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The Best Massage Tables for Everyone (Professionals & Students)

Best Massage Table

Are you a professional massage therapist looking for a massage table for your business? Or are you a student just starting out in the industry and are on the hunt for a table that does not break the bank?

Either case, you have came to the right place.

Here, we have all the information you need that will help you make an informed decision on how to choose the best massage table for yourself.

Types of Massage Tables

It can be quite overwhelming when there are so many different massage table brands and models available in the market. 

How do you know which one is good and how do you choose? Especially when each table also claims itself to be the “best massage table” ever?

Before we delve into that question, it is worthy to understand just how many types of massage table there are available in the industry.

Yep, contrary to what you may believe (and we don’t blame you, considering they all look pretty much the same at a glance), there are actually different types of massage tables and they can be divided into a few categories:

Stationary Massage Table

First and foremost, we have the stationary massage tables

As you can tell, these are massage tables that are meant to be fixed permanently at one spot without much moving around.

They are the sturdiest out of all, with an average working weight capacity that is higher than any other type of massage tables. We’re talking something between 400 lbs to 4,000lbs, depending on which type you go for.

Yes, within the stationary massage table category itself, there are again two types – manual and electric massage table.

manual massage table
electric massage table gif

By that, we mean the method or mechanism used to control or adjust the table’s height – you can adjust it either manually/pneumatically, or electrically.

The former generally has a higher working weight capacity, for instance, this one here can support up to 4,000lbs, which is higher than some automobiles already.

On the other hand, an electric massage table provides a lot more conveniences, with most offering at least a foot-controlled mechanism for you to adjust the height hands-freely.

This type is not just popular for the massages but for other industries such as chiropractice, beauty therapy, tattoo and the likes. This is because most have a tilt design so that a client can be seated up when need be, for example, the DIR here can be customized into a chair-like design.

Portable Massage Table

The second and probably most popular massage table type, however, is the lightweight portable massage table.

As one would guess, they weigh much more lighter than the above so that they  can become a travel massage table for mobile therapists on the go.

Incidentally, such lightweight massage table has a smaller working weight – 500lbs on average although once in a while, there are models like this (or this) that can support up to 750lbs. 

Most, if not all portable massage tables can be folded compactly with accessories packed underneath it to fit into a massage table bag or massage table carrying case that usually comes with it, thereby achieving full portability. Like such:

Yaheetech Massage Table

Likewise, you can divide portable massage tables into two categories as well  - wooden and aluminium.

A wooden massage table is more common and therefore has more options available in the market but the latter is gaining traction in recent years due to it being the best lightweight massage table type.

Seriously, an aluminium massage table can weigh about 10 pounds lesser than a standard wooden massage table, and nothing speaks more than being lightweight in the mobile massage table category.

You may want to read more between the two here (with a selection of some of the best portable massage table in the market included).    

Prenatal Massage Table

Next, we have massage tables that are specifically designed for pregnant clients – the prenatal massage table.

Master Massage pregnancy tummy area
Master Massage pregnancy

This is the type where a recessed section is designed at the chest/belly area so that pregnant clients can lie down comfortably on their stomach while receiving a prenatal massage.

Traditionally, massage therapists employ massage table accessories like a bolster package or pregnancy cushion to conduct pregnancy massages on their clients.

However, with the introduction of prenatal massage tables, more and more therapists are switching over because it means they do not need to carry a separate piece of accessory with them anymore. 

Earthlite Spirit Pregnancy Massage Table

For their non-pregnant clients, they can still use the table like any regular massage table once they put in the filler at the recessed compartment.

Although primarily for masseuses who specialise in prenatal massages, a pregnancy massage table is suitable for clients who have trouble laying flat on the stomach as well i.e. those with bigger bellies or those who had just underwent chest surgery etc.

Compared to other massage table types, there are considerably less options available. Nevertheless, here are two models you can consider: Master Massage Eva Pregnancy Massage Table (detailed review here) and the Earthlite Spirit Pregnancy Portable Massage Table.

Luxury Massage Table

Now, this may not necessarily be a category of its own, but for those looking for a luxury massage table for their salon (or just a home massage table for the house),we have two excellent options for you:

Let’ start from the Master Massage Cabrillo

Made of high quality European beech hardwood that is formaldehyde and carcinogen free, it has an interlock leg extension system to further enhance its stability and durability.

Besides equipped with all the specifications a Master Massage table is well-known for, it also has a sturdy closed storage cabinet underneath as you can see to store all the massage equipment and accessories.

The Skinact Cloud Electric Massage Table Bed, on the other hand, is an electric massage table perfect for luxury collection resorts and the most high-end day spas and med-spas with its exclusive, modern lift design that imparts an elegance that will turn an otherwise ordinary treatment room into a luxurious heaven.

Besides a never-before-seen 4” padding support, it also has two actuators/motors to allow adjustments of the table separately for a customized experience. If you want to set your spa apart from the rest, this is the one to go for.

So there you have it, the different types of massage table available in the market dissected for your easy and better understanding. You should now be more well-informed to embark on finding that one best massage table for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Massage Table - 6 Tips

Now that you know of the different types of massage table available, here are 6 tips to guide you through the process of choosing the best massage table:

(1) Stationary or Portable?

First and foremost, decide if you want a stationary massage table or a light portable massage table.

This will be the starting point that will determine the next few criteria below. It may not be the hardest decision to make, given as most would already have an idea of what they’re looking for at the first place.

Massage parlour owners or therapy clinics will usually go for a stationary massage table as the requirement to move it around is not much. It also has a bigger working weight capacity comparatively, which is what most massage practitioners will prefer over.

On the other hand, if you are a mobile therapist or student just starting out in the massage industry, a portable massage table will be the better choice because (1) lightweight massage table and (2) cheaper and more affordable.

For those looking for the best home massage table, either type will do although if you are running short on space, we’d advise going for the portable ones because you can fold it up and stow it away when not in use to save space.



  • Heavy
  • Sturdy
  • Bigger working weight capacity
  • Generally more expensive
  • Light
  • Cheaper
  • More Reiki options
  • Most will squeak or creak

(2) Wooden or Aluminium / Manual or Electric?

Once you have decided on the big picture that is stationary or portable, it is time to choose the frame or nature of the table.

Let’s start from portable massage tables first.

Earthlite Avalon Standard


Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table

As mentioned above, they can be divided into two types – wooden or aluminium. The former is the more common ones with plenty of options to choose from, whereas the latter has more limited choices but are the best lightweight massage table type out of all.

For stationary massage tables, there is a manual or electric massage table to decide between. The latter is obviously more convenient given it is an automatic massage table, however, it is also comparitively more expensive.

If working weight capacity is something you prioritize over anything else, then a manual or standard stationary massage table will be the best choice for you because this type has the biggest working weight – we’re talking about up to 4,000lbs here.  

(3) Features

Now that you have chosen the type and nature of your massage table, the next thing to look at will be the features.

By that, we don’t mean just the massage table accessories like armrests, arm slings or massage table headrest. Most massage tables in the market offer at least one kind or the other anyway nowadays, so that’s not something of particular concern.

Rather, there are few aspects that you will need to consider, for example:

Reiki Table vs Massage Table

Are you a Reiki practitioner? Or if you are a student, do you plan to extend your skills into this area?


If you are unsure what Reiki is, it is basically a Japanese technique that involves the “laying on hands” (or “palm healing” as some would call it) administered on patients to achieve stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. That is, putting it simply.

If you do intent to practice Reiki massages, it would be best that you get a Reiki massage table right from the outset instead of the usual massage table. Why so?

You see, Reiki sessions requires you to get in as close as possible to your client and sometimes, where possible, you may need to even place your knees on the table.

Reiki panel

And this is where you’ll find the obvious difference between a Reiki table and a straight massage table.

The former will have its panels at the head and feet of the table altered so that there is space to allow a practitioner fit their knees under the table comfortably, as pictured left.

A standard massage table, on the other hand, has regular panels.

The best massage reiki table will have Reiki panels on each side, in general, it means there are no low crossbeams or solid panel at the head or foot of it.

This is the best type and makes it a lot simpler for practitioners to give proper Reiki massage – one good example will be this Master Massage table here.

More often than not, you will find reiki massage table with just one Reiki panel end such as this one here, with the other end using standard panel to provide balance for the table.

half reiki panels

Half Reiki

non reiki massage table


Reiki panels massage table


At the end of the day, if you are to ask whether a regular massage table will be enough for reiki, the answer is YES.

However, in the long run, it will certainly tire out a Reiki practitioner, that is for sure. And this is why we’d recommend a Reiki portable massage table over a regular massage table any time, if Reiki is what you specialise in.

Heated Massage Table

Another feature to look at is whether or not you intend to provide heated massage to your clients.

Traditionally, a massage table warmer (or massage table heating pad) are used to provide heat massages. Massage stones are also one of the popular massage table accessories utilised as well to achieve the same purposes and to be honest, all these methods are still widely used nowadays.

heated massage table

However, with modern technology, there is now a thing called heated massage table and this is where an inbuilt heating system is incorporated into the table itself to provide heat to the user.

There isn’t many options though, in fact, the Master Massage Santana Therma Top Portable Massage Table may be the only choice available in the market that offers this feature to date.

If you’re interested in elevating your massage services or enhancing your client’s massage experience to another level, this is a good choice to consider.

Prenatal Massage Table

And then we have those that specialise in prenatal massages. If this is you or your clientele leans towards this market, then it is worthy to consider getting yourself a pregnancy massage table.

Earthlite Spirit

As mentioned above, a prenatal massage table is one where there is a recessed compartment built within the table itself, so you no longer need to purchase a separate pregnancy massage cushion for your pregnant clients.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to use it as per a normal massage table once you put the filler back in.

Besides pregnant clients, a prenatal massage table is also a good alternative if you have clients that have trouble lying on their front i.e. big bellies, underwent chest surgery etc.

Flat or Tilt

Will you require your client to sit up during a massage session? If yes, then you have to look for a massage table that can be tilted.

Most of these can be tilted one section only to make shift for a backrest but there are those that can be tilted 3 ways including the middle and legrest area as well (the Health Line massage table is one good example).

For the former, here are some good examples:

(4) Size and Dimension

While the size of a massage table is pretty standard across all types - 73"(l) x 28-30"(w), there are a certain few that are designed to be particularly wider or narrower than usual.

For example, you have massage tables like this that reaches up to 34” wide (or this with 32” width) that inadvertently makes it a wide massage table, and then you have those that are just 24” wide such as the Giantex Professional Portable Massage Table that are more compact.

massage table dimensions

Contrary to what you believe, a narrow massage table like such is actually quite popular. This is because it packs up more compactly, which is always a good thing for a mobile massage table and it is comparably a light massage table.

If you’re going for this type though, remember to check if it comes with at least a pair of extendable armrests. This is because it widens up the massage table for when you have bigger clients, so that you can have more flexibility with it.

Also, you may want to pay attention to the height adjustment of a table.

Again, most massage tables are height adjustable regardless if they are stationary or portable, wooden or aluminium but do note that there are some that cannot be adjusted at all. This Best Massage massage table, for example, is a massage table that cannot be height adjusted.  

(5) Budget

As with anything, budget is one deciding factor when it comes to choosing a product.

What is my budget? – is a question you have to ask yourself.

There are different price range in different types of massage table categories so that shouldn’t be a limit to which type you choose for although yes, a stationary massage table is generally more expensive than a portable massage table.

dollar gif

However, it doesn’t mean that there is no affordable option in the former category.

For example, this stationary massage table here is cheaper than many portable massage tables in the market.

Likewise, there are pricier and cheaper models for travel massage table types so choose according to what you can afford.

Having said that, one general consensus is that an electric massage table (or automatic massage table as some would call it) will be the most expensive option out of all – that’s something to keep in mind. 

(6) Brand

Last but not least and if all else fails i.e. you cannot decide between one or the other, perhaps the brand itself may be of a deciding factor.


Choose from a well-known, reputable massage table brand. It will save you at least half the effort of filtering out the inferior ones from the very beginning so that you know you are off to a good start.

The quality of a massage table is also guaranteed to a certain extent if you choose from good massage table brands as they have a reputation to upkeep. As a result, the chances of ending up with a poor quality product is much lower.  

To find out what are some of the best massage table brand in the industry, click here – we have done the hard job for you.

Wrapping Up

Compared to other massage equipments, buying a massage table is considerably an easier job given there aren't as many criteria  to look out for as say, a massage chair.  

Having said that, you do have to conduct a bit of research to ensure you know what you're doing - this piece here should be of immense help as we have covered everything that you should be aware of. 

featured image for 10 best table

Go through the tips one by one - that should be the thought process that goes on in your mind. When you reach the end of it, you would know which model you want to go for. 

Most importantly, know your own requirements - what you are looking for, what are your priorities and of course, how much budget you can allocate. Happy shopping!


Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table Review

Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table

When it comes to electric massage table, there probably isn't any that is more popular than the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table.

Yes, this is yet another masterpiece from Earthlite (told you they are one of the best massage table brand around!), this time, it is an electric massage table.

What We Like 

  • Hands-free automatic massage table
  • Flat or Manual Tilt options 
  • 6 colour selections
  • ADA compliant height adjustment
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Slightly steep price tag

Structure & Construction

The Ellora definitely stood out with its whisper quiet, hands-free lift adjustments. 

Made possible via a heavy-duty UL listed 600lb lift capacity motor that is operated by a convenient hands-free foot pedal, this automatic massage table has an ADA compliant height range of 17" to 36".

Earthlite Ellora height adjustment

This is found to be the optimum range for any therapists to feel comfortable both for their hands and back, as well as being the height that offers easy wheel chair transfer. 

As a result of this, the Ellora is a favourite for chiropractors, massage parlours as well as those in physical therapy. 

The Ellora also has embedded wheels so you can move the table with ease for cleaning when need be or any other purposes.

Earthlite Ellora upholstery
Earthlite Ellora components

Made in the USA, the frame is constructed of a powder-coated, solid steel frame while the upholstery is in standard Earthlite's proprietary Pro-Plush Deluxe 3" triple density cushioning and buttery smooth Natursoft fabric. 

If you don't already know, Earthlite massage tables are well-known for their supreme comfort because of this trademarked upholstery.

The base is a firm layer ensuring one will not feel the table at all whilst the middle layer is the thickest in terms of density to offer cushiness and support.

All these are wrapped up by a third layer of luxury supple Natursoft upholstery, Earthlite’s famous in-house-developed fabric that is buttery soft and supple to the skin. 

Size & Dimensions

Similar to the Sedona, the Ellora is available in different width options. Instead of 2, it comes in three sizes - 28", 30" and 32". Likewise, there are 6 colour choices available.

Earthlite Ellora manual tilt massage table
Earthlite Ellora manual tilt

The Ellora has two styles to choose from though - Flat and Manual Tilt. We prefer the Tilt version slightly more, simply because it offers more flexibility and positions for clients to get comfortable into but note that it is also slightly more expensive than the Flat version.

Nevertheless, lifetime warranty is offered for both in terms of the frame, with 3 years on the upholstery and 2 years on the electronic motor so you know this is one massage table will last you a lifetime.


Product Name

Ellora Electric Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 28,30,32(w) x 18-37(h) inches

Product Weight

271 pounds


Frame: powder-coated steel

Upholstery: PRO-PLUSH DELUXE 3” triple density cushioning, buttery smooth Natursoft upholstery

What's Included

Hands-free foot control

Caster wheels

Working Weight



Frame: lifetime

Upholstery: 3 years

Electric motor: 2 years


  • ADA height compliant adjustment
  • 6 colour selection
  • Automatic hands free massage table
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • Quite expensive

Our Verdict

Commercial use and lifetime warranty, the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table is the best option for business owners such as massage parlours, chiropractic clinics, physical treatment clinics and the likes.

Earthlite Ellora massage table

We wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for the best home massage table - it may be too overrated for your purpose (of course, you can surely purchase one if this is your preference) - it is certainly not the cheapest although for an electric massage table, we'd say its price point is pretty reasonable. 

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that it is the most popular electric massage tables in the market. For other alternatives, click here to find out more. 


Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table Review

Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table

The Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table is not quite like the other.

At a glance, it may seem like your ordinary wooden massage table but it is not what it seems - this one here has a versatility like no other. 

What We Like 

  • Squeak-proof and holds 4000lbs
  • 3 bases, 3 tops options
  • Made in USA
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Some combination can be quite expensive

3 Bases, 3 Tops

Known for its 3 bases, 3 tops options, the Sedona is available with a trestle, shelf or cabinet base that can be combined with a flat, manual tilt or pneumatic salon top. 

Earthlite Sedona options

9 different combinations, perfect for every need.

What this means is that you can personally customise the table according to your individual needs.

For example, you may want to have either a shelf or cabinet base if you are a massage therapist. For the beauty/facial therapists or tattooist, a manual tilt or pneumatic salon top may be an indispensable feature.

The choice is up to you entirely. 

Structure & Construction

Made in the USA (from components sourced globally), the Sedona also has a built and structure like no other. 

Earthlite Sedona construction
Earthlite Sedona flat

If you know about the brand, you will know that it is all about sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Earthlite uses managed forest North American Maple and other hardwoods from eco-friendly, managed forest sources and this is a message we truly support. 

For this one here, it is constructed with solid hard maple legs and hardwood frame that can hold an amazing 4,000lbs - that is more than some automobiles!

Certainly, it is the stationary massage table with the biggest working weight capacity out of all that are included in our massage table reviews here

Despite the hard wood frame, this wooden massage table is 100% squeak-proof

Earthlite Sedona upholstery

Upholstery wise, it is hand upholstered for superior comfort with 3" plush inches of premium Pro-Plush Deluxe triple density cushioning and Natursoft - Earthlite's proprietary oil and water resistant eco-fabric. 

This trademarked cushioning provides supreme comfort and durability none can compare.

You may want to also know that the corners of the table are rounded and sewn down to make it easier for therapists to lean across the table in comfort.

Size & Dimensions

Another aspect that sets the Sedona apart from its competitors is that it is available in 2 different sizes to suit different needs.

By that, we mean there are different table widths that you can choose - 30" and 32". Both are wider than the standard 28" so this is a good choice to those that want a wide massage table. 

The total length of the table will be the same for each though, which is 73".

Earthlite Sedona height adjustable

Height wise, it can be manually adjusted from 24"-33". Double knobs are in place to secure the legs firmly in place and rubber bottoms are provided for extra support and stability. 

See what we mean by versatility?

Available in an assortment of vinyl colours, it is also one of the very few stationary massage tables that offer such options. There are Vanilla Creme, Marie's Beige, Latte, Sterling, Mystic Blue and Black for you to choose from so plenty of choices there. 

The whole table structure itself is offered LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY while the upholstery and cushioning has 3 years. If you have read our previous tips and guides on how to choose the best option in any category really, you will know that the duration of warranty is a major indication of a product's quality.

For Earthlite to offer such extensive warranty for the Sedona, you know this is of a quality that will last you years of use. 


Product Name

SEDONA Stationary Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73"(l) x 30",32"(w) x 24"-33"(h) inches

Product Weight

113 pounds


Frame: hardwood maple

Upholstery: 100% polyurethane Natursoft™ vinyl, three layers of three-inch CFC-free Pro-Plush Deluxe™

What's Included

Depending on type

Working Weight

4000 lbs


Table: lifetime

Upholstery: 3 years


  • Strong support up to 4000lbs
  • Multiple size options
  • 3 bases 3 tops - 9 configuration options
  • Hand upholstered using proprietary materials
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on upholstery


  • Some combination can be quite expensive

Our Verdict

Produced by one of the best massage table brand in the market that has over 30 years of experience in the massage equipment industry, you know the Sedona is one stationary massage table you can trust. 

Earthlite Sedona table

The multiple configuration that you can get out of the table is no doubt its bestselling signature, making it perfect for not just massage therapists but chiropractors, physical therapist, beauty facials and even tattooist. 

The fact that it is made in the USA gives it a few extra points too - these are super rare nowadays and do not come often. 

Given all these, it is understandable that the Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table may not be one of the cheapest massage table in the market.

It depends on the configuration that you go for really, for example, a cabinet shelf with pneumatic salon feature will no doubt be pricier than say, a flat option with trestle base. 

So yes, the Sedona is definitely one stationary massage table we will highly recommend particularly if you're looking for a versatile one. Take good care of it and use with diligence, this piece will last you a lifetime. 


Health Line Stationary Massage Table Review

Health Line Stationary Massage Table

If the MT Harvey Treatment is all about the straightforward design, the Health Line Stationary Massage Table is exactly the opposite.

Probably the only stationary massage table in the market with the most adjustments, this one here is a 3 section wooden massage table with storage compartment.  

What We Like 

  • 0~40° backrest angle adjustment
  • Adjustable 3 sections
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity

Signature 3-Section Design

By 3 section, we mean the table is separated into 3 parts whereby the top, middle and bottom section can all be tilted separately into a desirable angle for different postures.

What this means is that customers get to not only lie flat to enjoy a whole body massage, but recline on the back rest to enjoy a lower body massage as well. 

Health Line massage table backrest

Starting from the top section (this is where a headrest can be attached to - more below), the backrest can be adjusted into different angles ranging from 0~40°.

It is found that such an angle range provides the best comfortable posture for different customers hence why the Health Line massage table is designed as such. 

Meanwhile, the middle and bottom sections (the leg rest) can be adjusted in 7 different levels, independently of one another, so that you can customize different positions for different customers. 

In particular, the adjustments of these two parts are aimed to help customers who have blood circulation problems in the lower limbs get better lower body circulation when they lie down. 

For its height adjustment, this massage table can be adjusted from 26" - 33" in 1.25" increments.

Altogether, there are 6 levels available so it should suit different masseuses or therapists for different working purposes i.e. tattoo, aesthetics, therapy, lashes...etc.

Health Line massage table height adjustment

Do not underestimate the importance of getting a good working height - it saves you from hurting your back because your job may includes long time bending all the time.

We have one tip for you though, that is, choose the suitable height before assembling the table. This way, you do not need to bother to disassemble and reassemble every time. 

Structure & Construction

In terms of its structure and construction, the Health Line massage table has a beech hardwood frame with an equivalent beech panel at the bottom that not only makes the table more stable but also provide a storage space for the massage essentials as well.

Health line massage table working weight

Don't worry, this storage space will NOT be reduced with the height adjustment of the legs. 

The overall structure of the table is very sturdy and durable, with a total working weight of up to 500lbs which we have to say is pretty standard, if not low especially when compared to tables like this or this.

Nevertheless, the newly upgraded Health Line massage table has now a reinforced pallet board and triangle reinforcement on all four sides. 

Health Line massage table structure
Health Line massage table upgrade

On top of that, there are non-slip feet pads on all four legs to protect your floors. 

Compared to the old version, these new additions undoubtedly added more support to the frame. You can really feel it when you are performing your massages - IT DOES NOT BUDGE THE SLIGHTEST. 

The table itself is of a standard size - without both headrest and armrests, the total length is 75" while the width is 28".

Health Line massage table dimensions

The lowest height from panel to ground is 2.4" and as mentioned above, the storage space will not be reduced when you adjust the table height. 

Cushioning wise, it employs 2.5" high density foam deck which is pretty standard for stationary massage tables like this. 


One of the best home massage table, it comes with a headrest, armsling and a pair of armrests.

Health Line accessories

The former is adjustable into different angles so that the user can feel more comfortable be it lying on the back or lying prostrate. 

Likewise, the armrest can be set into 2 different heights. Just lock them into the given holes accordingly in the central section and you will be done. 

The arm sling is attachable underneath the headrest - it is for when your clients need a place to rest their hands while lying on the stomach. 

All three accessories are completely removable should you not require them. 


Product Name

Stationary Professional Tilt Adjustable Massage Bed

Product Brand

Health Line

Product Size

75(l) x 28(w) x 26-33(h) inches

Product Weight

120 pounds


Beech hardwood

What's Included

Adjustable headrest



Working Weight

500 lbs


  • 3 section tilt design
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Comes with headrest, armrest and arm sling
  • Very sturdy
  • Has storage space underneath


  • Small working weight capacity

Our Verdict 

Health Line Stationary Massage Table

For what it is and what it offers, the Health Line Stationary Massage Table is worth every penny paid. Not to say that it is very expensive to start with, but we think this is one of the best value for the money stationary massage table. 

The 3-section tilt is definitely a signature feature and one that is not seen anywhere else (at least not in this price range) - it elevates the overall experience and comfort level of a customer and that, is something that will add extra value to your business and services. Definitely highly recommend!


MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table Review

MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table

Amongst the many stationary massage tables available in the market, the MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table, in our opinion, takes the cake as the best stationary massage table.

Seemingly a simple massage table with straightforward design, it has a built and quality that none can compare.

What We Like 

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Affordable and not overly expensive
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Doesn't come with any accessories

Structure & Construction

You can probably already tell from its appearance that this is a Master Massage table, what's with the brand's classic natural hardwood look and signature hi-gloss, rich Dura Seal finish.

The Harvey Treatment is made of European imported beech wood so it has a strong and sturdy structure that the brand is well known for. Adding to that is a double thickness deck which enables the support of a working weight of up to 1,500lbs. 

It is worthy to note that the table itself weighs a mere 60 pounds only so if you take that into consideration, a working weight capacity like that is something unheard of. To give you context, a standard stationary massage table weighs around 100-120 pounds and the average working weight is approximately 500 lbs.  

MT Harvey Treatment foam upholstery

As mentioned in our massage table reviews here, the MT Harvey Treatment is well known for its firm foam padding upholstery.

Whilst it may not be as thick as say the Best Massage massage table here, its 2" thick cushion is made of the exclusive multi-layer FIRM Small Cell Foam that the brand is known for, giving maximum firmness and support without sinking when weight is laid upon it.

All these are protected by the durable non-toxic PU upholstery that is both oil and water resistant and is CFC free, meaning no odors or toxins are emitted and the whole upholstery is backed by MT Massage's 5 year guarantee.   

Things to Note

There is one thing to note, and that is the MT Harvey Treatment Massage Table doesn’t come with a face cradle/pillow.

Some like it for how it is because all they want is just a flat surface that allows them to do different treatments without anything getting in the way.

However, there are also those that'd want at least a face cradle so that they can place their heads comfortably at a position. 

MT Harvey Comfort Massage Table

If you are the latter, perhaps the Harvey Comfort may be a better choice for you.

It has very similar specifications as the Harvey Treatment but it also comes with the brand's patented ergonomic face cradle and face pillow. 

On top of that, there is also an open storage space at the bottom of the table for you to store the essentials.  


Product Name

Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table

Product Brand

Master Massage

Product Size

72.5(l) x 28(w) x 24-35(h) inches

Product Weight

60 pounds


Frame: European imported beech wood

Upholstery: CFC free PU

Accessories Included


(Face cradle, face pillow and open storage shelf option available here)

Working Weight 

1000 lbs


5 years


  • Strong and durable 
  • Affordable price point 
  • Versatile 
  • High quality 


  • Doesn't come with accessories

Our Verdict

For anyone looking for a stationary massage table which has very firm foam padding upholstery, the Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table is a fantastic choice. 

MT Harvey Massage Table

Not just for massage treatments, this is a table ideal for resorts, day spas, and private practitioners such as: physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, nurses, bariatric physicians, reflexologists, acupuncturists, and tattoo artists.


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