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Neck and shoulder pain is something very common in our community nowadays. 

Stress is one underlying factor, but even the simple motion of swiping and looking down on our phones become one cause. In fact, this is one of the most contributing factor because most of us do this for much more longer than required, thereby putting unnecessary burden to the neck.

Massaging is one way to alleviate such condition. There are two types of massagers you can choose from to relieve the pain at the comfort of your own home, depending on the area and severity of your aches:

Have you ever wondered why neck pain is getting more and more common and why it happened so frequently in mankind nowadays? Perhaps it has got to do with the way we work now - you know, long hours in front of the computer (for most). Or perhaps it is

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There is the neck and shoulder massager, then there is the neck massager. As one would have guessed, the latter predominantly massages

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Neck and shoulder pain is probably one of the most common modern-age ailment that many in our community nowadays suffer from. So

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