high-density foam so it is very comfortable to lay on it, comparable to many more expensive models.

The PU leather upholstery is waterproof and oil resistant so it is very easy to maintain - all it needs is just a simple wipe down to keep it clean and hygienic.

What it comes with:

  • 1 x Massage table
  • 1 x Headrest
  • 2 x Armrest
  • 1 x Carrying Case
uenjoy accessories

One thing to note is that the Uenjoy is narrower than most standard massage tables. In fact, it is almost 5” narrower which is considered quite substantial to the point that it may limit the client base you can get.

Nevertheless, it does come with a buffer in the form of armrests - you can attach them to each side and it instantly adds a couple of inches wide so we’d say it still works if you have a bigger sized client. 

The narrow frame has one good thing to it though - it makes it an ultra lightweight portable massage table. If you’re a massage therapist with a small frame, this is the best shot you can get for a massage table that wouldn’t strain your back/shoulder.  


Another issue we find, and this may be bigger a problem to most is its height adjustment.

It still uses the old-fashioned way, that is, you need to flip the table over upside down and unscrew each table leg to adjust it to the new height you want to, be it to lower or heighten the table.

And, if your table is set to the tallest height, you won’t be able to fold it so you’ll have to go through another round of unscrewing in order to break it down.

It will take about 8-10 minutes just to set it up, and we have to say this is quite a draining process in the long run.  


  • Frame: hardwood  
  • Upholstery: PVC
  • Tabletop: 84'' × 23.6'' (with headrest)
  • Height (Adjustable): 22.8" to 33.5”
  • Cushion thickness: 2.75” high density foam
  • Weight: 30lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap (massage table under $100)
  • Free parts replacement service within 1 year after the order is received 


  • Cumbersome height adjustment     

Our Verdict 

At such a price, you cannot expect too much and the Uenjoy Folding Massage Table does surpass a lot of expectations in that regard already. is nevertheless, still a bargain buy.

It is the most lightweight massage table in the market besides being one of the best priced, it is a bargain buy for those that do not want to spend too much on a portable massage table.