Yaheetech Portable Massage Table Review

Yaheetech Portable Massage Table

If you are looking for an aluminium massage table that has a big working weight, you know, comparable to that of the wooden counterparts, the Yaheetech Portable Massage Table will be right up your alley. 

Aside from that, this is also a 3-fold massage table which means you can tilt a section up to makeshift into a backrest for when you need to, as pictured above.

What We Like 

  • Biggest working weight capacity 
  • Wide massage table (with armrests)
  • Can be tilted (3 section table)
  • ... and more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly heavier than other aluminium portable massage tables

Structure & Construction 

Starting from the frame structure, this adjustable massage table is made of a combination of aluminium alloy and beech wood - the former for the overall structure and legs, the latter for the massage table base. 

Upgraded from its previous model, the Yaheetech now has extra supports incorporated to make it more stable than before. These supports are made of aluminium alloy and they have plastic foot mats to further its stability as well as force of friction. 

Compared to just using screws, these premium aluminium supports with welded connection of aluminium tubes are no doubt significantly much stronger and sturdier comparatively.

See the before and after comparison of the old and upgraded version below:

Yaheetech upgraded version

As a result of such reinforcement, the Yaheetech has one of industry's biggest working weight capacity in the aluminium massage table category - a maximum of 250kg/551.2lb. 

Yaheetech working weight capacity

To those who think an aluminium massage table is not as heavy duty as a wooden massage table, this one here will certainly change your mind.  

Nevertheless, it also means it is the heaviest out of all its aluminium peers although at slightly over 30 pounds, we can't say it is a lot, given it is still much lighter than most wooden massage tables

What's also shown in the picture above is the push-button mechanism it employs to adjust the table's height. 

Altogether, there are 8 positions ranging from 23 - 32 inches for you to adjust. It is simple, all you need to do is press the small round knobs on the legs to finish the height adjustment. 

Size & Dimension

Seeing as we are discussing about its height, let's now look at the table's size and dimension.

The Yaheetech is actually quite a narrow massage table. Length-wise, it is close to 73" which is the standard of most portable massage tables but at 23.6 inches only for its width, you can say it is considerably narrower than the standard 28". 

Yaheetech table measurements

Nevertheless, this is exactly where the table gets its versatility from.

Comes with a pair of armrests that is 4.3" wide each, its adds to the overall size bringing the total width to 32.3".

This way, you can cater to the bigger clients when need be without necessarily having to purchase a wide massage table that is understandably heavier. 


Speaking of accessories, the Yaheetech also comes with a massage table headrest and hand pallet besides the aforementioned armrests.

Yaheetech face cradle

The face cradle cushion adopts a quick-fix locking device through which the angle and height can be adjusted to meet individual needs.  

All three accessories - headrest, armrest and hand pallet are removable for convenience. If you do not need any of them, just pull them out.  

The metal supports of these accessories can be folded for easy storage while the U-shaped headrest is attachable underneath the frame by hook and loop fasteners so that everything can be packed and folded compactly within the table itself for convenience of portability. 

Yaheetech massage table carrying case

Speaking of which, despite being in a three-fold design, the Yaheetech is foldable in half to become a portable case with clasps. 

Unlike most which comes with a massage table bag, this one here has a fabric cover for you to slip over the case so that you can protect it without adding any unnecessary weight. 

3-Section Tilt Feature

So yes - 3 section fold design. We have mentioned this above, but this is perhaps one of Yaheetech's biggest selling point.

Specially designed, this allows the incorporation of an adjustable backrest so that when certain therapies or procedures call for it, the end section can be lifted up to the desired angle to provide support to a user/client comfortably. Like such,

Yaheetech Portable Massage Table

There certainly isn't many portable massage tables in the market that allows you to do this, be it wooden or aluminium hence this is definitely one of Yaheetech's biggest appeal.

To date, the Merax is the only other lightweight portable massage table we can find that offers such feature. 

Yaheetech upholstery

Upholstering the soft and spongy high density foam cushion is a durable PVC leather material that is waterproof and oil resistant. 

Not only does that mean it is super easy for maintenance - all it requires is just a wet cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt - such material is also skin-friendly and breathable to ensure the user can lie comfortably whilst on it.


Product Name

3-Folding 84" Portable Massage Bed

Product Brand


Product Size

84(l) x 32(w) x 23-32(h) inches

Product Weight

31.1 pounds


Frame: Aluminium

Upholstery: PU leather

What's Included

Face cradle


Hand pallet

Massage table carrying case

Working Weight 



  • 3-section fold design
  • Lightweight massage table
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and pack
  • Backrest option
  • Wide massage table
  • Very affordable (under $100)


  • Slightly heavier than other aluminium massage tables

Our Verdict

The Yaheetech Portable Massage Table is not limited to just massage therapy - it has also been widely used across beauty salons, spas and tattoo parlours due to their versatility and multi-functionality.

Yaheetech massage table

No matter you want it for home use or to take it out, this portable spa couch can meet your requirements.

Used for multiple purposes such as home massage spa, physical therapy, clinic or even acupuncture, it continues to become the top favourite of professional massage therapists.

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