All About Stationary Massage Tables (& Some Electric Ones)

Stationary Massage Table

For the clinics, spas/medi-spas, a stationary massage table is often the preferred option compared to a portable massage table

Understandably so, given the former is definitely the sturdier one out of the two.

It has nothing to do with how well built a portable massage table is. The latter, having had to take portability into consideration, will never be as heavy duty a massage table as the former in this regard.

(To find out more between the two or if you're unsure which type suits you more, click here.) 

So yes, if it is going to be a permanent fixture that does not require much moving around, a stationary massage table is often the way to go because aside from sturdiness, the significantly bigger working weight and storage option are also amongst some of its biggest appeal.

Just like how we divide the portable ones into aluminium and wooden massage table, we can divide stationary massage tables into two types as well:- (i) the manual, and (ii) the electric.

By this, we mean the adjustment method of the table's height.

The 5 Best Stationary Massage Table Review

MT Massage

With a close to perfect rating score, the MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table is hands down the best massage table in this category. 

In particular, it is well known as a light massage table despite being one of the most durable, as well as for its very firm foam padding upholstery. 

We are talking about a product weighing of 60 pounds only, but with the capability of sustaining up to 1,500 lbs. Yep, pretty amazing huh?

To give you perspective, the average stationary massage table weighs about 100-120 pounds, with an average working weight capacity of 500 -700 lbs. 

On top of all that, its height can be adjusted and it comes with 5 year guarantee. Continue reading here...

Master Massage Montclair Stationary Massage Table

It is the only massage table brand that has released a heated massage table in the market, naturally, its take on a stationary massage table does not disappoint.

We’re talking about the Montclair from Master Massage, a company regarded as the best massage table brand by many professionals across the world.

The Montclair is one wide massage table - at 31", it is the widest out of all recommended massage table reviews so this is ideal for the bigger-sized clients. 

As you can see, the table has an elevation lift back design that allows professionals to perform any duties in virtually any position, be it facials, massages, acupuncture, reflexology or tattoos.

It also comes with a set of side armrests that can be detached and reinstalled according to requirements, as well as the brand's patented ergonomic face cradle that can fit all shapes and sizes. Likewise, the face pillow is also patented, made with temperature-sensitive memory foam to interact with a client's contours.

Speaking of memory foam, the table itself is filled with 3.5" thick cushion of the same material and it is upholstered with a PU oil and water resistant material that is CFC free and is protected with a 5-year guarantee

The whole table is of a mahogany hardwood frame and legs that are protected by a rich, high gloss Dura Seal finish and an open storage shelf is provided at the bottom to let you (and your clients) keep all the essentials.

Overall, if you have a clientele that leans towards the bigger side, we highly recommend this Master Massage table for its durability and extra size.

Best Massage

A stationary massage table does not always have to be very expensive. 

With a price point comparable to that of a travel massage table, the Best Massage Stationary Massage Bed is the best massage table if you're looking for a good but more affordable option. 

It is by far the cheapest and most lightweight massage table in this category, and that is thanks to the material it uses.

You see, instead of a wooden frame, this one here is predominantly made of heavy duty iron frame and precision-crafted with beech hardwood. Such a combination gives it the durability but without the weight.

There are a few things that we like about this Best Massage massage table, one of them being its thick legs. It adds to the solid state construction and gives the stability expected for professional therapists. 

Another aspect will be its impressive cushion padding. This one here is 4 inches thick, which not even some of its more expensive counterparts are equipped with. 

Having said that, it does have a lower working weight capacity compared to the rest. With a maximum of 450lbs, it probably may not be ideal for those with a bigger and heavier clientele.

Also, the table height is fixed and non-adjustable and we can see how this can be a problem for some. 

Nevertheless, the Best Massage Stationary Massage Bed is one of the easiest to install. We also really like how it does not have any offensive smell, unlike some other synthetic materials.

The simple design with ample storage space underneath makes it a good choice not just for professional massage therapy but the likes of medical recovery and family physical therapy as well. For an affordable stationary massage table, it can't get any better than this.

Health Line

When we talk about adjustable massage table, there probably isn't any as versatile as the Health Line Stationary Professional 3-Section Tilt Adjustable Massage Table.

As you may see from its name, this wooden massage table can be tilted 3 ways and this, inherently becomes one of its biggest selling point. 

There are not many massage tables that can be tilted at the first place, granted, but for those that can, it's usually only half way to make do as a back rest. 

This Health Line massage table though, is adjustable 3 sections for different postures. By that,  we mean even the middle part can be adjusted.

The backrest allows for a 0~40° different angle adjustment, while the lower 2 sections are adjustable in 7 levels. To date, there really isn't any other model that is able to do the same thing and this is where the Health Line stood out to us. 

It is one table that is able to truly enhance the effects of massage therapy because it helps customers who have blood circulation problems in the lower limbs get better lower body circulation when they lie down at the desired angle. Continue reading here...

Earthlite Sedona

Last but not least, we have the Sedona Stationary Massage Table from Earthlite

If you're familiar with our site, you will know that Earthlite is one of the most reputable massage table brands in the industry, trusted by many professional massage therapists. 

Solid, is probably what most have to say about the Sedona. Fully made in the USA from handcrafted, hardwood maple sourced from managed North American forests, this wooden massage table is of such superior strength, it can hold up to an amazing 4,000 lbs - that is more than some automobiles. 

The height of the table can be manually adjusted from 24" - 33" with double knobs to firmly secure the legs in place while the table is hand upholstered with 3" plush of premium Pro-Plush Deluxe triple density cushioning and Natursoft which is the brand's proprietary oil and water resistant eco-fabric. 

earthlite shelf options

You may also notice that this is a tilt top massage table. But perhaps its biggest appeal lies in the 3 bases, 3 tops options.

You see, the Sedona is available in a trestle, shelf or cabinet base, and they can all be combined with a flat, manual tilt or pneumatic salon top. Read more here...

Stationary Massage Table Comparison Chart

Product Model

Product Dimensions

Product Weight

Working Weight

Cushion Thickness

MT Harvey Massage Table

72.5 x 28 x 24-35 inches

60 pounds

1500 lbs


Master Massage Montclair Stationary Massage Table

88 x 31 x 25-35 inches

84 pounds

1000 lbs


Best Massage Stationary Massage Table

75x 29.5 x 24 inches


450 lbs


Health Line Stationary Massage Table

75x 28 x 26-33 inches

120 pounds

500 lbs


Earthlite Sedona massage table

73x 30 x 24-33 inches

113 pounds

4000 lbs


The 5 Best Electric Massage Table Review

Let's now look at stationary massage tables that can be operated electronically.

Instead of using hydraulic / pneumatic technology to raise your table up (or down), these ones are controlled electronically for maximum convenience.

Do note that they are considerably more expensive than manual stationary massage tables though, nevertheless, it doesn't mean there isn't any in the affordable bracket.

Earthlite Ellora

Out of all, the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table is probably the most popular and in our opinion, the best electric massage table in the market.

The only one that offers a range of sizing, you can choose between a width of 28", 30" and 32" depending on your needs (all comes in the same length of 73").

Not just some cheap import, the Ellora  is fully made in the USA (with components sourced globally) and it has been the go-to choice for busy day spas for their treatment rooms and tattoo studios for over 20 years. 

There are many amazing things to rave about this electric massage table but the most prominent has to be its whisper-quiet, hands-free lift adjustments that allows you to lift a heavy duty 600lb capacity controllable via a convenient foot pedal.

Another will be the ADA-compliant height adjustment range of 18” to 37” which we think is the winning feature of this automatic massage table. Read more here...

Electric Lift Massage Table

Another highly rated electric massage table is the Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table

In fact, one can even say that it is better than the Ellora because it comes with a face rest, arm shelf and flexed side arms that are all fully adjustable.

If you've noticed, the Ellora doesn't come with any of these accessories so even though the Spa Luxe may be slightly more expensive, we think it is worth the extra money paid. 

In fact, this stationary massage table is considered cheaper than a lot of electric massage tables that simply go up and down. Yes, aside from height, it can have its backrest and leg rest adjusted as well so that you can truly customize an ideal position that suits each client with it. 

Compared to the Ellora, it has a larger height range adjustment of 17"-39" so that allows for more flexibility for the therapists.

Likewise, there is a foot pedal for you to control everything and the motor is also extra quiet making virtually no noise during adjustments.

The Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table is definitely one to consider if you are looking for a high-end massage table that does not break the bank. Comes with heavy duty polypropylene wheels for easy transportation, you can be sure this electric massage table will provide sturdy support and reliable strength for years. 


Coming third on the list is this DIR Facial Beauty Bed which as you can probably tell from its name, is not limited to just massage therapy. 

Though it may look like a chair, it can be adjusted completely flat as a massage table. Different from the above two models though, is that this one here has dual electro-hydraulic motors.

What this entails is that you get to control the height adjustment and reclining backrest separately, as the motors of these two parts are completely independent of each other. 

Both hand and foot remote are included for the adjustment of height (25"-35") and backrest, whereas the leg rest can be adjusted manually into multiple positions. By the way, this is the only model that offers hand remote control besides the standard foot remote that most electric massage tables come with.

The arm folds back in flat bed position although if desire, all armrest, leg rest extension and headrest are completely removable. Speaking of which, yes, the DIR comes with leg rest extenders to provide added overall length for the taller clients. 

See what we mean by this being one of the most versatile massage table in the world? 

Allow us to also elaborate a bit more on its headrest. It’s actually a dual headrests package - put two on for added height or remove one for a flat surfaced option. Besides being extendable, it also has a breathing hole option for the on-your-stomach procedures. 

Material wise, it uses a high density memory foam with high grade soft vinyl alongside a steel frame structure to create a massage table that is both comfortable and durable, ensuring safe usage for all kinds of procedures.

Available in white or black, the DIR Facial Beauty Bed is an ideal choice for salon and spas, tattoo parlours, medical spas and medical offices (podiatry, dentistry etc.). Fully assembled, you can use it straight out of the box.

MT MaxKing Electric Massage Table

Master Massage has released a few electric massage tables but we think its MaxKing Comfort Electric Massage Table is the best one out of all.

First of all, it has a working capacity of 1000 lbs. That's the largest out of all electric massage tables reviewed here.

Secondly, this is probably the sturdiest of them all thanks to the heavy duty steel frame employed. If you look close enough, you will see that this is the only electric massage table with a wooden base.

Yep, they are European imported beech wood, protected by rich, hi-gloss Dura Seal finish that te brand is well-known for. Also, there are four heavy duty lockable casters incorporated, both for rooting and moving.  

The sleek single column MaxKing maximizes leg and knee room giving therapists much needed client access while maintaining exceptional strength and stability. 

For its height adjustment, the electric lift actuator provides smooth and quiet movements with an easy use to use foot pedal.

Comes with all accessories that any Master Massage table would have, you'll get the brand's famous ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle and memory foam ultra plush face pillow. In particular, the 2 inch high density HARD Foam upholstered top is constructed with a vinyl top for easy clean up.

Manufactured by the massage table brand that released the only heated massage table in the market, you know the MaxKing is of a standard and quality that you can trust. What's better, is that it is not extensively expensive, and a 5-year guarantee is provided. 

SierraComfort Standard Electric Lift Massage Table

Last but not least, we have the Sierra Comfort 2-Section Electric Lift Massage Table.

Also one of the best massage table brand, this is for those looking for an affordable electric massage table.

This gem here, has a price tag under $1,000

Not only is it the cheapest (price-wise), the Sierra Comfort is also the lightest electric massage table at 120 lbs. Despite that, it has a working weight capacity of 500lbs and that, is higher than most competitors. 

Aside from Spa Luxe, this is the automatic massage table with the biggest height range of 18" - 35". Likewise, it can have its back lifted up to make do as a backrest although you do have to adjust this manually with pneumatic gas lift assist, and this is where the former triumphs over the Sierra Comfort.

Understandable, considering this is a much more affordable model. Nevertheless, the table height is adjustable with electric pedal assist. Like the MaxKing, it also comes with wheel casters with locking mechanism. 

As with most electric massage tables, you will get an adjustable face cradle and face pillow together with the table. Oh, in terms of construction, this one here employs a steel frame while the foam deck is made of water and oil resistant PU leather upholstery. 

For a price like this, there probably isn't any that is even close on par with the Sierra Comfort 2-Section Electric Lift Massage Table. On top of that, you get a 2-year limited warranty. Definitely one of the best bargain we've ever came across! 

Electric Massage Table Comparison Chart

Product Model

Product Dimensions

Product Weight

Working Weight

Cushion Thickness

Earthlite Ellora

73 x 28/30/32 x 18-37 inches

271 pounds

600 lbs


Spa Luxe Electric Massge Table

73 x 30 x 17-39 inches

141 pounds

450 lbs


DIR Electric Beauty Bed

74x 24 x 25-35 inches

300 pounds

400 lbs


MT MaxKing Electric Massage Table

72.5x 30 x 24-35 inches

237 pounds

1000 lbs


SierraComfort Standard Electric Lift Massage Table

73x 30 x 18-35 inches

120 pounds

500 lbs


Stationary Massage Table Roundup Review

There are many massage table for sale in the market, but when it comes to stationary or electric massage table, there really aren’t that many to choose from.

At the very least, the choices are not as abundant compared to the more lightweight portable massage table options.

Although stationary massage tables are considerably more expensive (with the electric ones costing even more), they do have advantages over the portable ones:

  • As mentioned in the beginning of this article, they are definitely sturdier;
  • They are much more convenient for daily use;
  • They offer more flexibility with multiple angle adjustments.

Most importantly, you get to do these adjustments much more easily and conveniently with the push of a button (electronically or pneumatically) as opposed to having to adjust every single knob individually for all 4 legs that are the portable ones. 

Of course, one thing stationary (and electric) massage tables wouldn’t win against their portable counterparts is their portability. So at the end of the day, really, it depends on what and how you’re using your table for. Get one that fits your purpose, and it will be the best table for you.

Regardless whether it's portable or stationary though, there are a few massage table accessories you will need to get to protect your table so that its durability and longevity can be preserved. Don't forget to check them out here.