Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair Review

Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair

Not everyone is a fan of bulky massage chairs. For one, not everyone has the room space for it even if the design does not bother them too much. 

The Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair is therefore an ideal selection because this is easily one of the most compact sized home massage chair in the market.

One of the very few that does not compromise features for size, read on to see why we think this is the best massage chair for small spaces.

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Product Specifications



Product Name

Riage CS

Product Dimensions

38 x 23 x 38 inches

Key Functions

  • Full back massage (L track)
  • Shiatsu, tapping ,rolling
  • 4 automatic programs
  • Space saving recline and rocking mode

Maximum Capacity

Height: 6'2"

Price & Availability

Space-Saving Design

The difference is apparent when you compare the size of the Riage CS with the traditional-looking massage chairs in the same $1,000 category. To give you perspective, it is almost half the height of the Favor-03 Plus.

Incidentally, this means that it is able to fit in most homes, including apartments.

infinity zero gravity recline

What's impressive is that despite the limitation small sizes bring to both design and function (as is apparent with so many other small massage chairs out there that need to have a lot of features cut out), Infinity manages to squeeze in a zero gravity feature. 

Yes, the Riage CS is able to recline fully. Even if you don't need a massage, you can still enjoy it as a power recliner at home.

infinity riage portable wheels

All it needs is just 2" of clearance from the wall, so you can actually push it into tight spaces.

Speaking of which, there are hidden wheels at its bottom to help you do just that.

Even without them, you will find that it is much lighter than other massage chairs, all thanks to its compact size.

Massage Features

So we mentioned above that there are features a small massage chair will have to forego.

For the Riage CS, it is the airbag technology - this chair employs no airbag components to get rid of the bulkiness that often associates with them. 

Instead, it emphasizes on a roller system which arguably, is actually better than a pure airbag massage regime. This is because rollers mimic the rolling and kneading of professional massage therapists' to relieve muscles from pain, tension and stress.

infinity massage techniques

This chair here uses a 4-node travelling roller mechanism to provide a deep kneading relief effect. In particular, the massage techniques that it provides include:

  • Robotic kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu

The rollers travel along what's called an L track system, from the neck and shoulder all the way down to the glutes, kneading your muscle and skin along the way with simulated human touch for a soothing massage sensation.

infinity riage cs l track

Because of its ability to travel beyond the spine reaching the glutes, buttocks and areas underneath the thighs, the Riage CS is able to target the lower back region better. 

Combine this with the lumbar heat function, it actually makes for one of the best home chair for lower back pain.  

There are 4 auto programs combining different massage techniques and speeds for you to choose from but you can also create your own massage program by using the manual control to target trigger points and areas that need particular attention. 

Now, the Infinity Riage CS is also advertised as a 'rocking' massage chair. What this means is that it is able to rock back and forth in a metronome-based movement to give the classic rocking chair feeling for soothing relaxation. 

We don't see this being offered in any other chair, so it is truly a pleasant surprise to have found it in a massage chair that is under $1,000.  


One thing worth mentioning is that the brand offers a 1-year warranty period for any in-home repair or replacement. 

Yes, apart from sending all covered parts deemed necessary to you, an authorized service provider will actually be sent over to repair the chair at your residence if there is a need at no extra charge on your part. 

On top of that, it provides unlimited customer and technical support to all US-based customers. 

If there is one thing that speaks about a product's quality, it is warranty and after-sale services like these that give you the confidence of its reliability and durability.

Things to Take Note

Having said the above, it does not mean that the Riage CS is without any limitation. One of it being not exactly the best massage chair for tall person. 

What's one of its bestselling point is also its limitation but understandably so, given it is designed to be smaller to fit in compact spaces.

Yes, when it is meant to be smaller, naturally, it cannot fit the bigger in size. 

Although it is said to be able to fit people of up to 6'2", we actually think that the ideal fit for this chair are those around 5'10". 

At this height, the chair gives a baby cradle-like effect and the rollers are able to hit at the optimum spots on the glutes and backs of your thighs, running through the entire L track.

infinity calf vibration riage cs

Also, do take note that there is no massage at the calf and foot area. What you get is vibration and while that gives some sort of sensation, it does not compress or put any pressure in the leg region. 

So yes, not exactly the best foot calf massager - the Real Relax will be a better option if this is an indispensable feature to you.

The good thing is that its leg rest can be operated independently from the chair back, so you can adjust them separately into the position that is comfortable to you. 


Infinity Riage CS

We will say that the Infinity Riage CS is suitable for those suffering from lower back pain as the chair focuses primarily on this with its L-track roller system and massage features. 

Save as for the limited foot and calf massage option, it does indeed provide an excellent full body massage that will relieve its users from tight muscles and tensed joints.

Certainly, its zero gravity function gives it a much favourable head start compared to this or this, both of which are models in a similar size.

Of course, the compact design is an indisputable plus point for those with limited space. 

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