Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager Review

Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager

The Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager is hands down the best rated neck massager in the market, what's with its perfect rating score (to date) from users across. 

That speaks a lot, considering competition is stiff within the smart neck massager industry, with its many excellent contenders.

What We Like 

  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Independent heating function
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • NIL

Design & Material

The Wandwoo Neck Massager has a modern, streamlined design.

You can see that it adopts more of the thin, light band look compared to others that are thicker and have more of a headset/headphone design. 

It is precisely because of this also that the Wandwoo is able to achieve such a lightweight profile - this little baby here weighs only 0.26 pounds, which is lighter than many cellphones we believe.

In fact, this is the lightest model we can ever find, easily making it the best portable neck massager in the market. 

Wandwoo battery life

Speaking of mobile phone, you can use your mobile phone charger or even a power bank to charge this neck massager as it employs a micro-USB general interface.

One charge can last you 10 times of usage, each use being 15 minutes. 

You can say goodbye to traditional bulky lines.

If you detest having anything around your neck, this one here will be perfect for you. You won't feel a thing, trust us!

It is worthy to note that the Wandwoo employs high-grade 304 stainless steel for its metal contacts - the electrode pads. 

Wandwoo design

This type of material is found to have high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which is why you can feel the effects of neck massage more instantly and effectively. 

We especially like the control panel embedded on the side of one arm - it is in this rotary shape where you can press on them easily to switch modes and intensities.

It comes with a remote control as well if you'd rather prefer that. You can choose the mode and intensity that suits you, just remember that the intensity level will be restored to level 1 when the mode was changed.

The LED digital display will always tell you what the current strength is. 

The skin-friendly, breathable material makes the carotid artery pressure-free - very important comfort-wise - while the U-shaped neck wraps closer to the skin, fitting different neck thickness. 

We have no complaint in the fit and comfort department, certainly. 

Features & Functions

So we spoke about changing the modes and intensities of the neck massage.

The Wandwoo here offers 5 different modes and 15 levels of intensity - not as many as the OSITO certainly, but nevertheless more than the average that is offered in the industry. The massage modes include:

Wandwoo modes and intensities
  • Automatic mode, application for daily massage
  • Beating Mode
  • Finger Massage Mode
  • Acupuncture Mode
  • Scraping Mode

Yep, through electric pulsing technology, it can simulate and mimic the massage techniques of a pair of human hands. 

The 15 levels of strength shall be able to meet your different massage needs, providing the best comfortable experience that suits you and other individuals that use it. 

This newest version of the Wandwoo Neck Massager has a built-in new thermostat, so it can now precisely control the temperature to avoid excessive heat and to keep it constant at all times.

Speaking of which, yes, it is the best neck massager with heat at a constant temperature of 107.6° F - the optimal temperature that will warmly penetrates the neck skin to give you the most comfortable neck relaxation.

Wandwoo constant temperature
Wandwoo heating function

What's more, and this is one feature that we LOVE about the Wandwoo is that you can switch the heating function on/off independently from the neck massage.

Because sometimes, you just don't want the heat. 


Product Name

Intelligent Neck Massager with Heat

Product Brand


Product Size

7.63 x 7.16 x 2.32 inches

Product Weight

0.26 pounds

What's Included

1 neck massager

1 remote control

1 micro usb cable

1 user manual


1 year

Wrapping Up

It is very rare that we cannot find something that we don't like but with the Wandwoo Intelligent Neck Massager, that's precisely the case. 

We simply like everything it is - there's nothing we would change. You can say that it is one of our top favourite amongst all the neck massagers that the industry has to offer.

Wandwoo massager

If we'd to nitpick though, it would probably be that it offers only one heat settings but before you jump into conclusions, note that this is actually the standard. If not for this revolutionary neck massager here, we wouldn't even expect there be an alternative option.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best neck massager with every possible thing that you need, at a very reasonable price point, then look no further - this is the one for you.