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Giantex Portable Massage Table Review

Giantex Portable Massage Table

We're all about a good lightweight portable massage table. That's basically the No.1 rule when it comes to travel massage table, hence the popularity and surge of aluminium massage tables

Out of all that are available, the Giantex Portable Massage Table is the lightest of them all. This makes it the best lightweight massage table in the market. 

What We Like 

  • Ultra lightweight
  • White massage table
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Comparatively smaller working capacity

Features Highlight

Made of a stable aluminium frame with supporting cables, this massage bed is designed to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 485 lbs.

It can be folded in two sides, and there will be a carrying handle for you to carry it around for easy portability. 

Speaking of which, the Giantex weighs about 26 pounds for hassle-free transporting and carrying. Which is why it is such a popular choice among massage therapists on the go, because it is just so light. 

The table has 8 adjustable heights to suit different therapists' height level. It is also to cater to different purposes.  

Giantex height adjustment

Be it beauty treatment, acupuncture, massage or tattooing, it provides the perfect height for optimum operation.

Like everyone's favourite aluminium massage table Yaheetech and Artechworks, this too adopts the same push button adjustment mechanism for easy manoeuvring. 

Non-sleep feet attachments are incorporated to prevent sliding during massages, as well as to provide floor protection.  


In terms of accessories, Giantex comes with what most aluminium massage tables are equipped with. That is, 1 head rest, 1 hand pallet and a pair of arm rests. 

Giantex accessories

The face cradle is 90 degree adjustable to cater to different position requirements. We like how it is resistant to any bending and warping. 

There is also a hand pallet to go underneath it for your clients to have a place to rest their hands ergonomically. 

If you look at the image above, you can see that there is a removable sponge for the head too. This means that even if you do not set up the face cradle, your client will still be able to breathe easily through the opening when they are laying on their front. We like how convenient this alternative option brings to a massage therapist. 

There are also a set of arm rests for you to attach to the sides should you feel the need to make it into a wide massage table. Besides giving more space to your client to lie more comfortably, it is also one method massage professional therapists always use to cater to their bigger-sized clients. 

Giantex assembly

Speaking of table setting up, we like Giantex's no-fuss, no tools required assembly.

As pictured left, all you need to do is just open/unfold the massage bed from the middle and the legs will automatically fall into place. It's that easy. 

The accessories will all go underneath the table so no worries in terms of packing.


Product Name

Professional Portable Massage Bed

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 24(w) x 23-33(h) inches

Product Weight

26 pounds


Frame: aluminium

Upholstery: PVC

Accessories Included

Head rest (1x)

Hand pallet (1x)

Arm rests (2x)

Working Capacity

485 lbs



Things to Note

Now, this is a small issue but the Giantex is one with the lowest working capacity out of all the aluminium massage table options featured in our massage table reviews

Not by a lot though - the average working weight for aluminium tables ranges around 500lbs, so the Giantex's 485lbs is still pretty much acceptable. After all, you won't be getting the 600-750 lbs capacity like that from a wooden massage table no matter what.

So we'd say this is not that big an issue, but still may be something that you'd want to keep in mind.

Also, it does not come with a massage table bag so that's something that falls short for us. Nevertheless, the carrying handle is pretty high in quality so it doesn't scrap on the hands, therefore doesn't deduct much points for us. 


  • Most lightweight massage table
  • White massage table option
  • 8 adjustable heights
  • Multiple accessories provided


  • Smaller working capacity

Wrapping Up

For those of you looking for a white massage table, you would know that the choices available in the market isn't exactly... plentiful, to say the least. 

The Giantex Aluminium Portable Massage Table is one rare find - white in colour, top quality material and comes in a reasonable pricing. The oil and water proof properties ensure it will be an easy to maintain purchase, so you don't have to worry in that department if this is a concern. 

Giantex uses

With it being widely used across different industries (besides massage), you know that this is one durable portable massage table that will last you through the times. 


Master Massage Pregnancy Portable Massage Table Review

Master Massage Eva Pregnancy Massage Table

If you are a massage therapist specializing in prenatal massages, you will want to get the Master Massage Eva Portable Pregnancy Massage Table.

Seriously, this prenatal massage table is the game changer. Not a big surprise actually, considering it is manufactured by one of the very best massage table brands in the industry.  

What We Like 

  • Removable belly and breast filler
  • Patented technology
  • Top notch quality and workmanship
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • May squeak if too much pressure
  • Slightly steep price tag

Features Highlight

First of all, this is a wide massage table. Given your clients are predominantly pregnant, this is one of the basic requirements you should look for in a portable massage table.

At 30 inches, it should be sufficient to accommodate different sizes. It has a large working capacity at 750lbs maximum, which is by far the largest the industry has to offer to date.

Despite all that, it weighs pretty decent at 36 pounds only so no problem in the portability department. 

Removable Breast and Belly Filler

Now, the standout feature has to be its removable breast and belly filler. This is what sets the Eva apart from the rest, making it such a popular pregnancy massage table. 

MM remove

You see, with standard massage tables, pregnant clients would have trouble lying on their belly in their late pregnancy terms.

Which really, is when the need for a lower back massage is at an all time high as this is when all sorts of cramps and discomfort happen in the lower back region. 

With a removable filler like Eva's, they can continue to enjoy a soothing massage on their back while laying face down comfortably. No longer will they need to forego massages, nor be limited to massage options that can only be done laying on their back. 

It measures at a dimension as the following, so it should be able to accommodate all pregnant sizes:

Master Massage Eva dimensions
Master Massage Eva belly filler dimension

It is not limited to just the pregnant clients only though. Such an ergonomic and innovative design can also cater to the male clients with big belly or requirement of a supine (face up) massage.

For others, simply put the filler back in place and use it like any other travel massage table.

Master Massage Eva stretchy mess
Master Massage pregnancy tummy area

A stretchy mesh bracket is further incorporated underneath to give support to the belly and reduces the pressure, ensuring your client gets ultimate comfort while you get maximum access. 

You may think that such versatility is easily found in any other brand but no, you're in for a real surprise with the limited choices you get in the market.

In fact, there is only this other option that is available at the time this portable massage table review is written. Which is why the Eva is so much more valuable because the demand for a good prenatal massage table is at an all time high nowadays.

Foam Layer System & Arm Sling 

With this being predominantly a pregnancy massage table, comfort is key. The Eva emphasises this on two aspects - foam system, and the provision of an arm sling. 

Starting with the former, it uses the highest quality non-flammable multi-layer Small Cell Foam. The Eva's 3-inch thick cushion has a unique combination of foam and thicknesses to create the best balance of support and comfort.

MM Memory Foam

The firmer foam for the bottom layer ensures your client will never feel the table structure; the moderately firm middle layer offers soft support that contours the body and the SoftTouch Foam top layer offers maximum comfort.

Your clients will love the luxurious Deluxe cushioning upholstery with Memory Foam.

Master Massage Eva arm sling

They will further love it with the Reinforced Arm Sling that comes with the Eva.

Lightweight and easy to use, it features the brand's silky smooth easy-to-clean upholstery. 

The cloudy soft foam filling this arm sling provides superior comfort for your clients, as they lay face down with a place to rest their tired hands on. 

Construction & Materials

Remember we mentioned above that the Eva has the largest working capacity that portable massage tables have to offer?

This has all got to do with the rigorous testing done to the table, as well as quality of materials used to allow such capacity and strength possible. It is also due to the exclusive and innovative design of some of the hardware used, one being the brand's patented Duo-Plane Center Hinges.

Patented Ultra Strong Duo-Plane Hinge

MM hinge

Instead of standard piano-hinges, these Duo-Plane Center Hinges (exclusive to the brand) are used to wrap around the center wood joint.

If you don't already know, this is the most vulnerable area susceptible to breakage.

You see, piano hinges contain many screws on the same plane. When subjected to a large amount of force, the wood will start to crack.

Duo-Plane hinges, on the other hand, contain incredible strength and puts minimal stress on the wood. This way, they make this usually vulnerable area unbreakable as well as guarantee the stability and durability of the whole table frame.

It is the best way to securely hold the tabletop brace in place to date, which is why the Eva, like the Santana, can boast a whopping 1,500 pound static weight support. 

Patented Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle 

The exclusivity doesn't stop there. The Eva provides an ergonomic fit for all shapes and sizes with its innovative Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle. 

Master Massage Eva face cradle

Designed differently from the ordinary flat face cradle, it contains a curved cross bar which allows for the cushion to adapt to the unique shape of any client's face.

It doesn't move about easily, as there are these side platforms that stabilize the pillow for comfort and security. 

The face cushion that goes on top of it deserves some mention as well. A revolutionary universal design, it is made of this extremely soft moulded polyurethane foam that gives a memory foam effect. 

Master Massage Eva face cushion

The curved angular shaped surface is able to meet the different shape of each client's face, with a larger cut-out that ensures client's eyes will never feel pressured.

To ensure durability, the universal face cushion has the brand's environmental skin touch PU material that is oil, water, and abrasion resistant available.

Shiatsu Cable Release & Reiki End Plates

Like most Master Massage tables, the Eva is equipped with the 'One Table, Two Massage Experience' component.

Master Massage Eva shiatsu cable release

Thanks to a Shiatsu Cable Release mechanism, you can detach the cable from the table legs with an effortless twist along the butterfly knot.

You can then fold the leg panels in and have the massage table lay completely flat on the floor as a foot massage table, achieving the tatami experience.

What's more attractive than two styles of massage satisfactions with the price of one?

Adding to that are the reiki end plates that are made with fine European beech wood with a rich mahogany hi-gloss finish. Not just on one side of the table only though, but on BOTH ENDS.

MM reiki plates

If you don't already know, Reiki panels are a step up from regular panels.

They allow therapists to extend their knees under the table comfortably while giving a head and shoulder massage, having closer access to their client for a better massage angle at the same time.  

No more bending over in a weird angle, no more back pains. 

A prenatal massage table that is also a reiki massage table? Dare we say this may very well be the only portable massage table in the market that are both. 

Auto-Lock Leg System & Numbered Leg Adjustment Holes

One thing that we really like about the Eva is how easy it is to set up and take down the table for massage therapists on the go. 

MM auto lock leg system

30-inch wide? Not a problem.

The Auto-Lock Leg System provides an easy open and close mechanism that can be done in just three steps as pictured - no assembly, no tools required. Anyone can do it. 

The numbered leg adjustment holes is also a brand's exclusive, a quick and easy way to accurately adjust the height of the table. 

MM numbered leg holes
MM adjuster knobs

No more guessing or fumbling around adjusting all four leg heights - the numbers make it easy, fast and accurate. Combined that with the Quick Set leg adjustment knobs, it effectively eliminates 70% of the normal effort to raise and lower your table. 

And speaking of legs, these ones here have non-skid, non-mark foot pads to prevent floor damage.


Product Name

Eva Pregnancy Massage Table

Product Brand

Master Massage

Product Size

83(l) x 30(w) x 24-34(h) inches

Product Weight

36 pounds


Frame: hard maple

Upholstery: Nature’s touch 100% PU

Accessories Included

Sole Solutions shiatsu foot massager, power adapter, manual

Working Capacity

750 lbs


5 years

Things to Note

Having said the above, there are two things you need to take note of the Eva.

MM Eva

The first being this wooden massage table will squeak a little if too much pressure is put onto it. 

Given the material, this is something pretty unavoidable unless you go for an aluminium massage table, or a more expensive option like an Oakworks massage table.  

Another thing will be its price.

It is not the most expensive massage table don't worry, however, compared to other portable massage tables (like this one here), the Eva does cost a bit more.

One shouldn't be too surprised actually - it is a Master Massage product after all, the best massage table brand in the industry.

Is it worth the money though? Absolutely.  


  • Removable breast and belly filler
  • Reiki end panels
  • Memory foam inserts
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Non-skid, non-mark foot pads
  • Shiatsu cable release (1 table 2 experience)


  • Expensive
  • May squeak if too much pressure

Wrapping Up

The Master Massage Eva Pregnancy Portable Massage Table is hands down the best pregnancy massage table in the market. 

The materials are free of chemicals - the foam is CFC-free, all wood is free of formaldehyde and carcinogens in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) law - these are so, so important when your client is pregnant.

Master Massage Eva

If you specialize in prenatal massages, this is the one to go for. There isn’t many that is even comparable, and if you compare it with other prenatal massage table, the Eva comes in a very attractive price.  

[If you have already bought the Santana or has another portable massage table, you can still get one of these (more here) to cater to your pregnant clients.


Artechworks Portable Massage Table Review

Artechworks Portable Massage Table

When it comes to aluminium massage table for sale, the choices are not as many as their wooden counterparts.

Nevertheless, we have found a few good ones and out of all, the Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table wins the best aluminium massage table in an overall sense.

Before we delve into it though, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this pink massage table is? Definitely don't see this colour offered in any other brand!

What We Like 

  • Lightweight portable massage table
  • Light but strong and sturdy
  • Available in multiple rare colours
  • ... and more below

What We Don't 

  • Slow customer service

Structure & Construction 

When we say aluminium massage table, it does not mean that the entire frame is constructed purely of aluminium. 

Rather, the material lies predominantly in the legs which in this case, employs an aircraft-grade standard. What entails is an ultra-lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry around but sturdy at the same time. 

Artechworks aluminium frame white

As pictured left, the Artechworks uses a Push-Button mechanism for its height adjustment. 

What this means is that the leg adjusters are numbered so that you can adjust the table to your desired height quicker and more accurately at the touch of a button. 

Like many good portable massage tables, it too has non-skid, non-mark foot pads installed at the base of the legs to ensure that the table doesn't wobble or squeak. 

The table itself is precision crafted with sturdy woods, 2.56" thick of multilayer high-density luxury padding for the bed body and 3.15" high density foam deck for the headrest to ensure a more comfortable massage experience.

Artechworks double wide strap
Artechworks Pu leather massage table

The entire padding is upholstered using a durable PU leather material that is both waterproof and oil resistant for easy maintenance and double wide strap are provided at the sides for convenient manoeuvring. 

Size & Dimensions

In terms of its size, the Artechworks is available in two widths - 28" and 30". The former is the standard measurement found in most portable massage tables while the latter is perfect for those looking for a wide massage table. 

Artechworks massage table dimensions
Artechworks wide massage table

If your client leans towards the bigger side, the 30" may be a more suitable choice for you especially considering this model does not come with any armrest (unlike this or this).

Do note that the wider size is available in standard black only though.  

Weight & Portability

So, we keep harping about the Artechworks being the ultimate lightweight portable massage table. Just exactly how light is it?

27.6 pounds to be precise. To give context, an equivalent wooden massage table of the same size would have easily weighed 5-7 pounds more.

There may be many wooden vs aluminium massage tables debates surrounding the superiority or sturdiness of each, but one thing is indisputable - lightweight massage table aluminium is real.  

Nevertheless, do not think its stability is undermined in any regard because of this. That's one incorrect myth plaguing aluminium massage tables consistently, that is, they are not as strong or sturdy as their wooden counterparts. 

That is not necessarily true. At least not with this one here. 

Artechworks maximum working weight

The specially designed sturdy frame structure has a steel wire rope cabling system added to it to give the table exceptional stability, so much so that it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.

That's no difference to the average wooden massage table, considering there are even some that has lesser working weight than this. 

So yes, this is a portable massage table that is able to strike the perfect balance between product weight and working weight in our opinion - super lightweight, but does not undermine its performance capacity. 


In terms of accessories, the Artechworks comes with a massage table headrest, an arm sling and a massage table bag.

Artechworks adjustable face cradle pink

The face cradle is completely adjustable - be it you want to tilt it upwards, lay it flat or fold it downwards, it can do it all (via a convenient turn handle) so that your client can be positioned in the way desired. 

Should you not require, you can detach it and tuck it away. Once on though, the total table length is 84", which is the standard massage table dimension. 

Likewise, the arm sling can be detached if your client does not need it but otherwise, it hangs underneath the face cradle to be a place for your clients to comfortably lay their arms on when lying on their stomach and facing downwards.

Artechworks massage table bag

Folding up into a compact size of 37x28x9 inches, it fits into a free massage table carrying case for easy transport and storage.

Speaking of which, the case is pretty standard - ergonomically designed with a short handle at the front pocket for you to spread out the weight whilst you carry it on the shoulder.


Product Name

Professional 2-Folding Lightweight Portable Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

73(l) x 28(w) x 25-33(h) inches

Product Weight

27.6 pounds


Frame: Aluminium

Upholstery: PU leather

What's Included

Sole Solutions shiatsu foot massager, power adapter, manual

Working Weight 




Things to Note

The Artechworks is excellent in all aspects, the only thing is, its customer service is pretty slow. 

Which is quite a shame considering this is such an incredible product.

Fortunately, the good quality also means that there is less help required / complaints lodged so most would not need to contact its service line for assistance anyway. 


  • Multiple colour options
  • Lightweight massage table
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and pack
  • No squeaking noise 


  • Slow customer service    

Our Verdict

Perhaps the most popular aluminium travel massage table in the market, the Artechworks Portable Lightweight Massage Table is also widely used in professional therapy clinics, massage centers, salon, health club, beauty parlour.

Some even use it as a stationary massage table at home - not a problem at all.

Besides the very rare pink, it is also available in a teal green and creamy white as well. The latter, especially, is a bestseller considering there isn't that many white massage table around in the market. 

Artechworks teal green table
Artechworks bright black massage table
Artechworks white massage table

Of course, it comes in standard black as well which as mentioned above, is available both in 28" and 30" width. Not just that, but there is also a shiny black version which is a favourite of many too. 

Overall, if you're looking for a good and durable aluminium massage table, you won't go wrong with this one here.


DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table Review

Devlon Northwest Pregnancy Massage Table

If the Master Massage Eva is a little too expensive for you, we have got a more affordable option - the Devlon NorthWest Pregnancy Massage Table

What We Like 

  • Reiki end panels
  • Affordable pricing
  • Removable belly and breast filler
  • ... more below

What We Don't 

  • Small working weight capacity

Features Highlight

They are both actually very similar in many ways.

For instance, the DevLon NorthWest also has reiki panels on both ends. This allows you to sit comfortably without having your knees restricted by any table panels, thereby having unblocked access to your client.

Devlon NorthWest shiatsu system
Devlon NorthWest reiki panels

Likewise, it also has shiatsu release cables that allow you to switch it from a traditional massage table to one that you can place directly on the ground (like a tatami).

Of course, being a prenatal massage table, it has a removable breast and belly cutout recess.

Your pregnant clients can finally feel what it's like to lie face down on their stomach. There will be a mesh support underneath the recess to provide a comfortable base for their pregnant belly, besides giving better and further support. 

Devlon Northwest pregnancy massage table
Devlon Northwest mesh support

The one difference with the Eva is that this cutout recess is slightly smaller, so that is something to keep in mind.

Devlon Northwest height adjustment

Likewise, it adopts the 2-knob height adjustment mechanism.

It is worthy to note that there is an upgrade done recently where the corners are now made rounded to provide the best comfort available.

The cushioning is also one of the thickest - 3 inches maximum comfort. If you have been doing your research, you would know that not many massage tables offer this kind of supreme thickness.


The DevLon NorthWest ups the game by providing a variety of massage table accessories so that you can use it right off the box.

Devlon Northwest head rest system

In particular, the headrest system is complete with both face cradle and hand pallet so that your clients can have a comfortable place to lay their hands on instead of dangling them while they lay face down on their stomach. 

You can detach it from the headrest though, should you desire to do so. 

What we like is that this pregnancy massage table has headrest outlets on both ends. This means you don't have to specifically look for the right end to attach the headrest onto, although this is an option only possible if you are not using the removable recess. 

Nevertheless, this is not something you often see in portable massage tables, so that is some thoughtful consideration the brand has put into. 

Last but not least, we HAVE TO mention about its levelled front armrests. They come in a pair and they are completely self-adjustable, making it convenient and easy for the client to find the best position for themselves.


Product Name

Pregnancy Portable Massage Table

Product Brand

Devlon NorthWest

Product Size

72.5(l) x 30(w) x 24-34(h) inches

Product Weight

49 pounds

Accessories Included

Face cushion (1x)

Face cradle (1x)

Armrest (2x)

Massage table bag (1x)

Working Weight

450 lbs

Things to Note

One thing to keep in mind is that the Devlon NorthWest has a much smaller working weight capacity compared to Master Massage Eva's, despite being heavier. 

We're talking about a difference of 300 lbs working capacity, and 13 pounds heavier. That is a pretty big distinction, especially when it comes to pregnant clients and portability.

Fortunately still, at 450lbs, it should cater to the most majority. If your clients lean on the bigger side, we still think the Eva is a better option.


  • Reiki end panels
  • Removable belly and breast filler recess
  • Shiatsu cable release
  • Deluxe rounded corners
  • 3" cushion thickness


  • Small working weight capacity
  • Heavy

Wrapping Up

Overall, we think the DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table is one top choice for a stationary prenatal massage table at home or at your massage parlour. 

DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Massage Table

Because if your don't need to carry it around, weight doesn't make any difference, really. Most importantly, it is not as expensive as the Eva - if you don't have to spend so much money on one, why should you?

Of course, if you're a prenatal massage therapist on the go, the heavier weight may be an issue. Nevertheless, the DevLon NorthWest has its own appeal. If intend to buy one, you should hurry because it is always sold out quickly.


If you think the Master Massage Eva is a bit too expensive (read more here), the DevLon NorthWest Pregnancy Portable Massage Table is a slightly cheaper pregnancy massage table option that you can consider.

(Alternatively, you may want to get this accessory to lay atop your table if you've already got one.)

Features Highlight

Devlon cutout

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table Review

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

If you've ever wondered "where can I buy a massage table under $100?”, you have came to the right place. 

The Uenjoy Folding Massage Table is exactly just that. Heck, even some massage table accessories would have cost you more than this portable massage table.  

What We Like 

  • Very affordable price point
  • Multiple accessories provided
  • ... more below 

What We Don't 

  • May squeak if too much pressure

Features Highlight

There are plenty of cheap massage tables available in the market but there is always that... inferiority inherent in most, if not the majority of them. 

Which is why the Uenjoy is that much more spectacular because at a price like this, it has a quality threshold that surpasses all our expectation, to say the least.

Uenjoy portable table details

Made of reinforced hardwood, it has a sturdy frame that can sustain a maximum of 500lbs working weight.

This suits a majority of people which is always a good thing as it allows one to cater to a wider client base. 

uenjoy frame

Adding to the stability in this upgraded version is the incorporation of sturdy steel cables.

If the price is still giving you some doubts, we'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The PU leather upholstery is waterproof and oil resistant so it is very easy to maintain - all it needs is just a simple wipe down to keep it clean and hygienic.

The cushion padding further surpasses our expectations. It is 2.75 inch thick filled with high-density foam so it is very comfortable to lay on it, to that it is comparable to many more expensive models.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a narrow massage table, its dimensions as follows:

Uenjoy table size


Accessories-wise, Uenjoy does not provide as many as the Best Massage massage table (seriously, no other brand does) but it does come with the necessities you require. 

Uenjoy table accessories

Headrest, arm sling and armrests, they can all be easily attached onto the table whenever you require them.

The armrests, in particular, are an indispensable item in our opinion because this table, as mentioned above, leans on the narrow side. The armrests give more leeway to accommodate bigger clients, so that it will not be as limiting. 

Likewise, every piece of accessory is detachable for you to pack away easily underneath the table when you need to be on the go so no worries in the portability department.

We especially like how the table itself features two carrying handles. This means you can carry the table by itself even without a massage carry bag, although it does come with one nevertheless. 

Uenjoy carrying handles
Uenjoy metal locks

We also like how there is a metal lock incorporated to ensure the case is closed tightly as metal locks are much more durable.

Likewise, the metal hinges are designed in a wider size to allow more ease in folding and unfolding the massage table. 

Assembly wise, the Uenjoy is also on the no-fuss / no-tools required side. Just open and unfold it from the middle and the legs will automatically fell into place.  


Product Name

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

Product Brand


Product Size

84(l) x 23.6(w) x 22.8 -33.5(h) inches

Product Weight

30 pounds


Frame: hardwood

Upholstery: PVC leather covering

Accessories Included

Headrest (1x)

Armrests (2x)

Massage table bag (1x)

Working Capacity

500 lbs


1-year free parts replacement service

Things to Note

As is the case with most wooden massage tables, the Uenjoy may squeak if too much pressure is applied on it.

That is pretty normal so we wouldn't exactly say that this is a 'down side' but yes, it may be something that you'd want to keep in mind. After all, it is very rare that you will come across a wooden massage table that does not squeak, unless we're talking about something more expensive like an Oakworks massage table

If noise will really be an issue to you, why not consider these aluminium massage table options instead?

Uenjoy massage

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Uenjoy is narrower than most standard massage tables.

In fact, it is almost 5” narrower which is considered quite substantial.

Nevertheless, it does come with a buffer in the form of armrests - attach them to each side and it instantly adds a couple of inches wide.

The narrow frame has one good thing to it though - it makes it an ultra lightweight portable massage table.

If you’re a massage therapist with a small frame, this is the best shot you can get for a massage table that wouldn’t strain your back/shoulder.  


  • Very cheap massage table 
  • Free parts replacement service for 1 year
  • Very lightweight
  • Come with armrests


  • May squeak if too much pressure applied

Wrapping Up

If there is ever one portable massage table that fits the bill in terms of best value for money, it has to be the Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

Uenjoy table

Besides being the best priced, it is also the most lightweight massage table in the market that we can find to date. Most importantly, it is still a wooden massage table so that's a pretty amazing feat. 

To students or those that are just starting out in their professional massage therapist journey, we highly recommend this portable massage table. You wouldn't need to spend too much money yet you get a good quality massage table that gets the job done.

Definitely the best bargain buy!


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